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Put the tree up last night - got the lights on it. Went through the boxes of Christmas "stuff". I have enough gift bags, paper, and supplies to wrap all the presents in New Braunfels (thanks to my inability to resist after-christmas sales).

This year I vowed to make my ornaments by hand. I am making salt dough ornaments. I cut them out and baked them this morning. Sunday I will enlist Sierra's help and paint them.

Oh, it's freaking cold here. 35F this morning outside (53F in the bedroom when we woke up). Forecast says it may SNOW in San Antonio tomorrow!! (I'll believe it when I see it - and, if I do, I'll get pictures!)

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Sierra's Halloween Gown

I'm putting this all behind a cut because I'm temporarily putting it at a sticky at the top of my journal.  Once the gown is finished I'll release it.  I'll be adding to it as I accomplish tasks and will post a final pic.

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*     I'm a PAID USER now.  I did it for the extra user icons (it's like collecting pokemon cards....).

*     I'm glad Marion Jones confessed - I wish it would have been because she wanted to do the right thing, not because she was found out.  I feel bad for her competitors if  they lost because the drugs she was taking gave her an edge,.

*     I watched Larry King Live last night, and he had Kid Rock on.  I wonder if Larry King actually wants to interview these people - or if the network forces him to for ratings.  I felt the same way after watching him interview Paris Hilton.  I guess I just give Larry too much credit.  There is nothing remotely interesting or newsworthy about Kid Rock - seriously.

*     This weekend it is do or die with Sierra's Halloween gown.  I'm constructing sleeves now - they require french seams, so that's on the agenda this evening..  Getting the sleeves set into the gown will be the most difficult thing about this whole outfit - I'm devoting Sunday to it.  The rest is gravy.  I see no problem having this in the mail Tuesday.

*     I like my new Cell Phone (Nokia 6103)  It's nothing special, but it has more options than my Nokia 6101.  I like the option that lets you put the phone on silent mode for a specific length of time - I'm always forgetting to take my phone off vibrate after work (not like anyone actually calls me or anything).  

Time Off

Sep. 28th, 2007 03:44 pm
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 I hate it when I finish a post and then get sidetracked on a LJ link - and click off the page.  Damn.
Why can't I remember to copy the work to the clipboard first just in case??? ugh!!!

I'm going to be off work until Thursday, so I won't be online (since I don't have internet at home).
No LJ or Sparkpeople until then - wow, how will I cope??

Random life highlights below:

*  Got home from work last night - no dogs in yard.  Little one in neighbors yard (no clue how he got there) - Big one cruising the neighborhood.  Will check all fences tomorrow.  Hope nobody let them out.

*  Bought new cell phone today.  Tried to find a cheap one, but even a used one was more than I wanted to pay. The best overall deal was at the Tmobile site itself.  I just got the newer model of what I had Nokia 6103.  $59.99 and it came with a bonus of $25.00 refill card (which, for me, is 250 minutes).  I feel okay about that.

*  My main two objectives above all else while I'm off is to FINISH Sierra's gown (and mail it to her Wednesday) and get the fall garden COMPLETELY planted and prepped for fall.  The only thing that could derail this is.....

* I'm on call for jury duty the entire month of October.  I call in each Sunday evening.  If I'm on the list I have to go in.  I have to do this every Sunday in October (even if I'm chosen and serve for a jury the previous week).  I personally that is asking a little too much, but what can I do).  So, it's possible that I could spend all my vacation time this next week in a courtroom.
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 Today starts the day I'm back to doing a daily video workout.  Before my accident 2 weeks ago I'd been doing so well completing 20minutes of a video workout every day (or 30 minutes of walking).  My knee only has a little water on it now, and it feels good - so I gotta get back to it.  I'll pick only the easy workouts for a week.  I'm just too old now to not exercise - my body is beginning to feel middle aged, and I'm scared....very scared. :-)

On an even more middle aged note...... here is an update on the quilt.  Sewing the block sections to the sashings - and top should be ready to sandwich by Monday.

P.S could any of my friends tell me what a Tag is and why one would use them?
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I'd been considering what to back my current scrap patch quilt with.  Having the color of my room and the patchwork blocks themselves I'd mulled it over.  So, I'm strolling through Walmart and made my mandatory stop at the fabric department $1 a yard table and find this........
Gorgeous, substantial but not heavy, earth colored fabric.  Cannot believe it was $1 a yard.  I think they are bringing all the fabrics from the Walmarts that are doing away with their sewing departments because no way is this $1yd fabric.  

So, naturally I'm chalking up this (probably accidental/coincidental) find to my belief in the Laws of Attraction.  The fabric found me because I had exactly what I wanted clearly in my head.  :-)
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I've started working on a patchwork quilt.  This will be a nine patch "scrap" quilt.  All the fabric will be, for the most part, cast off denim and print broadcloth type fabric..  I don't have a deadline; I'll continue to work on the top as I get fabric.  Here's some pics to get started with the entry.

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This turned out pretty darned good.  They are silk blossoms (cherry? apple? plum?) with "copper" butterflies & dragonflies, and those spirally reedy thingies in three colors.  This is in my bedroom.  I got the vase at Ross'.

Here is a close up
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Well, I have to work Halloween, so I won't be decorating or giving out candy.  I was going to just decorate, but then the kids would think I'll be home and get confused.  In the past when I worked Sierra decorated and gave out candy, but she'll be celebrating Halloween in Hawaii.  So, instead I'll decorate my cubicle at work and make a halloween costume for the yearly contest.

I normally like to dress scary, creepy, gothy on Halloween.  I can't remember the last time I dressed as something cute.  In honor of one of the checks my company produces though I've decided to go as................

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Today Bea and I hit the road with "no particular place to go".  I had in my mind Busseys and a fabric store, but was open to all possibilities.  

We started off by grabbing a soda at the corner station then headed south towards San Antonio.  I mentioned GardenRidge, but it was too early to get in there anyway (9am).  I decided to go ahead and look for a fabric store.  I'd forgotten to bring the maps to Joann's and Hancock Fabric (which I'd put on the table RIGHT NEXT TO the door) - but I'd remembered it was on San Pedro somewhere.  I thought San Pedro ran along 281 so that's where I went.  We got half way down and hadn't seen any street sign saying San Pedro, so we stopped into Starbucks to ask.  It was, indeed San Pedro, and lo and behold Joann's could be found just across the highway!.  

Joann's wasn't open yet, so we checked out Walgreens while we waited.

Joann's had a 70% off sale on all summer decor items.  I got three smallish ceramic wind chimes, a novelty sign (Love Grows), and a carrot sign.  I'll post pics later.  They were also having a super sale on Simplicity Patterns, so I picked up four at $1.99 each!! (actually the sale ended the day before, but because the sign was still posted - the clerk let me have it at the sale price - yay).  

By the time we were done at Joann's we were hungry, so I drove down San Pedro to Souper Salad.  We also stopped into Goodwill and Rooms To Go since they were right there.

Then.... we jumped on 281 south and went to the Quarry to Wholefoods.  I picked up a few groceries, and we headed home after grabbing a soda for the road.

Long day!  Next week we thought we might actually go to the Swap meet and maybe the Farmer's Market.

Here are pics of the patterns I got.....

#7655  I got this so I could have a simple pattern to make the skirts I like to wear.

#4050  I am so jazzed I got this for $1.99.  I don't know when I'll make it, but I definately want to do it with two contrasting fabrics.

# 3697 This is a great top!  I like how there are two bodice options.  I want to make Sierra a good blouse with this pattern.  I'm going to do it in black.  If she likes it I'll make her more - maybe even with contrasting fabrics if she'd like that (hard to tell with that kid..... if I did it with skull & crossbone fabric...she'd like that haha)

I got one more that I'll write about next time.


Jul. 27th, 2007 05:57 pm
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I've officially caught the sewing bug (again).  I hope it runs it's course before I end up buying  a serger and fitting mannequin....
I'm trying to control myself in the meantime promising I will only buy for 3 projects out.

I found the website www.gotfabric.com which is very scary.  I can see myself spending my paycheck there.  It's located in Hilo, and there are lots of Aloha prints and Japanese / Asian fabrics.  Awesome.  Promised myself I'd stay away from the "add to cart" button until AFTER I finished the projects in process right now.  These are:
1.) "T-Shirt" dress (almost done)
2.)  V Tunic
3.)  Long Vest (using the green drapery fabric for this one)
4.)  Drawstring Pants (IF there is enough of the green drapery fabric left over)
After this options are open for buying fabric to do the patterns I currently have.

I hope when the weather returns to normal I can get back to being addicted to my garden :-)



Jul. 26th, 2007 01:28 pm
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Had a good day at work.  Went by really fast.  I didn't have to pray it was over soon.... haha (jk)

Janie came by my desk and invited me to lunch as part of several employees the sups would like to thank for staying late Friday when the weather was bad.  How awesome is that?  I love where I work :-)

Tonight I didn't get as much done on the dress as I'd like to have.  I finished the neckline (puckered a little in front, but I don't care - it's a casual dress).  I also hemmed the sleeves and basted them for fitting them in the armholes later.

Still damp and yucky all over.  
Hoping Saturday (I'm off again!!) it will be dry enough to work outside - I need a garden fix.
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Went to the March of Dimes appreciation luncheon today at the TBarM "ranch".  Food was decent - there was enough non-meat items to eat.

Went with the other commitee members save a few who couldn't make it.  Was good conversation to sit with them all.


Working on my 2nd sewing project.  Will need to get a photo of the pattern cover to post.  
I was able to finish marking it, sewed darts, sewed shoulders and sides (pressed/overcasted), fused interfacing to neck backing.  
Should be done with it in time to wear Friday.
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Friday I decided I'd go for it on the Houston trip afterall.  I left for work early and stopped to fill up with gas and pick up supplies for the trip etc.  Then about 2pm it started raining......hard.  It didn't stop.  The whole sky was dark gray.  Many people went home early due to flooding.  I wanted to go home too; I was worried since the neighbor put that water "bypass" in so his runoff went into my yard.....  I ended up working late to make up for those who went home.  I had to take an alternate route home because there were roads closed.  I got home at 10:30pm and everything was okay - but really soggy.  I fed the dogs and settled in to get some rest - then it started raining again.  Jeez.  I just hung it up at that point.  The universe was telling me not to go to Houston.

On a brighter note.  I was able to finish the sewing project I had.  Here are pics.

My Sewing Machine.  I bought this machine in Japan when I was in my costume sewing phase.  Still works good!

Finished!  Terrible picture - hahaha.  I put it on time and ran to stand on a chair.  They don't look like wrap pants do they.  The length is more capri which was on purpose.  

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I guess the wet weather motivated me to start sewing again.  I've been trying to get sewing for some time now - always something seemed to get in the way.  Top two being messy house (can't sew in a mess) and garden.  Well, I've been spending more time inside due to the rain because I can't get out in the garden - and the house is more tidy because I've been working on it while being inside.... haha

So, anyway.  I bought a new wrap pants pattern from Simplicity (the old one is missing pattern pieces) and some $1 a yard cheap  plain gray fabric from Walmart - and I'm now just finished cutting and marking all the pieces.  I'll start sewing tonight; should have it done by the end of the weekend.  I'm making the kimono top and the view 2 pants (not the one with the rounded ends - the other one that's not shorts...)


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