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Monday I went to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens with Marcel, my friend Bea, and my niece Jerrica.  Long day, and we got a little too much sun - but a good time was had by all.  Marcel and I went to the Gardens together before when we were dating, but Bea and Jerrrica had never been before.

Map of the Garden                                                  Marcel & I under the Wisteria Arbor

Bea and Jerrica having a little fun in the giant chairs

Behind Cut: Pictures of Plants I Want To Remember )
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The Lyndon B Johnson State Park is located on Hwy 290 Between Johnson City and Stonewall Texas. It's a beautiful park for a picnic, and there are lots of activities planned throughout the year. The visitor center offers tours, and you can get a cd for your car for a driving tour. I am looking forward to returning very soon.

The Sauer-beckmann Farmstead is a living history farm. The staff work the farm just like it was worked in 1915 using the same implements and without running water and electricity. Such a great history lesson.

I went with my friend Bea, and we had a great time. I went specifically for the sausage making demonstration, and it was a good learning experience. I was wishing my husband was there with me the whole time - he's gonna really love this place! (they are open on Wednesdays, so we'll go back together).

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Marcel has a friend who is thinking about leasing a San Antonio Restaurant space on E Pecan Street (right off the Riverwalk).  While Marcel and Michael talked I took pictures and watched the pilot episode of the BBC mini-series of Jane Austen's "Emma" (you can get all four episodes on iTunes for just $2.97 - and after watching the Free pilot - that is just what I did).  

Crowne Plaze is kitty corner to the property

View from the balcony of the property

We had lunch across the street from the Witte on Broadway at Cachita De Mexico (Muy Bueno!)

Then off to Central Market where we bought some groceries.  My find was Beemster Nettles Cheese from Holland (with "tamed" Stinging Nettles) - Marcel's was fresh white, red, and black Currants as well as German Tilsit cheese 

Then we got home and finished putting the cart together.  Two thumbs up! - if you have a garden, this is the cart!  I got it at Lowe's for $119, and it's worth every penny.

On a side note - I'm feeling a little less anxious since I stopped had time to re-think my course and once again let the universe energy direct me.  We'll see what the future holds as it unfolds.  



Jun. 24th, 2010 09:42 am
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* Terrible night sleeping.  I tossed and turned - nose stuffed up - too hot - too cold - etc. etc.  Glad this happens rarely.  Today I will be groggy for sure.  Maybe I'll stop somewhere for a Monster just in case.

*  I got my Greenfield college transcripts as well as my high school transcript in the mail.  These schools I attended 30+ years ago.  My grades were okay, but it wasn't until I got to California that I started taking school seriously.  I am ready to visit the college next week though since I have all the things I need now.

*  I received the book and workbook of Anatomy & Physiology for Dummies.  Since I'm taking this online in the fall I want to be ready.  I am going to love this class - I can already tell.

* Met up with Alexis yesterday for lunch at Freebirds in San Antonio.  Good food and not too expensive.  Alexis is looking much better - back to her fiesty self.  Hope she continues to get better. 

*  Yesterday we also had some ice cream at Brindles in San Antonio.  Wow - great stuff.  I had passionfruit and Italian Berries  Marcel has Coconut and Tangerine.  We'll be back when we're in the neighborhood.  We also picked up a couple of good foodie books at Half Price Books next door.

* Cucumbers are in full production mode.  We especially like the Armenian Cucumbers, and we hope they will survive further into the summer.  We'll have ripe figs in about a week - we ate one yesterday.  The Sunflowers should be ready to harvest in a few weeks.  By August I will be ready to put the garden to bed for a couple of months.
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Here are pictures from when I took my mom and niece to meet Marcel in Port Aransas. 
We took these pictures at his restaurant.

Waiters Christopher, Alan, and Sean

Sierra, Jerrica, and my mom (Barbara) - getting ready to feast :-)

Jerrica getting peppered by Sean.

Jerrica's Goulash w/Spaetzle & veggies

Sierra's NY Steak w/garlic butter -  with taters & veggies

Me & My Hubby who walked me out to my car when I headed back :-)
(my arms are FAT.... :-(  )

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* Today my "must do no matter what" goal was to get my back porch cleaned up. The chickens like to hang out there part of the day, and they've made (more of) a mess of it.  I rigged a skirt to put around it from extra fabric - it looks ghetto, but it'll keep it somewhat clean.  I scrubbed the concrete and got all the dirt off, but it still looks not so good (stains etc.). 

*  I got a message from my singles site from someone who wants to live out in the country - somewhere he can walk out his back porch naked and shoot doves without neighbors around to protest.  He wanted to know if I hunted doves, and what I did for kicks if I didn't drink.  Several days later he wrote again and wondered why I didn't reply.

* Bea and I ended up going to Market Square instead of Riverwalk last night.  Extremely last minute decision "hey, quick....turn here!!"  We walked the square and enjoyed the tourist shops with their colorful Mexican souveineers.  We got our name on the list to eat and Mi Tierra Cafe which was excellent in every way.  We waited over 30 minutes for a table, but we bought bakery goods while we hung out.  It was a nice night out. 

The pinatas and Mexican versions of Tibetan prayer flags that hang from the ceiling in the entry way of Mi Tierra Cafe. 

This was not our waiter.  It was some poor employee Bea drug into the picture; he was a good sport.

I'm facinated with Day of the Dead stuff.  These ladies were delightfully chilling


Aug. 14th, 2008 01:02 pm
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 *  I can't help looking at Hillary Clinton as a spoiled sport for not squelching an attempt to put her name in nomination at the convention.  I am assuming this means she isn't the VP pick (and I'm glad of late - she disappointed me these past couple of months).  

* I listened with great interest and even a bit of awe to Billy Graham give a Ted Talk (old talk from 1998 - retrieved from the archives).  I'm not religious in the way most people are, but I do agree that we, the human race, lack the glue that binds us - and don't seem to have a clue, as a world society, how to find it.  I enjoyed this talk very much - I enjoy listening to him - even when I don't agree with  his specific religious beliefs.

Poof! Next `Harry Potter' flick moves to NEXT summer  
    Ouch - there's going to be a few upset peeps out there I think.

*  I spent yesterday with my friend Alexis and her friend - we went to see the new Mummy movie and eat Mongolian BBQ.  I stopped off at SunHarvest Farms and found Organic soybeans on sale for 89 cents a pound - very good deal these days.  I stocked up.  We also stopped by the co-op and we both couldn't resist an old fashioned manual crank "coffee" mill (made in China) for $25.99.  It said on the box it would grind grains and beans which sold me since I've been trying to find something to crack grains for me for making Tempeh and hot cereals.  I tested it and - yes, it works (though it only does a small quantity at a time - it's a good task while watching TV or a DVD).  I will post a picture this weekend.

*  Is there ANYBODY who didn't see this coming?...... US, Poland agree to missile defense deal

* Every day this week I got my heiny up at 7am and walked 30 minutes before I was awake enough to talk myself out of it.  A few of those days I also did the warmup portion of the Inhale yoga show.  W00t - I'm on a roll :-)

* Finally - Sweden shows that, not only are they are poor losers, but they can throw one heck of a temper tantrum..... LoL

Swedish fans booed loudly as the judges filed out of the arena. Abrahamian said nothing to waiting reporters but whacked an aluminium barricade with his fist as he left the hall.......Swedish coach Leo Myllari said: “It’s all politics.”

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Today I'd planned to spend the day cleaning house and doing other random chores. 

Instead I ended up driving to North Austin to pick up an antique sewing machine my mother agreed to buy on Austin Craigslist (my mom lives in Hawaii..... I'm not sure why she cruises the Austin Craigslist).  I'm too tired to take a picture of it, I'll put it in another post.  It's a Singer from the 1940's built into a table.  Very nice - in great shape with all the original attachments and the manual. I'm sure it's worth over $80, but my mom wants it for sentimental reasons.

All was not lost as I stopped at a couple of my favorite places on the way there and back

First Stop Fiesta grocery store off I35 in Austin.  Shopping here is like going on a food safari.  There's random food from just about everywhere - including Africa.  It's very un-hip, so you don't see the yuppies here; however, it's as fun as shopping in Whole Foods.

The produce department is awesome

I also went to Hong Kong Super Market off Research Blvd.  I love that they have every asian ingredient you could possibly want (and several I can't believe anyone would want).  The only negative thing about this place is the smell.  Kind of like old fish blood.  I find it nauseating.  Also, they don't price a lot of the stuff - which I find annoyjng.  They have Lychee Jelly cups though which is a huge plus.  If you go, just rub some vicks inside your nostrils before entering.

Here is an aisle with all noodles and wrappers - on both sides!

Then, on the way home I stopped by Cabelas.  Believe it or not - this is a tourist destination.  It's really for hunters and fishermen.  I go to Cabelas for the hiking and camping gear.  I stopped in to price backpacking equipment - including a good internal frame backpack for long hikes.  They didn't have much of a selection sadly.  Their online store is better.  A scary Deliverance-looking guy talked me up in the shoe department - I think it was my camouflage print tank top that got his attention.....

I did pick up a "survival in a can" kit which is about the size of a tin of sardines and has a bunch of random essentials like waterproof matches, hook & line, razor blade, etc.  It's for the glove compartment of my truck. I also got a emergency whistle/compass/thermometer all on with a hook to go on my keychain

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* Yesterday we had the monthly potluck at work.  I really should call in sick on this day since I have no self control at the buffet table.  I made a relish tray with homemade dips.  Everyone else brought things that were 5,000 calories per serving and up.

I went to visit my cousin Mellie in Austin today. 

* After a delicious lunch at an Indian restauratnt we went to Texas Natural Supply which turned out not to be an actual store but just a warehouse where you could pick up the order you placed online.  They had a PC in the lobby, and I placed my order online there - and we came back to pick it up.  I'll know better for next time :-)  I bought Lye, Coconut oil, Palm Oil, Almond Oil, Lavender flowers, Tomato powder, Epsom Salt, and a couple other things - mostly to make soap with (though the epsom salt is for the garden).

* We then stopped at a cactus & ecclectic art shop where I bought an awkward looking baby ponytail plant.

* Next we went to The Natural Gardener which should be off limits to people like me.  We walked arount the grounds and checked out the various gardens and farm animals. Since I'm pretty much broke I limited myself to 5 baby Lavender plants and a solar chinese lantern.  I could have spent soooooo much more. 

(you saw them here first - give them a year or two..... they'll be big beautiful lavender bushes)

*  In the early evening we went to Mellies Church where she was speaking that night.  This is a spiritual community I can very much relate too.  It's too bad it's so far away.  I might still find a way to attend services once a month.

* On the way home I couldn't resist stopping and figuring out what the "PLUS" was at HEB Plus in Kyle.  Turns out it's a bunch of extra stuff people who are grocery shopping don't need.  For instance................

This was a full display of well over 100 cans of Scorpian killer; what I caught in the camera was only the top of it.. When I saw this I wondered if there was some plague of scorpians happening in Kyle that the rest of Texas wasn't aware of.   My next thought was what do you need spray for - they don't fly..... they don't move very fast - can't you just squash them underfoot and leave the atmosphere with a few less chemicals?

* So I made it home safe - a few dollars poorer - - but well worth it.

Ugh!! Day

Jun. 25th, 2008 05:12 pm
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Today was the day I went to donate platelets in San Antonio.  I'd planned to finally visit the Green vegetarian restaurant there for lunch - then over to Whole Foods to pick up a few things on the way home.  I did donate......

Please forgive the whining......

It all started when I was up the road a few miles and realized I forgot my digital camera.  It goes everywhere with me, and it wasn't in my purse.  Bad omen. 

I got to the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center on time (after having to double back because I missed it).  The screening took a long time, and I didn't get into the donation room until 9am. 

Then the tech insisted on using my right arm to take the initial platlet test -  now I have three really dark blue bruises where she jabbed me and jabbed me and moved the needle around looking for a vein.  So, they find out I have PLENTY of platelets (they said like a man - - I think that was meant as a compliment). 

They hooked me up to the machine and put on a DVD (Juno - loved it) and they finally started the procedure at 9:30am.  It finally finished at 11:15 am, and I was a little annoyed since I wanted to be at lunch by 11am.  I left the building finally at 11:30am and hit the road to find Green.

After the first three attempts to find it (backtracking to where I knew where I was each time and starting over0 I was beginning to think it was not meant to be.  On the fifth (yes, I'm persistent) try I ran into a sign pointing the way to I-35 North (the way home) and I took it as a sign....... (by this time it was 12:55pm)

On the way back North I saw the sign for Eisenhauer road and thought "ok, this doesn't have to be a total loss - I'll stop at the big Goodwill "everything for a dollar" supercenter.  I got off and turned down the wrong road in major traffic, backtracked and got to the right road 20 minutes later and pulled into the parking lot...... it's not there anymore!  Jeez!!!!  LoL  I swear I just laughed. 

Now I'm home - and I'm putting primer on hallway trim and installing chicken nest boxes (I'll post on this later).


Road Trip

Jun. 15th, 2008 10:24 pm
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Saturday I visited a chicken friend a friend who has chickens to pick up some old gates her husband was going to burn.  They will come in handy when I build the new coop this winter.  I'll have to replace some of the wood but that's okay - I can use the old wood as a template.

While there she showed me a cool way to weatherproof coop windows for the winter

Plexiglass and those turny thingies - so siimple!! Now I don't have to worry about making more venilation windows so the birds can stay cool in the summer heat.

Carla lives in the "hills" outside San Marcos.  You drive past Bobcat Stadium on the way.  This is where Sierra graduated. 

I stopped at Sam's on the way home.  I got eggs, bread (first time in a long time to get store bought bread0, a goat cheese log, and a printer.  Funny thing about the printer - I paid $49.99 for it.  The replacement ink is $58.60.......  I can't really afford a printer, but I am motivated to get to work on a business plan for my new venture!

They had Pluots there, but I didn't buy any.  They were $1.9something a pound.  Maybe next year my Pluot trees will fruit - maybe the year after that.  I'm looking forward to it!!
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Pet Chickens of Texas May party group picture.

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I spent most of today in Austin visiting with my cousins and their spouses.  My cousing Mellie lives in Austin, and my other cousin Marci was visiting her (she lives in Arizona).  Mellie has a beautiful new home - I was really very impressed.  They turned one of the bedrooms into a spa room complete with a sauna and a lounging area - awesome!  This is the first time I've met Marci and only the second time (I remember) meeting Mellie. They are both so great - classy and funny and down-to-earth.  I really enjoyed their company.  
One thing I did notice is how thin they are..... I share half their genes....what happened?? :-)  

Here is a photo of the three of us Marci on the Left then Mellie and Me
(looks a little like the number "110" .... )  

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I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned, and my hygenist and I were talking about asian food and places in the area where you can buy ingredients etc.  I mentioned how much I loved shopping at Tokyo Mart, and she said she lived just behind it as a kid.  So anyway, I left there and was making my way to Green Restaurant as a treat and got lost.  Ended up on Hildebrand - - which is where Tokyo Mart is located! hahaha  So, I had to follow the obvious lead (I read The Celestine Prophesy don't you know) and stopped in.

Tokyo Mart - 825 W Hildebrand Ave., San Antonio, TX 78212  (210) 736-2111

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I decided to get right to work on my 2008 Bucket list (http://eats-veggies.livejournal.com/59645.html) with Museo Alameda.  It's free on Sunday, and I love free.  I found the map I'd printed out from mapquest and off I went (I made maps of all my bucketlist locations so I couldn't use not knowing how to get there as an excuse).  

Downtown San Antonio is slightly stressful to drive only because they always have freeway construction that causes them to put up high, very narrow, barriers to drive between.  I got off the freeway and onto the main road the museum is supposed to be on - then I see a big sign for Market Square (a Mexican street market I've heard talked about on the news etc.).  Yay - the museum is IN market square.  A bonus!

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For the first (and last)  time ever I participated in the 5am day after Thanksgiving sales.  I drug my friend with me and we hit Walmart (5am) and Target (6am).  I was amazed by how many people there were waiting in line at Target.

I hate that items get sold out within minutes of the sale starting.  That's BS.  They should offer rainchecks for at least 2 hours into the sale to make it fair. 

The only item I was interested in getting was one of the digital cameras that were on sale.  The Sony at Walmart was sold out by the time I got there (at 5:15am 15 minutes after the sale started).  I'm pretty sure they used that item as a come on - they probably just got in 10.  I did get the other deal offered by Target, and it's a great camera even though I'm not thrilled by the brand (Kodak M853 for $89.00).  I also got the 1gb card for $10.00 and a DVD of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory for $4.99.  These are all for my daughter. 

That's pretty much it. 

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At least my part of Texas.  Rosemary practically grows wild here.  You can find it on the side of the road - and, in this case, the Barnes & Noble parking lot.  Seriously, it's everywhere.  Here, as a bonus, it's in bloom.


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