Apr. 29th, 2017

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Hazel & Abby's owner went on a business trip, and they came to stay with us.  The meetup prior went very well, and I knew that they would be comfortable here at the Bauernhof.  I could tell that their owner was a real dog person because these dogs were so well-adjusted and well behaved.

Abby is a Red Doberman.  When I have two dogs sometimes I get confused about who is who.  How I remembered Abby is that she sorta-kinda reminds me of the Flying Nun with her markings and her ears.  Nuns live in Abbeys..... lol  seriously

Hazel is a German Shorthaired Pointer.  Such a beauty and so cuddly.

We enjoyed the no-drama walks.  Both of them walked great on leash.  They slept together in a large crate.  They both got along with Hilda really well.  As always with our Rover guests - we were sorry to see them go.

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Raven was the first dog we got to board via Rover.com.  She is a black German Shepherd, and she is full of spit and vinegar.  It was a good initiation into the world of caring for dogs.  

Raven's mom occasionally goes into Austin for a weekend trip, and she let's us care for Raven.  We've had her several times.  She and Hilda get along GREAT!  They are both rough and tumble, and they can go at it for hours.  

The owner is moving to Austin (if she hasn't already), so we probably won't get to watch Raven again.

Here is a gallery of all the photos I have of her.  This is over a few stays.


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