Dec. 22nd, 2008

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Yesterday I made it out to pick up Christmas gifts for Sierra.  Small stuff mostly, but I tried to wrap them nice - she gets as excited about that as she does the actual gifts.  My mom and dad sent each of us a $100 gift certificate - I donated mine to Sierra and kicked in another $80 on my cc so she could order the Xbox 360 Pro gift bundle - it should be here by Christmas Eve.  This means I already have a good idea for a birthday gift to get for her in February:  Halo 3  (I'm headed to the poor house - I tell you) :-)

I enjoyed the chore - put on the Christmas music station on Last.FM and made some Mocha.


Add Bacon

Dec. 22nd, 2008 02:43 pm
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okay, this is pretty funny.
Add this: in front of any website to add bacon.
example - my journal........ don't forget to put that forward slash between the two
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Here's what I remember (I jotted down notes shortly after I woke up because the whole thing made me laugh)

Last night I dreamed I was flying - a open cockpit jet (convertible jet?) - with a puppy.

I can't remember the whole thing, but I think I wasn't supposed to be flying (like I knew how but didn't have a license)

I think I borrowed the plane from the military because I was running from men in uniforms in a place that looked like a Mexican market.

Anyway - I was doing okay taking off and landing for awhile . . . . then when I got to Mexico things started to go downhill.  I was being chased, and I couldn't take off because there were too many trees in the way.

Then I woke up.

I hope I have this dream again - it was pretty exciting and realistic. :-)

I wonder if there is some kind of meaning to this..... like maybe there isn't enough excitement in my life....?


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