Nov. 28th, 2008

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* Morning Walk 1 hour 6 minutes.  I collected 66 cans this morning!  (brought a plastic grocery bag with me).  Listened to the Diane Rehm show on iPod - President Elect Obama's Economic Team.  Very lively conversation and some great call-in and email questions/comments from listeners.

*  I saw on and workplace gossip that there were many injuries and a death during the shopping rush on Black Friday.  Last year, the first time in my life, I participated in the day after Thanksgiving sales.  I'll never to it again.  The savings are not enough for the amount of negative energy and stress you have to take on. 

* Well, it's supposed to rain tomorrow - that sucks since I have a vacation day.  I'm going to stay home and clean house - organize - and maybe get the extra room organized to become a "project" room for Sierra (and I). 

* Sunday first thing bright and early - weather permitting - I'm heading out to Lost Maples National Park to hike.  Sierra might come with and draw - etc. while I play.  That afternoon I am supposed to go to Schlitterbahn with my friend Roger; however, I talked to him on Thanksgiving - and he sounded pretty conjested.  I'm not going to count on him for doing anything Sunday.


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