Oct. 31st, 2008

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Yesterday Walk:  45 minutes
Today's Walk:  55 minutes (well it was 60 minutes but 5 minutes trying to get a puppy safely inside his home)

Weird Experience:

I'm on my way back home on my morning walk (little hook - so I'm on Ferryboat Lane) - and one of the streets puppies comes across the road to greet me.  He's a black poodle and so adorable.  This is a road without a lot of traffic, but this is the time of the morning where people are leaving for work (in big Texas SUV's and trucks) - so he shouldn't have been loose at all. 

I picked him up and walked to his house (I see him often - so I know which house is his).  I never paid much attention to the house before - but as I walked up to knock on the door I see that it's in quite bad shape.  Cigarette butts all over the front yard - and the door bell is broken.  I knocked - no answer.  I wait a minute to see if someone will come to the door.  Nope.

I figure maybe I can put him in his backyard so he will be safe.  I walk around the side of the house - and jeez.... it's like a crack house.  The backyard is all way overgrown with all kinds of junk in the yard.  I noticed that the back gate of the yard is missing, so putting him there won't work.

I go back to the front door and knock again - and wait.  I KNOW the people are home because their cars are in the driveway.  Then I start to feel uneasy - what if they are criminals or serial killers or whatever.  I felt kind of scared like when I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre. :)

I reluctantly decided to leave the puppy on the porch and hope he will stay there (STAY PUPPY!!).  I walked away - once I was almost off the property I glanced back to see if he was following.  No puppy - and someone was driving away in one of the cars..... weirdness.  They were waiting for me to leave.  Gave me chills!!!


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