Oct. 18th, 2008

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It was some day - let me tell you.  Like a whole adventure in 12 hours.

There was laughing, crawling about in trunks, gashed elbows & knees, strange kraut smells, and an assortment of way cool geeky techno gadgetry to explore.

My friend[livejournal.com profile] texasts   will probably describe the day better, but here are the highlights (and pictures behind the cut - strangely - neither of us took any of ourselves).

* Breakfast: Waffle House - I finally got to try out Koi Pond (very cool - I now definitely have to get a Touch)

* Took a wrong turn (twice) on the way to Maker Faire (my lack of direction rubbed off on Tom)

* Parked at Maker Faire - and someone (not mentioning names, but it begins with a T and ends with an M) locked the keys in the car.  Luckily the trunk was already open - Tom crawled in.... no luck  Dorie crawled in....no luck (people were starting to stare) ...... Tom crawls BACK IN (much more determined this time) - and figures out how to get the back seat unlatched.  We get the keys - then assess the damage from the trunk crawling.  Dorie - two knee gashes (piece of cake).  Tom - thumb gash, two elbow gashes, and ripped shirt (he was much more upset over the shirt than his bleeding flesh that I patched up for him).  Good thing I brought a travel first aid kit with me!  We regrouped and limped to the entrance.

* Maker Faire -  just WOW - so many toys - boggled the mind.  I saw my cousin Melanie there at the Greenling booth!  I bought Fig preserves and lots of South Austin People soap (www.southaustinpeople.com).  Nag Champa, Green Tea, Orange Patchouli, and Coffee (that one was for Tom).  We watched robot demolition matches, a life-size mousetrap, bellydancers, and musical tesla coils.

* Took a breather back at the La Quinta (so Tom could change the shirt he ripped crawling through the trunk) - and checked out each others Ipod music (Dorie's collection 45 songs - Tom's a gazillion songs) then we're off again....

*  Off to Mother's Cafe & Garden (oh, I didn't tell you it was Vegetarian?? - my bad.....) :-)  I had spinach lasagna - the meat-eater had pasta primavera.  We took a wrong turn to get there too - but at least I remembered to lock the car door once we got there.....

*  Too pooped for any more fun - back to La Quinta - and I set off back south to sleepy New Braunfels.

What a most incredibly awesome day.  Seriously.  



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