Sep. 24th, 2008

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My cat frequently meows and meows until she gets my attention - then continues until I lay down on the floor with her. 

This happens several times a week.

I'll lay down right by her to pet her, and she'll get up and move away several feet (apparently I intrude on her personal space) - then she'll lay down facing me and just stare at me. 

If I get up - she gets up.  It's weird.

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* Thank you Dawn for your thoughtful e-card.  It lifted my spirits!

My friend Alexis treated me to a lovely day of pampering and retail therapy.  It's nice to have people who care about you - I think we get along so well because we are both loners looking for more meaning out of life.  That and we both like asian supermarket food!! :-)

*  Here's my booty from Tom's (or was that Tim's....) market in San Antonio.  Man, that place is impressive China, Korea, Japan - and Noh spice mixes from Hawaii.  What's not to love?

Clockwise from left:
China White Tea
Shitake Spinach Ramen
Vegetarian Soup Mix
Dofu Dessert (It's agar agar based)
Pickled Vegetables (but Alexis and I really each got one for the cool crock it came in)
Mixed Herb Tea (Green tea, peppermint, citron, plantain, agrimony)
Mixed Grain Pasta (oat, rice, wheat, etc. - not sure what makes it turn a purplish brown...)
Then an assortment of agar agar dessert mixes.
I also bought Lychee soda, Canned Lychee fruit, and Lychee Agar cups which I'd already put in the fridge.


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