Sep. 22nd, 2008

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* Morning Walk: Caught up on 365 Day Tao segments and listened to the most recent Alan Watts Podcast segment (too lazy to go get the iPod so I can be more specific).  47 minutes - 276 calories - 108 avg hbpm

*  I didn't get the garden planted, and I'm frustrated with myself about it. I did get the old stripped - this time including the plastic weed guard as well.  I bought a new roll of 6mil plastic sheeting to lay down.  This is a big project, so it's thrown off my schedule.  I vow to get it completed this coming weekend.  I have collards and brussel sprouts waiting to be let into the garden.

*  I came up with a "new" lunch:  Frittata Panchilada (or Pancake style Enchilada with Frittata inside).  I was going to take pictures at every step, but couldn't find my camera until I was done.  You make 6" Frittatas (I made mine with spinach and carmelized onions).  Then heat corn tortillas in an ungreased plan (better yet the flame if you have a gas stove).  To assemble put spoon of green sauce on the plate and a corn tortilla on it.  Add the Frittata - and another spoon of sauce - then next corn tortilla - and a spoon of sauce on that.  I also added stewed tomatoes/chiles.  Really elementry, but it is easy to make ahead - and I'm in the process of learning if it freezes well.


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