Sep. 19th, 2008

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In my latest issue of Bottomline Health there was an article on How to Cut Your Risk for Alzheimer's - by Half.  One of the suggestions is to adopt a "back-to-school" attitude.  One of their suggestions there........

You can study a wide variety of subjects, ranging from pure science and the humanities to architecture and engineering, by enrolling in one of the 1,800 free college-level on-line classes offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

I was like - wow!!  

Free continuing education, and you don't have to travel to some run down elementry school and sit at creaky desks with gum stuck to the bottom.

I went to the website they'd given, and it was a bad link.... so I googled it - and got the correct web address.

This is pretty - no very cool!

MIT OpenCourseWare

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I thought I was a little more of a liberal than this.

Your result for The Politics Test...


You scored 58% Personal Liberty and 40% Economic Liberty!

A centrist believes in moderate government intervention in both personal and economic matters. They tend to be somewhat ambiguous, as they may have the oppurtunity to pick the side of any group surrounding them on any given issue. They generally believe in a moderate social safety net and what they consider to be a balanced stance on personal liberty. Centrists tend to emphasize compromise and cooperation between partisan groups.

Take The Politics Test at HelloQuizzy


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