Sep. 12th, 2008

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* This mornings walk Podcast:  Diane Rhem Show: Governor Sarah Palin & The Media.  Seems the McCain camp has whined enough to get the Palin/Media issue addressed on the DR Show.  Lots of good points brought up - and some lame ones.  It was interesting how some believe this issue is a win win for the republicans.  If the media keeps up with inquiry - they will be painted as the bad guys.  If they back off - then the republicans get what they want (an unexamined candiate who will be judged on gender/charisma and not on exprience and her stand on the issues). 

*  I left early to work to pick up chicken feed at the feed gettin' place.  I'm almost out, and who knows what will be open on Saturday.  Better safe than sorry.  Ike will be in our neighborhood soon; however, I don't think anyone expects us (San Antonio / New Braunfels) to suffer too badly - I say this because people are camping out on the sides of the road here and there's an article in the local newspaper saying to expects lots of evacuees. 

*  Today I have two anniversaries.  One mini - I quit smoking 1 year and 10 months ago.  It's also my 3 year anniversary at my job.  They gave me balloons and a sign (oh, and a pen).  I'm very ambivalent about my job.  On one hand it's excruciatingly monotonous & rigid - on the other hand the pay and benefits are decent (for what I do) and - with the economy the way it is I guess I should be grateful to have a full-time job with benefits. 

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Here's how it works - download and print the sign, take a digital pic of you with the sign, and email it to the ACLU.  They will use it in an upcoming advertising campaign.


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