Aug. 30th, 2008

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* FYI I'm not going to stop my political rants until the elections are over.  If you don't like it, please skip over or otherwise ignore them, but don't defriend me - it is my journal afterall - and it's good therapy for me to vent. :-)

* I am suspicious of situations where I feel I'm being manipulated (whether real or imagined - probably a Scorpio thing).  Like being backed into a corner and being forced to choose one specific option.  If given a choice, you would have probably chosen theirs.....but having removed the option you now hesitate to choose it, and probably will let a budding friendship go as a result.  I gues this sounds cryptic, but I don't want to violate someone's privacy just so I can rant about my personal trust issues. :-)

*  I'm here at work hoping my 4 hours go fast.  After I am going to my friends house to load up some free mulch - then home to clean the coop and do outside work.  Then early this evening I have a dinner date - nothing fancy, and hopefully it won't end up being a late evening because I want to get up early Sunday, get some stuff done, then go to the swap meet.

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I have Eight Hens..... I collected 10 eggs today ???
(yes, I collected everything they layed yesterday last night)

Off To San Antonio!!


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