Aug. 26th, 2008

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 * Now that I'm walking I have to get up an hour early to get it in and stay on schedule.  On days I work OT I am walking in the dark.  My neighborhood is not in the city limits, so there is little street lighting.  I wonder if I should carry pepper spray or something.  It's a safe neighborhood, I just feel intimidated by the darkness. 

* Today's walking Podcast:  Zencast # 170: Learning to Listen Deeply - Tara Brach.  I am one of those mental multi-taskers she's talking about.  I need to work on that - seriously.

* Today my work-mate (in the cell next to me) wants me to share the enchiladas she made.  I'm sure it's going to have meat in it.  I won't refuse, but I wish people didn't feel the need to cram meat into everything - enchiladas taste perfectly fine sans meat.  Same goes for Chile Rellenos - there is a restaurant in my town  that makes Rellenos without meat - I love them for it!

*  I am glad I taped the first night of the Democratic Convention.  I enjoyed Ted Kennedy very much.  Even when he was unpopular I was always his fan.  I've been feeling sour about politics these days, but last night made me feel a little sweeter about things.

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 Not fromone of my eggs - I just found this on YouTube and thought it was excellent! :-)



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