Jul. 23rd, 2008

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The was in my latest issue of Body & Soul magazine.  I don't know about you, but I want beach hair - and guess what? Now you can get it - and it's EASY :-)

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Enlightening, but it made me crave a glass of vanilla soymilk......

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Today I'd planned to spend the day cleaning house and doing other random chores. 

Instead I ended up driving to North Austin to pick up an antique sewing machine my mother agreed to buy on Austin Craigslist (my mom lives in Hawaii..... I'm not sure why she cruises the Austin Craigslist).  I'm too tired to take a picture of it, I'll put it in another post.  It's a Singer from the 1940's built into a table.  Very nice - in great shape with all the original attachments and the manual. I'm sure it's worth over $80, but my mom wants it for sentimental reasons.

All was not lost as I stopped at a couple of my favorite places on the way there and back

First Stop Fiesta grocery store off I35 in Austin.  Shopping here is like going on a food safari.  There's random food from just about everywhere - including Africa.  It's very un-hip, so you don't see the yuppies here; however, it's as fun as shopping in Whole Foods.

The produce department is awesome

I also went to Hong Kong Super Market off Research Blvd.  I love that they have every asian ingredient you could possibly want (and several I can't believe anyone would want).  The only negative thing about this place is the smell.  Kind of like old fish blood.  I find it nauseating.  Also, they don't price a lot of the stuff - which I find annoyjng.  They have Lychee Jelly cups though which is a huge plus.  If you go, just rub some vicks inside your nostrils before entering.

Here is an aisle with all noodles and wrappers - on both sides!

Then, on the way home I stopped by Cabelas.  Believe it or not - this is a tourist destination.  It's really for hunters and fishermen.  I go to Cabelas for the hiking and camping gear.  I stopped in to price backpacking equipment - including a good internal frame backpack for long hikes.  They didn't have much of a selection sadly.  Their online store is better.  A scary Deliverance-looking guy talked me up in the shoe department - I think it was my camouflage print tank top that got his attention.....

I did pick up a "survival in a can" kit which is about the size of a tin of sardines and has a bunch of random essentials like waterproof matches, hook & line, razor blade, etc.  It's for the glove compartment of my truck. I also got a emergency whistle/compass/thermometer all on with a hook to go on my keychain


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