Jul. 10th, 2008

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*  FedEx emailed - my Ipod is at my house waiting for me.....SQUEE!!!!  Now I just want to go home, but if I do I'll lose my OT I worked this week.

*  I finished painting my hallway - I'll post an entry with pics this weekend.

*  I think Jesse Jackson is just suffering from Obama-Envy.

*  I am signing up for my vehicle insurance with Progressive - it's 2X the coveraga at over $100 less than the current quote for renewal from my current company!  I'm kind of annoyed with Allstate for ripping me off.

* The garden responded immediately to the rain we've had. I guess it's really been starved for water in spite of my watering.  I need to get the drip system put back online - this will help.

*  Is Demonoid legal?  I don't want the feds to beat my door down - especially since my neighbor is leasing me his connection.


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I have Ipod

It's way cooler than I ever expected!!

I understand how it works, but I'm having a little trouble with up and down - maybe I just need practice..... hope the player isn't faulty.

A little disappointed that it came with so little documentation.  It's a refurbished one, but I did pay over $100 - and it did come from the factory.  I'm sure there are online tutorials.

I watched a pilates video podcast..... I'm hooked - - so sad, truly Television is now pretty much a thing of the past.


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