Jun. 15th, 2008

Road Trip

Jun. 15th, 2008 10:24 pm
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Saturday I visited a chicken friend a friend who has chickens to pick up some old gates her husband was going to burn.  They will come in handy when I build the new coop this winter.  I'll have to replace some of the wood but that's okay - I can use the old wood as a template.

While there she showed me a cool way to weatherproof coop windows for the winter

Plexiglass and those turny thingies - so siimple!! Now I don't have to worry about making more venilation windows so the birds can stay cool in the summer heat.

Carla lives in the "hills" outside San Marcos.  You drive past Bobcat Stadium on the way.  This is where Sierra graduated. 

I stopped at Sam's on the way home.  I got eggs, bread (first time in a long time to get store bought bread0, a goat cheese log, and a printer.  Funny thing about the printer - I paid $49.99 for it.  The replacement ink is $58.60.......  I can't really afford a printer, but I am motivated to get to work on a business plan for my new venture!

They had Pluots there, but I didn't buy any.  They were $1.9something a pound.  Maybe next year my Pluot trees will fruit - maybe the year after that.  I'm looking forward to it!!


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