Jun. 11th, 2008

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I had my day off all planned.  A list of about 38 tasks to complete between 6am and 11pm.  I got a few of them done.

I woke up at 6am and watched the chickens wake up and walk down the ramp.

Headed for the garden to water (task one).

Cranked up the weed eater to tackle the fenceline - - - and this is kind of where I stayed off and on all day.  I have brush and stuff all along my hog and barb wire fencing out back.  I have to change whips about every 8 feet.  As I went I also trimmed the bird poop bushes which required both pruning shears and a saw.  Then there was the evil Mesquite which I didn't trim back last year, so it was huge this year.  If the devil was a bush - this would be it.  No matter how careful I am I come away bloodied.  I did manage to trim the fenceline - and I made a good dent in the bird poop growth (though I need another go at it to get it all). 

I was at this task on and off between trips to the house to cool off and re-energize  watch choppy episodes of The Tudors on www.surfthechannel.com.

Now it's already 11pm and I didn't get the toilet fixed or the garden weeded or the "bodhi" tree trimmed or the last of the blackberries transplanted - but it was a good day, I am alive - healthy - and things could suck much worse.


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