Jun. 8th, 2008

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I've turned into Tim Taylor.......

Looking to get one of these to cut the metal roofing I have stacked in one of my outbuildings - want to put over roofing on coop.
Cheapest one is $120.00 - so I'll be calling around to see if any of my aquaintances has one.  Not a common tool, so I think not.

Anyone know of an alternate method (cheaper) to cut meatal roof sheets? :-)

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I probably won't be posting Monday - so here's my weekend wrap up early.

Saturday I went to a chicken show.  It was hot - temperature hot.  I saw a few people I knew, and it was interesting seeing all the bantams (mini chickens).  I'd never be into showing chickens, but it's entertaining to attend.

Here's an update on the Shade Garden.  I never could get the Astilbe to grow, but the mondo grass is hanging in there and the Hostas and Caladiums are holding their own.  I need to put something in the center now - it looks too plain.  I might do a bird feeder or bird bath.

I harvested Shallots, onions, garlic, and chard. 

I made whole wheat sourdough biscuits (like I really need those calories!) :-)

and I started thinking about fixing the toilet.  I got it halfway taken apart - and then PFFFFFT!  I went and watched an episode of The Tudors on surfthechannel.com instead.


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