Mar. 19th, 2008

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Thank you!  I love it.  It's awesome to get something in the mail from a friend - totally made my day.

It Rained Mud
Here in the San Antonio area it actually rained mud yesterday.  I'm not kidding - It was the weirdest thing.  I'll need to wash my truck now I guess.    

American Idol
It was Beatles week again. Nobody sucked.  Chickeezee was my favorite performance - he sang "I've Just Seen a Face".  Next favorite Brooke with "Here Comes The Sun".  Everyone else was good too.  I predict that Kristy Lee Cook will go this week unless the country fans all unite.  If that's the case then Ramiele will go.  Michael Johns hasn't impressed me, but he's really good looking and has chrarisma - so the ladies will probaby keep voting him in for a few weeks to come.

Coop Update
I worked on the coop yesterday.  Got the upper level entry door made (though I'm thinking it's going to be too small), the roof on, the latches on the side doors, and the "stairs" completed.  I'll post pictures tomorrow because I have so little time to get this journal updated and read my friends' posts.

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Here is a video I made with my digital camera and uploaded Sunday but forgot to post.  The chickens are three days old here.  They are bigger now believe it or not.  I'm going to try and post a video every week or two weeks.  It's kind of a hassle because I can't upload videos at work, so I have to go to the library.  

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I uploaded this to my photobucket account which my work lets me post to (for now).  I hope it comes out okay.

Don't worry everyone - soon I will be over the newness of having the chickens and I won't post so much about them :-)


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