Feb. 18th, 2008

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..... people out hurting, some getting paid.  The weather report is the best news today...hey hey... what's the use in complaining when nothing gets done....hey hey hey.....what's the use in (oops - just had me a Cecilio & Kapono moment - some lyrics might be made up or omitted)

*  The refinery explosion up by Dallas happened first thing this morning.  Tetco's price on gas when I drove in to work today $2.99 (16 cents more than the other stations).  What price gouging losers.

*  Bush Senior officially backed McCain this morning.  Please - like we care about the endorsement of someone in the same gene pool as Bush Jr.

*  Big Meat recall from a plant that happened to get caught sending out bad stuff.  "Raymond said cattle that had lost the ability to walk since passing pre-processing inspections were slaughtered without an inspector having examined them for chronic illness -- a practice he said violated federal regulations and had been going on for at least two years. "   Anyone who is shocked by this or thinks this type of stuff isn't commonplace in most processing plants - please go to Amazon.com and buy Mad Cowboy (you can get a vendor copy for as little at $2.50).
Buy Certified Organic Beef people

*  Why can't we have a Hilak Clobama as a candidate?  I like Hillary's plan, but I won't vote for her because I feel she will be like sandpaper in the bathingsuit bottoms of  government. If we could morph the two of them together it would be perfect.

* and finally..... I saw a segment on Dubya in Africa demanding congress approve funds for his Aids project.  Good charity, but so fake is his gesture - it's so obvious he's trying to get remembered for SOMETHING besides spearheading the mess our country is currently in.

Now that I have all that off my chest ..... :-)



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