Jan. 25th, 2008

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*  Earlier this week I attempted to repair my leaking tub spigot (SPIGOT!!).  I met a nice gentleman at Lowes who was kind enough to offer to come over and assist me since I'd made over 4 trips to the store that day trying different things.  That evening when I got home I went ahead and put everything back together and turned the water on - voila!  No leak (well, just an intermittant drip which was nothing).  So - it's all good for now.  I did learn some things from the experience though which is good, and I made a friend who told me to keep his number in case the drip decides to come back.

*  I still haven't found my cell phone that I lost just before Christmas.  Frustrating.

*  I ordered my chickens Tuesday.  They are Delawares - I bought 25 females and 1 rooster.  I plan on only having a flock of a dozen, but I needed the extras for warmth while traveling - the extras that make it to adulthood I can easily sell to someone who wants an egg laying pet.

*  I placed an ad on Craigslist looking for someone to help me build my chicken coop.  I offered vegetables and eggs in exchange.  I got many replies.  One from someone with the email address of DrtyCowboy1@chooseaserver.com  and one from a man who says he's too far away to help, but shared a poem with me about naked people..... :-)  Most of the replies were helpful though.

*  I watched Santa Clause 3 last night.  It was pretty good - seemed really low budget - but I really liked Jack Frost though.

*  With the whole housing crisis and recession in the news I'm reminded to be grateful that I own my home with a reasonable low interest mortgage that - as long as I'm employed - I can afford to make payments on every month.  There are plenty of people not as fortunate as I am.  I feel very poor most days, but I don't have the massive credit card debt other people have, and I live within my means - so that's something. 

*  Here is a random picture of me brushing my teeth .........


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