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 I posted this on Facebook, but I wanted to share it here (and have it in my blog for posterity) :-)

I've moved Cleo over to the flock.  We're testing it out to see if it takes.  If not, she'll come back to me and we'll work it out.  We'll probably create a shelter just for her in the back pasture.  I'm hoping it works out though - she should be with her own kind - not my pet. :-)

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I posted this on my Facebook, but there are a few of my LJ friends who aren't on there (I wish you'd give in already and join - haha)  I really wanted to share it because it was quite the experience for me.

The Baby Mama stopped sitting on her eggs after the first 4 hatched. I put them in the incubator (previously used only for staring seeds). Here are the video clips I took to text to my husband so he could share in the experience. I spliced this together over several hours (about 2 1/2 min of footage). The next morning, before the sun came up, I snuck her into the nest - everyone is doing just fine :-)

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 The new flock is one week old today.  They are doing  great!!

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My cousin Mellie posted this on her wall in Facebook....
Favorite YouTube comment:  Some people say God hates gays. If that were true then why did he make them so awesome?  :-)

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I was on Castell street today at the Coop getting Cottonseed and Soybean meal (for the garden), and I popped into the Farm To Market a few doors down. It was just about closed, but I wanted to check it out since I am never in the area during that time on Saturdays (I work 8:30-12:30)

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I saw this in Facebook when my friend Gabrielle posted it.  It made an impression.

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I found dozens of videos of this Hummingbird moth.  There seem to be several varieties.  Here is a video of almost the exact same moth I saw last evening.

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My friend [livejournal.com profile] kabuldur made a post recently about childhood schoolyard games; it sent me down memory lane.  [livejournal.com profile] joebanks said he was king of Four Square, and it made me laugh since I'd remembered a video I saw awhile back.  Here it is.......
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Two short videos taken at the Texas Folklife Festival

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I have a lot to report about the last two days, but I am just going to post these two videos of Marcel & my beach walk yesterday first (can't do it at work since I have no access to my YouTube there).  I'm just home to change before heading to work (late ..... long story I'll post later on my dinner break at work)

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Thanks to my cousin Melanie (who married us) and her husband Dirk (who created the video) - we have one really awesome memory. 
I can't thank them enough.

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My sister and I fell in love with Asheville and Maggie Valley.  We would like to live there (seriously).
There is a short and long video version - here is the short one - I like to call Teamwork :-)

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My friend Al Maige shared this with me on Facebook - I liked it very much.  Cleverness.


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