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Commit to being exclusive or commit to marry?

After 30 days I'd start charging him...... ;-)

(just kidding - or maybe not - I got married 4 months after my first date with my awesome husband, so it was not an issue)
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I don't play the lottery, but if found a ticket on the street - and it won - the first thing I would do is have a full drip irrgation system with timers as well installed on the homestead for all areas (vegetable garden, flower beds, berries, fruit trees, etc. etc.)
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My dog Sadie.  She was a Lab/Irish Setter mix.  She looked just like a feminine Black Irish Setter.  We had her for many years, and she was always an outdoor dog.  We lived in Hawaii on the beach in the country, so she was always here and there; the weather was good, so she never wanted inside.  One day, after probably 6 or 7 years of greeting her every morning - she just wasn't there.  We looked for her with no luck.  It broke our heart.  It still haunts me 30years later.  I'd love to ask her what happened.
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I like Fruitcake.  I don't like mincemeat pie.
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Safety Dance (Men Without Hats)

I'm so thrilled to be reminded - I may get it back out of my head by next week.... ;-)
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Provided both are of consenting age - there's no issue for me.

When I joined Eharmony c ouple of years ago they defaulted at a maximum of 10 year difference in age (either way).  I modified this to 15 years because I felt 10 was too narrow.  Thank the Universe for the inspiration because I was matched with a gentleman 13 years older than me the very same day I made that change.  He's been my husband for a year and 2 months now :-)
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Last night just before bed the Decemberists "The Hazards of Love 4" came up on my iPod.
I really need to unsynch that song - it makes me cry every time.

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1.) I can garden all winter
2.) The "River"
3.) Half way between two big cities - best of both worlds
4.) Very little crime
5.) I can have chickens

1.) Summer Heat
2.) So many people with a different world view than mine
3.) Lack of Local Hawaii-Style food
4.) No college or community college conveniently nearby
5.) Have to pay $35 a year to use the library nearest me
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"Going Forward....."  Argh! - this just gets on my nerves so bad, and I dont' know why.

Also most all buzz words found in my companiess emails get on my nerves........
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I am a Scorpio.........  ;-)

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[Error: unknown template qotd]1.) Do not start drinking/partying until you are over 30.  If I had not gotten distracted by all that foolishness I would have stayed in school, gotten my degree, and probably been unemployed now (and without a beautiful daughter or a hippy homestead, or, or, or)
Nevermind younger self - carry on.


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