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 I just signed up for a bunch of overtime.  I even signed up for 4 hours on one of my days off.  I'm not keen to be at work any longer than I have to, but I need to start seriously contributing to my emergency fund.  I'm very nervous over the economy and my being a victim of it.

Tomorrow is the Chicken Show at the Comal County Fairgrounds.  I'm bringing my camera....
(oops - that's NEXT Saturday)

I heard Dave Cook had an album out prior to American Idol titled "Analog Heart".  I went to Amazon.com to buy it - but, while it's listed, they aren't offering it.  Hrmph!

My blackberries have no more berries on them.  It was great while it lasted!  This weekend I'm going to prune it all back and get the new canes going good for next year.  I'm also going to transplant the two in the buckets into the main area (there's room on one end - but it's kind of shady)



Mar. 7th, 2008 11:03 am
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I came down sick Monday, but I beat it off - or so I thought.  Yesterday morning I woke up with sore throat, congestion, and the whole official cold symptoms.  Yuck.  Can't be off work because I'm training for me new job duties, so I dropped in to CVS for an arm full of help.  NormalIy I try and take as little as possible, but I really need to get through the next two days.  I got...
Chloraseptic  Spray (operative word here "septic" as it tastes like a septic tank smells)
Riccola Cough Drops
Alka Seltzer Plus
Mucinex (the middle one extra strength but not the one that makes you sleepy)
Niquil (so I will sleep good and get enough rest)

I wonder if it's bad to mask the sneezing and coughing, and running of mucus, etc.?  Isn't your body doing that for a reason?  

On a positive note - I'm going to like my new job area.  Same basic job, but less of the high pressure sales part (which I absolutely hate).  I also have my own little cubicle (sad right - being grateful for having a cubicle) 
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*  Yesterday I missed the "monologue" of the Regis & Kelly show because  bush wanted us all to witness his chastising congress. That petty little man annoys me ever so much - especially when he interferes with my AM routine.

*  I've given away the last of my sweets.  This year I made two new items that I will continue to make - Sahlah's Brown Sugar Cookies, and Coffee Fudge.  I think I could market the fudge to Starbucks...... seriously.

*  I'm going to be alone this Christmas Eve and Day - since I don't have home net access - no web either.  It kind of sucks; but then again not.  I wish I had family or a mate to share my life with - but it doesn't make me sad or lessen my life any.  It would be icing on the cake - but the cake itself is damn good. :-)

*  My job is morphing into what's looking more and more like a telemarketing position - and I hate it.  It's beneath me, but I have to stay until I can find something else.  I wish I could elaborate, but since my net access is at work, well.......

* My father renewed my subscription to Reader's Digest and Bottomline Health for Christmas.  
This year he also added Consumer Reports!  Yay Dad!!

*  I forgot my PURSE today.  I got to work and gathered my belongings.  No purse.  First time ever to do that (though I forget my work badge necklace at least once a month..... that I write up to a Freudian slip though).

*  I brought a giant salad for lunch today that included organic spinach, lettuce, choy, and radishes - all from the garden.  My spinach alone saves me $24.00 a month ($5.99 a tub at HEB).  I wish tomatoes grew in winter.


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 I got my paycheck yesterday, and it was 9 hours short.  When I asked about it I found out I didn't get paid for the holiday (Thanksgiving) since I left early the next day (was burned out from the wee morning hour sales I attended).  

I knew about this policy, but it slipped my mind (and the mind of my supervisor who signed me out).  Luckily for me I'd worked about the same number of hours overtime the next week - so my paycheck wasn't short.  

I like punching a timeclock most of the time - but not this time.... :-)
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I went to log into Photobucket.com today and found it banned by my work.  
Another nail in the coffin.
Now I know how the Myspace people felt when that site was banned.
They are still allowing Livejournal for now, but I wonder for how long.

I could get internet at home, but I really can't afford it - and I'd rather not have the temptation of hanging out at the computer for hours on end (that and the idea of internet at home still triggers an urge to smoke even after a year of being quit).

God, I so have to get off my arse and get my resume updated.
Almost all the reasons for me liking this company are gone - seriously.
One by one the joys of working here are vanishing.

At this point it's only my laziness and fear of the unknown is keeping me here. 
That and medical insurance and a way to pay the mortgage.
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*  I somehow lost my checkbook register, so I've been trying to piecing together transactions so I can figure out what I have in my account.  If I'd have kept my duplicates instead of throwing them away it would have been much easier.  What a mess.  When I finally find that register I'm going to be relieved, I know it's in the house somewhere - though I'm wondering at this point whether it got put in the trash (because - seriously - I've looked EVERYWHERE).  Needless to say - from now on I'm saving my duplicates.

*  I volunteered for overtime Sunday (4 hours) which will help make up for the commissions I lost last month.  I have Saturday off as a vacation day, so it's no big deal.  Sundays suck though - average order $ are low and people who are calling are nuts.  I'm glad I don't work it as one of my normal days.  Sure do wish I could make what I make now doing something different - - - obviously I don't need it that bad or I'd actually be doing something about it, something to think about...... (I feel some positive manifestation sessions coming on)

*  I walked through the garden this morning to water.  Things are looking good.  Will take pictures tomorrow.

*  I ordered two Pluot trees to plant this winter.  They were $19.99 each, but with shipping ended up being $35 a piece.  I"m planting these for my mother who loves them.  I can take them or leave them, but am looking forward to making them a part of the homestead.  I"m going to plant them in my back yard in memory of Chi and Mo.  I'll need to get someone to teach me how to prune them though - I have no experience in that (my fig would benefit as well).

*  I created a sourdough starter this morning (first starter since I've lived here in Texas).  I'll need to coddle it for a few weeks to get it up to speed - then I'll can begin baking with it. 

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So, I've gained about 8 pounds since going away from Sparkpeople.  
I went back yesterday - and I'll go back to logging in food & exercize.  It seems to help stop me from gaining weight.

Today Janie & Andrew (work supervisors) took some of us to lunch at the Greune Onion Grill  (website consisting of the name of the restaurant and contact info...) as a thankyou for staying at work when there was a storm outside.  I had the penne pasta with Portabella mushroom and cilantro cream sauce.  It was mightly tasty.

Unfortunately the waitress who took the picture had the shakes (or her cell phone was on vibrate and went off) - so the picture was totally blurry.  It was the only one she took, so I'll post it anyway. 


Jul. 26th, 2007 01:28 pm
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Had a good day at work.  Went by really fast.  I didn't have to pray it was over soon.... haha (jk)

Janie came by my desk and invited me to lunch as part of several employees the sups would like to thank for staying late Friday when the weather was bad.  How awesome is that?  I love where I work :-)

Tonight I didn't get as much done on the dress as I'd like to have.  I finished the neckline (puckered a little in front, but I don't care - it's a casual dress).  I also hemmed the sleeves and basted them for fitting them in the armholes later.

Still damp and yucky all over.  
Hoping Saturday (I'm off again!!) it will be dry enough to work outside - I need a garden fix.
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Don't usually want to talk about work, but here goes anyway.

Work Stuff

Had a $700 order last night at work.  Naturally it came with lots of misc. issues that caused me to come in early today to work out.  Biggest single order I've had though - so cool.  

Back on the help desk 1 or more days a week.  This will give me an opportunity to get some Calc training done, so I'm all for it.  Only bad thing is when I'm on that task I'm not earning commission.  At 1.25% of gross sales......it's not THAT much of a loss.  Worth it to get in the training.  

I like my job very much.  Simple and usually undemanding.  For the first time in my life I'm working to live nor living to work.  This, I've noticed, increases quality of life very much.  I'm very happy with my life.


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