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It seems like I'm back on the path to getting to a healthy weight.

Much like when I was finally successful with quitting smoking, the Universe lined up for me and gave me the incentive I needed to get back on the journey.

1.)  I gained 5 additional pounds that I could feel.  Uncomfortable and the jeans I was finally comfortable in were not so anymore.

2.) I don't want to go into the details, but I had a jolt of inspiration that convinced me that I had to get to my healthy weight and, more importantly, that I could do it.

3.)  I found a book that is going to be hugely helpful called "Binge No More" (I'm not a binge eater really, but I feel the principles in the book work for anyone who has a problem overeating.

After #2 I feel like something in me snapped into place.  I immediately began to work on a plan to be successful.

I changed my TOPS membership to online so I can "attend" meetings more often.

I upgraded my MyFitnessPal membership to premium so I can get tools that I think will be worth money spent

I wrote out Goals and Objectives and made a tracking sheet to fill out daily.  Here are links to two posts on the subject from my MyFitnessPal blog if you are interested in what I came up with:
Inspiration and Plan-of-Action
My 12/120/1200/12000 Idea
My Daily Goal/Objectives Tracker

So, that's what's up with that :-)
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I posted this in my blogspot weightloss blog, but I wanted to share it here in my LJ too.

I just finished listening to the audiobook version of Mindless Eating.
It was recommended in a weightloss podcast I listened to a couple of weeks ago.

Wow, while I won't go so far to say that I'm a changed person - I admit that I'm very much more aware now - and have some new tools to work with.

There'a a whole lot of info in this book, but
Here's what I hope I remember..................

Use smaller plates for food (no brainer and not a new idea)

Use taller and narrower glassware for beverages

Break down large packages into actual portion sizes (I can use the zipper snack bags for some)

Use established portions (not what I think is a portion)

Put away extra food prepped right away so there's less temptation to get seconds.

Package leftovers in portioned servings for future meals.

When snacking - don't pour a big bowl to eat from or eat out of the package. Portion out and know what calories you're eating and put that in the serving bowl.

Create Pause Points especially when snacking (ie - have a rule that you can only eat 10 m&m's an hour - or you can't put more than 1 cup of cereal in your plate and must get up to refill if you want more)

It's definitely worth a listen to if you are interested in losing weight or improving your eating habits.
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So, my new years resolution is to get down to a reasonably healthy weight by 2011.  This involves shedding, at least 50 pounds (I actually need to lose closer to 80....I know, tubby Veggie) :-)

I can't seem to get started.  I am constantly eating - always hungry - making all the wrong food choices.

I need some direction, motivation, inspiration.......

I looked around at the diets and programs out there, and they are all too restrictive.  I even went to the usda food pyramid site - and that's almost doable except it's uninspiring.

I'm thinking I might do something silly and put myself in the goofy hands of Richard Simmons and his Food Mover Program.

Must pull myself together and get a plan - and execute it soon, or I have no chance of meeting my year end goal.


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