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* Morning Walk Podcast(s)Alan Watts: Following The Middle Way #1 & #2 dd  If you wanted to listen to this, you should download it now.  His stuff isn't archived indefinitely on the site or on iTunes.  This short talk is good, but it's nothing compared to other talks Alan Watts has given.  Really thought provoking man.

* I watched the Convention when I got home from work last night.  Obama's speech didn't disappoint.  I hope he's given a chance to live up to those promises he made in his speech.  I'm looking forward to the Republican Convention and the debates.
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 * This morning's walk podcast:  Two TedTalks from 2006:  The Vision Behind One Laptop Per Child and Help Stop the Next Pandemic.  

*  I missed Bill Clinton's Convention speech; they didn't show it on network TV.  I wonder if that was on purpose because they didn't know what he'd say.....  I still feel like Hillary's speech was mostly given to set her up for 2012.    I enjoyed watching Joe Biden's bio video and his speech.  He seems like a man of the people.  I'm taping tonight's 9pm broadcast since I won't get home til about 9:30pm.
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*  This morning's Walk podcast:  Aspire Podcast: 12/10/06  -  I like the host Gregory Penn even though he is a tiny bit eccentric.  Quote I took away from this 'We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them" Kahlil Gibran

*  My daughter called me last night to tell me she plans to come home in November.  This is good news, but I remain cautiously optimistic since this is not the first time she's made these plans.  I will once again need to rearrange my priorities personally and financially which I'm glad to do - any kind of change, however good, is stressful though - so I am already preparing myself :-)

*  I've turned myself onto another musician which I hope will end this America kick I've been on for several months.  She's Angelique Kidjo and I guess the genre she fits into is African Beat or African Reggae....I'm not sure, but I can't stop listening to it.  I sometimes wonder if these music binges need to be addressed with therapy..... :-)

*  I was so wishing that Hillary Clinton woudn't make her Convention speech about her - - another hope dashed :-(    Halfway through her speech I found myself rolling my eyes and groaning.  I officially dislike her now.

*  Today I'm devoting myself to the house and maybe a quick trip to the grocery.  I am not happy it's a soggy mess outside, because I have soooo much to do to get the fall/winter garden going!!
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 * Now that I'm walking I have to get up an hour early to get it in and stay on schedule.  On days I work OT I am walking in the dark.  My neighborhood is not in the city limits, so there is little street lighting.  I wonder if I should carry pepper spray or something.  It's a safe neighborhood, I just feel intimidated by the darkness. 

* Today's walking Podcast:  Zencast # 170: Learning to Listen Deeply - Tara Brach.  I am one of those mental multi-taskers she's talking about.  I need to work on that - seriously.

* Today my work-mate (in the cell next to me) wants me to share the enchiladas she made.  I'm sure it's going to have meat in it.  I won't refuse, but I wish people didn't feel the need to cram meat into everything - enchiladas taste perfectly fine sans meat.  Same goes for Chile Rellenos - there is a restaurant in my town  that makes Rellenos without meat - I love them for it!

*  I am glad I taped the first night of the Democratic Convention.  I enjoyed Ted Kennedy very much.  Even when he was unpopular I was always his fan.  I've been feeling sour about politics these days, but last night made me feel a little sweeter about things.

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 I heard a rumor that Obama's VP choice is Evan Bayh. . . . . . .

Well he's cuter than Joe Biden at least.  I don't know much about him (heading to google....) :-)

Update:  It's Joe Biden - ugh.... well, at least one of them is cute :-)

Misc Stuff

Aug. 21st, 2008 11:18 am
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 * McCain & Obama Revealed on CNN:  The show didn't improve my opinion of McCain.  I didn't like that he cheated on his handicapped wife - or that he lied about it.  I don't like liars (especially if they're republicans).  I remain positive about Obama, but the show didn't make him any MORE appealing in my eyes.  He has his faults - I didn't like that he plays the politics game, but would he have been able to position himself where he is now if he didn't?  He remains my candidate given the choices (I'd prefer Kucinich).

* I'm sticking with my morning walks.  They are averaging 30-45 minutes.  I listen to podcasts - sometimes Zencast sometimes the Diane Rehm Show.  I'm also doing some of Inhale Yoga after that.  I do the beginning warmup and then chores and come back for the very ending. I want to eventually do half of the show (the whole hour would be pushing it - because of morning chores).

I found a Handyman on Craigslist who does random jobs.  He came over yesterday to see what I have that needs to be done.  Turns out he works at the same company I do.  He's going to work with me on stuff.  For example he will give me a list of supplies for jobs and will let me buy them (that way I can get 6 months no interest credit at Lowes or Home Depot) and he will charge me for his time.  That will make it more affordable for me.  Boy, it's a relief to get this ball rolling.  The anxiety of having stuff needing to be done and trying to ignore it is exhausting.  I can chip away one project at a time.  First project - the siding on the left side of the house that gets all the wind/rain.


Aug. 14th, 2008 01:02 pm
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 *  I can't help looking at Hillary Clinton as a spoiled sport for not squelching an attempt to put her name in nomination at the convention.  I am assuming this means she isn't the VP pick (and I'm glad of late - she disappointed me these past couple of months).  

* I listened with great interest and even a bit of awe to Billy Graham give a Ted Talk (old talk from 1998 - retrieved from the archives).  I'm not religious in the way most people are, but I do agree that we, the human race, lack the glue that binds us - and don't seem to have a clue, as a world society, how to find it.  I enjoyed this talk very much - I enjoy listening to him - even when I don't agree with  his specific religious beliefs.

Poof! Next `Harry Potter' flick moves to NEXT summer  
    Ouch - there's going to be a few upset peeps out there I think.

*  I spent yesterday with my friend Alexis and her friend - we went to see the new Mummy movie and eat Mongolian BBQ.  I stopped off at SunHarvest Farms and found Organic soybeans on sale for 89 cents a pound - very good deal these days.  I stocked up.  We also stopped by the co-op and we both couldn't resist an old fashioned manual crank "coffee" mill (made in China) for $25.99.  It said on the box it would grind grains and beans which sold me since I've been trying to find something to crack grains for me for making Tempeh and hot cereals.  I tested it and - yes, it works (though it only does a small quantity at a time - it's a good task while watching TV or a DVD).  I will post a picture this weekend.

*  Is there ANYBODY who didn't see this coming?...... US, Poland agree to missile defense deal

* Every day this week I got my heiny up at 7am and walked 30 minutes before I was awake enough to talk myself out of it.  A few of those days I also did the warmup portion of the Inhale yoga show.  W00t - I'm on a roll :-)

* Finally - Sweden shows that, not only are they are poor losers, but they can throw one heck of a temper tantrum..... LoL

Swedish fans booed loudly as the judges filed out of the arena. Abrahamian said nothing to waiting reporters but whacked an aluminium barricade with his fist as he left the hall.......Swedish coach Leo Myllari said: “It’s all politics.”

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This has got to be the most entertaining presidential race I can remember.  I'm just waiting for someone to bring out the dancing pandas.

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*  I watched (back to back) In The Valley of Elah and Rendition (including the documentary in special features) Friday night .  I didn't sleep well that night.  I'm glad I watched though even though they made me completely miserable.

*  I voted on the way home from work Saturday.

* Cyber and I watched the Academy Awards last night.  Even she thought it was too long.

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I just did the www.votehelp.org questionnaire.  Great site.  It was no surprise that my top 5 candidates were democrats.  

I was a little surprised that Hillary Clinton was #1.  The things we did not agree on were not an that much of an issue or issues I didn't really know a great deal about.

Barak Obama was #2

Dennis Kucinich was #4, and I "like" him the best (no, it's not because he's a vegetarian...) :-)

I"m so hoping we don't get another block head this time around.  Seriously.


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