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Tomorrow will be airing the final episode of Lost.  I'm already getting teary eyed just thinking about it.
They are doing a pre-show special beginning at 6pm Central Time - then the show.
Anyone else going to watch?


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* Why  do churches have Tax Free status?

* American Idol last night was kind of bogus.  Simon was so obvious with his preference of David Archuletta.  I liked how David Cook chose a NEW song for his choice rather than regurgitate one he'd already done (which is what the show wants the contestants to do).  I''ve got a feeling David A. will win - but David C. will still get a career out of it.  Oh, I voted 50 times :-)

* I may leave early tonight so I can see the finale live. 
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*  So far my experience at plentyoffish.com has been good.  About 3/4 of the messges I get are from intelligent and interesting people who, just like me, want to meet friends and are hoping that certain chemistry might exist for something more.  Then there are a few who want something else.  I found a way to weed them out by my first reply back when they message me.  I make it obvious I'm not "that kind of girl" but hey, lets be friends (or something like that) - - they don't write back :-)  The people, so far, that are by far the most interesting are the one's I chose to write to first based on what I got from their profile.  One even helped me re-write my profile (he said it didn't sound warm enough and had too many words that guys aren't interested in reading..... he offered to take pictures of me to post, but I'm not to sure about him just yet for a meeting let alone a photo session.  There's also someone who is a Taoist enthusiast and wanna be hippy like me who is very cool (but he lives far away - so a one on one friendship would be impossible).   I won't be posting detailed experiences (names pictures etc.) in my public journal (without the permission of the other person anyway) - but I think the general experience is worth sharing.

* What to do with too many Swiss Chard stems and parsley............

* I forgot to make my American Idol post this week, but it turned out as expected.  The two David's are in the final two.  Can't wait for next week.  In a way I'm looking forward to it being over.  I want to replace Wednesday evening TV hour with cardio - that day and another dedicated work night should help me get back in shape. I don't worry about my days off - I get PLENTY of exercise on those days.
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* I watched the last few minutes of Larry King last night.  It was about that dude who thinks he's the Messiah.  His son was on talking to Larry. Someone called in and pointed out the bible said he'd meet his people in the sky - he wouldn't be mingling with humans on earth - so what gives... The son said you have to have an oil lamp on in your eye (or something like that) in order to understand..... jeez....

* I upgraded my Media Player to version 11 - wow, big difference.  My new project (like I need one) is to rip all my CD's to mp3.  I did my Goth Box set (4 cd's) last night.  It became about 283 mb of files.  Not sure what I'm doing, but I have the INTERNET, so I can look up anthing I don't understand :-)

* I was watering the garden this morning thinking about how I could find someone to teach me how to replace the siding on my house.  I got a business idea - DIY University!!  I know I'd travel and pay to attend a weeklong bootcamp teaching DIY skills.  There could be various programs.  Beginner (use of tools, measuring, etc. etc.), Basic Plumbing, Painting/Wallpaper, etc. etc. etc.   If I had actual skills I'd consider investigating this further.  It's a good idea though don't you think?  

* I've skipped my usual breakfast of either oatmeal or eggs in favor of a hi/pro fruit smoothie - and I've cut out the usual dinner to a big green salad with a veggie chicken pattie crumbled in it.  Been doing this for 2 days now. I already feel less bloated.

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Blackberry Love  These are the two I had in buckets near the garden shed.  They were "extras" but because of the sun in that area - they are doing better than the others in the main bed.  The birds are getting their share, but I don't mind so much.

* ROBERT DOWNEY JR. -  I saw him on Letterman last night.  I'm so glad he's overcome his issues.  I was really rooting for him when he was dealing with his drug addiction.  Hopefully someday I'll be able to say the same thing about Brittany.

AMERICAN IDOL - I predict the boys will all get through.  One of the girls will not.  My guess is Syesha Mercado.

CHICKENS 7 WEEKS OLD - They don't look like chicks anymore - and are starting not to act like chicks.  They are roosting now and are much more assertive.  The rooster is still a little wimpy - but I think he's going to be okay.

* MY COUSIN MELANIE - Came to visit me.  She is not like I expected (I mean that in a good way).  We have a lot in common.  We got to talk about family, organic food, and spirituality (we both remember the Christian Science Statement of Being which was so cool - our grandmother was Christian Scientist).

I AM (PROBABLY) GETTING INTERNET - My neighbor came by to check if I can get his wireless.  Looks good.  I'll be paying him $15 a month.  I hope it works out. We won't know until I get a wireless card (which is on order).  I should get the card Friday and he will install it for me over the weekend.  To offset the cost I'm going to end my Blockbuster Total Access subscription (which is about $13 a month).  I watch too much TV anyway.

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*  I got gasoline yesterday -  $3.48 per gallon (well - 3 cents less since I used a Walmart giftcard).  I'm counting my blessings I work 8 miles from my house - mostly highway.  I feel a little guilty that I drive a V6 even though I actually use my truck (the dents and scratches in the bed prove it...hehehe).  My sacrifice will be to eliminate Austin/San Antonio shopping trips that I used to take for fun. 

*  I called and complained about my dental bill.  They took off the post-surgery "observation" charges, but said I had to pay the insurance part of the procedure since it wasn't covered (they said they called to verify my coverage - so I'd be fighting with the insurance company - and it's just not worth it since they will just say I should have put in a written request for approval.....which I guess is true)..  In the future I will be getting stuff in writing prior to anything being done.  Live and learn.  On a happy note - they ran my flexible spending card and it paid it even though the procedure was last year.  Just $$$ less I have available if I get sick etc. this year. 

*  I was driving home from Home Depot the other day with a load of stuff.  I had a Rubbermaid trash bin there.  It somehow managed to blow out the back - and I cringed as I looked in the rear view mirror to see motorists dodging it.  It lodged in the under-carriage of a Ford truck as I pulled off the road.  He followed.  He de-wedged it and handed it back to me.  His attitude was "no harm - no foul" and I went on my way.  I couldn't help but think how bad that situation could have been - not to mention expensive.  This made the whole dental $$$ think a little less painful.

*  I went ahead and drilled holes into the bottom of the hot  swamp tub on the patio.  There is always accumulated water on the bottom, and it bothers me (mosquitoes and unsanitary).  The wasps will need to find another source of mosquito larvae now I guess.  I plan to make it a kitchen herb garden next year.  Now that the giant hackberry tree is gone - there's sun in that corner.

*  I'm giving up Thursday and Friday TV shows.  Usually I tape 2 shows on Thurs and 1 on Friday while I'm at work and watch when I get home.  I'm going to try and read / write / clean or watch previously taped "educational" programing instead.  Once American Idol ends I'm going to drop Wednesday night TV shows as well.  Wish me luck....  :-)

Top 12

Mar. 12th, 2008 04:07 pm
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 Worst Performances last night:
(if you don't count David Archuleta's forgetting words - but his performance otherwise was good)

David Hernandez  -  He just doesn't have "it" as far as I'm concerned.
Ramiele Malubay - She's boring (in the karaoke way) - last night's performance was just more of the same.

Best Performances:

David Cooke  -  I'm still liking him more and more.
Brooke White -  She's a lot more talented than I thought she was.

Who got the bad rap last night:  Kristie Lee Cook.  I loved her country version of her Beatles tune.

Who was given more credit than they deserved:  Carly Smithson.  She got a lot of praise for singing something pretty much like it is always done.

Who I voted for:
David Cooke
Jason Castro
Michael Johns (only because "Across the Universe" is my all time favorite Beatles song, and he didn't butcher it)
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*     I'm a PAID USER now.  I did it for the extra user icons (it's like collecting pokemon cards....).

*     I'm glad Marion Jones confessed - I wish it would have been because she wanted to do the right thing, not because she was found out.  I feel bad for her competitors if  they lost because the drugs she was taking gave her an edge,.

*     I watched Larry King Live last night, and he had Kid Rock on.  I wonder if Larry King actually wants to interview these people - or if the network forces him to for ratings.  I felt the same way after watching him interview Paris Hilton.  I guess I just give Larry too much credit.  There is nothing remotely interesting or newsworthy about Kid Rock - seriously.

*     This weekend it is do or die with Sierra's Halloween gown.  I'm constructing sleeves now - they require french seams, so that's on the agenda this evening..  Getting the sleeves set into the gown will be the most difficult thing about this whole outfit - I'm devoting Sunday to it.  The rest is gravy.  I see no problem having this in the mail Tuesday.

*     I like my new Cell Phone (Nokia 6103)  It's nothing special, but it has more options than my Nokia 6101.  I like the option that lets you put the phone on silent mode for a specific length of time - I'm always forgetting to take my phone off vibrate after work (not like anyone actually calls me or anything).  

VMA Awards

Sep. 10th, 2007 01:16 pm
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I was looking forward to this show hosted by MTV.
What a complete let down.....

I'm not a Brittany fan or foe, but the tactless comedian who came on immediately after her performance and shot multiple really gross insults about her was just strange and tasteless.  I don't remember the name of the comedian, but she wasn't funny (and I don't mind "dirty" jokes - if they are clever and have a point).

(Britany's performance wasn't a total train wreck, but it was mediocore at best).

They let Pamela Anderson on stage without adult supervision...... enough said (her mention of sticking her tongue down someones throat was typical of her)  Peta allowing her to be their spokesperson didn't really help that (already controversial) organization.

I felt sorry for Jennifer Gardner - poor woman must have felt like she was at some drunken frat party.

Bottom line - unprofessional and totally without taste.  A mess.
Or maybe I'm just now a member of the "older generation"......could be.


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