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* Thanking the universe for all the rain we had so far this year - my garden is in heaven.

* Fig harvest is going great - about 30 pounds so far - and plenty more to go.

Dried Some

Made preserves out of some (8lb of figs makes 5 pints of preserves)

Cyber was fussy yesterday - couldn't get comfortable.  She was all over the place

I found this on the hard drive - Sierra must have had one of her Myspace photo sessions.
I loved this - took my breath away.

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Here are pictures from when I took my mom and niece to meet Marcel in Port Aransas. 
We took these pictures at his restaurant.

Waiters Christopher, Alan, and Sean

Sierra, Jerrica, and my mom (Barbara) - getting ready to feast :-)

Jerrica getting peppered by Sean.

Jerrica's Goulash w/Spaetzle & veggies

Sierra's NY Steak w/garlic butter -  with taters & veggies

Me & My Hubby who walked me out to my car when I headed back :-)
(my arms are FAT.... :-(  )

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Better late than never I say.

I wish I'd taken more pictures, and I managed (once again) to leave myself completely out of the pictures again (I'm sure Freud would have something to say about this practice).

Sierra's friend Roger came, and my good friend Tom ( [livejournal.com profile] texasts  ) blessed us with his presence. Marcel's daughter Felicitas and her baby Kalob (not shown - how did I not take that doll-babies picture?).

We ate southwestern corn chowder, drop biscuits, Turkey, dressing, spicy sweet potato wedges, and braised greens - and for dessert.... Marcel made an authentic Black Forest cake. We drank Albarino - a Spanish white wine that was new to me, but everyone agreed it's a keeper.

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Marcel, Sierra, and I went to Wurstfest last night.  This is a German Festival held once a year in New Braunfels.  Lots of food and trinkets for sale as well as German-themed entertainment.  We caught  the Münchner Kindl Show,the Jubilee Polka Band, and best of all the Alex Meixner band (he is awesome!).

Here are some highlights:

Here are some hightlights starting with a slideshow:

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Tonight - teaching Sierra to sew with a pattern (she already knows how to sew free-style)
We are using a black polyester for the main blouse with skull pattern poly for the waist and ties.
Wish me luck...................

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So Sierra, Alexis, her partner, and I went to Green for Thanksgiving.  The food was okay - best part all veg which is what usually keeps me away from Thanksgiving out.  Here are some pictures.  None of Alexis since she doesn't allow pictures of herself (sometimes I think she's a secret agent on assignment.....haha).

We got to San Antonio early, so we drove up Fredericksburg road a ways (Green is on N.Flores).  I love neighborshoods like this - so much character.  I could live here (not).  It's got a type of inner city charm during the day, but I am pretty sure I'd be terrified at night.

Menu: Sliced Seitan "Turkey", Bisquit, Mashed Potatoes, Dressing, Sweet Potatoes, Cranberry Relish, Green Beans, and Pumpkin Cobbler.

Sierra is a good sport about letting me take pictures of her eating.....

I thought black was supposed to make you look thinner.....bah.  In the interest of "keeping it real" I post this; however, I'm not happy about it :-)


Aug. 20th, 2008 08:40 pm
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My daughter made this for me when she was a teenager.  I always keep it on the fridge, but I decided to scan because I know it will eventually deteriorate - and I never want the memory to.

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*   Shortly after I got home Monday night my sister called and told me my daughter was in the hospital.  She was experience a vision loss (kind of like the opposite of tunnel vision).  They sent her to an eye specialist and he admitted her to the hospital.  Fluid was pressing against her optic nerve I think.  She had an MRI and a spinal tap and God knows what other tests.  She stayed overnight.  They decided it was a pseudo tumor (whatever that is) and gave her some medicine to reduce the pressure and told her to continue to lose weight (she's been on weight watchers and has already lost 30 pounds).  She has an appointment in a month for a recheck.  Needless to say I'm super relieved she is okay.  I'm also grateful she's still in Hawaii where the state sponsers medical care for young people who are un-insured.  Here we'd probably be looking at thousands of dollars in medical bills. 

*  Chickens are now scaring me with their flight abilities :-)
I found homes for the "extras" by the way.  A friend of one of the members of the Petchicken forums here on Livejournal and a member of the Yahoo groups pet chicken forum.  Yay!

*  Idol last night was very awesome.  Everyone did well.  Standouts for me was Brooke who sand "Every Breath You Take" and David Cook who did a rock version of "Billie Jean" which you had to see to fully appreciate.  He's my new favorite.  

*  I'm sorry - but the new  "I'll stop the world and melt with you"..... Taco Bell commercial totally grosses me out.  It reminds me of snot every time I see it.

*  I've temporarily replaced my Frunches with Fockets (Frozen Pockets) :-)  I can't stop making them.

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Somehow I've managed to gain 12 pounds over the last couple of months.
It probably has something to do with me eating whatever I want whenever and not logging my food into my food journal.
I'm back to sparkpeople.com - my lifestyle babysitter.

I've signed up for lots of overtime this next week, and I'll sign up for everything I can until they stop offering it which will be in February probably.  I want to get that tree trimming job paid off and start getting back to a positive savings account balance.

My daughter says she's seriously thinking of moving back home this spring.  
I miss her company so much, but I do have some mixed feelings about this.  
Mostly because it's another "mouth to feed" as she is not self-sufficient yet.  
All alone I can manage, but having another to provide for makes things difficult.  
When she lived with me I had two jobs - I really don't want to go back to that.  
Her living here will mean aquiring another vehicle and insuring it for starters.  I will have the truck paid off in July, so I can give her that and buy another vehicle for myself.  I'd hate to continue having a vehicle payment - but whatever it takes I guess. 
I feel guilty for feeling this way.  I need to have more of a "can do" attitude about this.

I am eating awesomely fresh Collards out of my garden now.  Now that the weather is chilly the winter stuff is starting to take off.  I've picked a few spinach leaves, but they aren't really ready.  I am enjoying all the various baby veggies I've thinned from the rows.  I'm very grateful for the garden.  I couldn't afford to buy this stuff in the grocery store.

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So, I'm laying down on the floor in my livingroom with CNN on the T.V and the Texas State Radio station playing in the sewing room - and doing a Sukoku puzzle (my idea of multi-tasking) and a song comes on that I'd never heard before. 

I acknowledge in my head that it's got a nice beat and continue with my puzzle. In a bit I stop and am like.... I like this song. 

Little while more - Wow, I REALLY like this song!!. I rise from my prone position (so it must have been an awesome song) - grabbed some scrap paper on the way and went back to the radio. I scribbled some random lyrics as fast as I could before the song ended. 

Gotta find out who sings this.

Daughter called a little later that day. If anyone can help it's her.

Me: I explained the above to her.

Sierra: "That's cool"

Me: "Can you search for the lyrics so I can find out who sings it?"

Sierra: "Uh, okay" - what are the lyrics?"

Me: "Well, they said ' I put down my ballast' "

Sierra: "Hang on"

(time passes)

Sierra: "Can you give me some more to go on?"

Me: "Well, I wrote down 'The Whore of Babylon"

Sierra: (silence)

Me: "and I think I remember Bethlehem being mentioned"

(pregnant pause)

Sierra: "Okaaayy then......, hang on"

(time passes)

Sierra: "I think it's Bright Eyes"

Me: "Is that the band or the song title?"

Sierra: "It's the band's name"

Me: "Have you ever heard of them?"

Sierra: "I think so ..... I think it's an Emo band"

Me: "I dunno..... the song seemed pretty upbeat to me...."

Sierra: "Here - I downloaded a clip - listen"

(song plays faintly into the receiver)

Me: "OMG OMG...That's it! That's it!"

Sierra: "The song is titled Four Seasons"

Me: "Well, that band is going to be famous someday!" 

(hey..... I predicted Eminem's fame.....)

EDIT:  Um, it appears Bright Eyes isn't exactly unfamous - I guess it's just not the type of music I usually listen to.  Also - as it turns out, Four Winds isn't exactly an upbeat song (though the tempo itself is), but I got the CD - and I love the whole thing!.

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Sierra sent these to me yesterday.  She jazzed them up in PhotoShop. Here's one and there's more behind the cut for anyone interested.  I love the theming - the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.


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Here's a pic of my kiddo Sierra.  I'm very proud of her.  She's living in Hawaii right now which I'm not thrilled about, but she seems happy there - and that's more important than me having my companion :-)

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Today I just about got everything mowed (all except section 3 which I mowed last week anyway).  I went inside and 10 minutes later it started to rain!.  Man, the rain is really getting old, but steady rain is better than no rain.  

Planned to go to the Farmer's Market, but I saw the chance to get mowing done - and I took it.

Managed to color my hair.  It's not such a pain - I just never think about doing it.  It's a two step process.  Go buy the color - then color.  Very complicated.

Watched the Harry Potter marathon on the Family Channel today on and off between housework and yardwork.  Never get tired of those movies.

Called Sierra.  She was in a mood.  Upset because she had no transportation.  Can't say I blame her.  I told her if she got a job I'd buy a car for her.  She needs to have the job though in order to pay for insurance and upkeep on the car. 


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