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Today we drove up to Fredericksburg to pick up some fresh peaches.  The freestone varieties are now starting to ripen.  While there we stopped by the Wildseed farm and, as luck would have it, we were able to go to Fredericksburg Trade Days (this is held one weekend a month).

One of the booths at Trade Days had an interesting assortment of old cookbooks for sale.  I'm not easily impressed when it comes to cookbooks, but I found three that I snatched up.  All were hard cover editions, and all were $4 each.

The first was Sunset Magazine Recipe Annual for 1988 (the year my daughter was born).  I flipped through it before commiting to buy it.  I was sold on the sections on fermenting pickles dozens of recipes that appealed to me (Bird Seed Cake, Lemon-Tarragon Sorbet, and a type of dried fruit Rumtof called Beggars in Rum to name a few).

The second was The Creative Cooking Course.  I might not have bothered (I have several "encyclopedia" style cooking books), but the editor of this was Charlotte Turgeon who also edited Larousse Gastronomique. She has serious Kitchen Cred,. The retro-ness of this one amuses me, and I think I'm going to enjoy thumbing through it for inspiration.

The third was the best find of all.  It's a Vegetarian cookbook printed in 1924!  It's called Unity Inn Vegetarian Cookbook It was published by the Unity School of Christianity.  Apparently the Unity Inn was a restaurant operated by the school.  I was intrigued, and I hit Google for more information.  As usual down the Rabbit Hole I went....... when I came up I learned the history of the Restaurant and found a new Religeous Sect I did not know existed before (AND - they have a church in my town!!).  I never bore of how the Universe finds ways to reach out to me.

It's after 3:30am, so I won't elaborate on my Unity research.  I do plan to read more and report back in my journal.  Fascinating stuff!
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The Lyndon B Johnson State Park is located on Hwy 290 Between Johnson City and Stonewall Texas. It's a beautiful park for a picnic, and there are lots of activities planned throughout the year. The visitor center offers tours, and you can get a cd for your car for a driving tour. I am looking forward to returning very soon.

The Sauer-beckmann Farmstead is a living history farm. The staff work the farm just like it was worked in 1915 using the same implements and without running water and electricity. Such a great history lesson.

I went with my friend Bea, and we had a great time. I went specifically for the sausage making demonstration, and it was a good learning experience. I was wishing my husband was there with me the whole time - he's gonna really love this place! (they are open on Wednesdays, so we'll go back together).

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Marcel, Sierra, and I went to Wurstfest last night.  This is a German Festival held once a year in New Braunfels.  Lots of food and trinkets for sale as well as German-themed entertainment.  We caught  the Münchner Kindl Show,the Jubilee Polka Band, and best of all the Alex Meixner band (he is awesome!).

Here are some highlights:

Here are some hightlights starting with a slideshow:

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I'm going to check out the Texas Wendish Festival next Sunday.  It's held in Serbin Texas which is just under 100 miles from New Braunfels - and just over 100 miles from Houston.

The Wendish people came to Texas to escape persecution (mostly religious).  They originated in the Eastern Germany area I think.  The goal was to preserve the culture here in Texas; however, it is all but lost.  The yearly festival is mostly a tribute to these people and their culture.

I so wish Marcel could come with me, but the restaurant is open on Sunday. 

Anyone else in my area who plans to go - let me know, and we can meet there!

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Two short videos taken at the Texas Folklife Festival

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Sunday morning I was checking my email and browsing what "meetups" were being planned, and a group I didn't belong to was showing a meetup to the Maifest that day.  Sounded like fun, so I woke Sierra up and asked her if she wanted to go with me.  She just grunted.  I waited an hour and asked her again - she said okay.  A couple more hours later she actually got up and we headed out to Spring Branch.

IThis site is literally located at the end of Anhalt Road - once the regular road ended we were getting concerned that maybe the ad was posted by a serial killer who used this method to find new victims.  Not so since, finally, the property showed up.  It was a big barn, and it looks like they regularly did community events here.  It reminded me of the "old days" when that sort of thing was how people socialized.

The food was not very good, but how they served it was.  They had long picnic-style tables which you just sat yourself down at.  On the tables they had bowls of potatoes, peas, pot roast, saurkraut, and canned peaches. 

One thing I did notice is that most all the people were in their mid to late sixties and dressed/groomed themselves as thought they were in the country & western heyday of the 1970's. Teased hairdos, bolo ties, ultra ornate cowboy boots, and loads of makeup.   I don't mean to be unkind, but it was unnerving if not, in some cases, downright creepy.

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If you have time, let this play though more than once. I noticed that the first time it plays only half the pictures show up.

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My sister and I fell in love with Asheville and Maggie Valley.  We would like to live there (seriously).
There is a short and long video version - here is the short one - I like to call Teamwork :-)

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If you visit Dollywood and eat meat (not everyone on my FList does) this is a good food place.  It's an all-u-can-eat buffet with salad bar and beverage included for $12.99.  Miss Lillian was a hoot - seriously funny.



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This two are videos out the window of the plane taking off - and in flight.  Watch if you find this sort of thing interesting.... :-)

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My sister is out smoking a cigarette, so I thought I'd pop in and tell the flushed key story (I even got video - please tell me if the video plays correctly - it's from my flip Video).

So yesterday, we checked into our room and my sister says she has to use the bathroom.  Next thing I know I hear this loud "OH NOOOoooo!"  I barge in thinking she fell or something, but she'd flushed the Prius keys down the toilet.  Totally.  I didn't know what to say (though "how the hell did that happen" finally came to mind). 

One we came to terms with the situation we brainstormed our options.  First she called the front desk to report the incident (maybe we were just looking for moral support).  I told Zoe that it's a hotel, and the key is long gone into the sewer system by now).  She asked the front desk if anything could be done anyway. 

Next we called the car rental place who told us we'd need to arrange for a new key to be made - and we'd need to pay a $100 fee because we lost the original.  We contacted the nearest dealership in Knoxville (30 miles away) who said, sure, they could do the job - MONDAY.  We added up what the replacement would cost in the end.  At least $500.

Then there was a knock at the door.  It was the maintenance man with his helper and a shop vac.  Apparently the plan was to suck those keys (and Gawd knows what else) out of the toilet.  Needless to say, this was unsuccessful.  We sincerely thanked them for their efforts, and they began to pack up to leave.  Then the older guy - Ronny says (I assume because he felt sorry for us) - "would you like me to take the toilet off and take a look-see?".  I said don't bother - those keys were in Nashville by now, but my sister said "would you mind???".  He said heck no - it'd only take about 20 minutes.  Well, to make a long story a tiny bit shorter..... they fetched them - they wer caught on something in the pipe.  WOOOHOOO!!  We were over the moon.

So, if you are ever in Gatlinburg - stay at the Fairfield Inn & Suites (especially if you have a tendancy to flush valuables down the toilet)

Here is a video of Zoe and the maintenance guys I couldn't resist taking.......

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I'm going to make a vacation post when I get quality time and have the ability to upload pictures.

Right now I'm in Gatlinburg Tennessee.  Today we will go to Dollywood.

I miss Marcel which is dumb since I don't see him Friday through Monday anyway - AND he's calling me twice a day since I don't have reliable email.  Maybe it's the physical distance...... (I'm whipped).  :-)

So far so good.  My sis and I are having fun!
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Last night Sierra and I drove to Austin to see john cruz at Threadgills in Austin.
Good show - we didn't stay for all of it because it was a long drive home and a work night.
Fun though.

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Oh yes - good day! 

The solitude was priceless and magic - just like it always is.  I kept telling myself over and over - "why did you wait so long...." :-)

Unlike most Texas trails though - I did see several people hiking and many mountain bikers.
At the end of the hike I sat and talked with a couple of Army guys in uniform who were hiking way up by Canyon Overlook - next time I'll hike that area.  They hike there every week for their training (good training - better than jogging along the road).

What I especially like about this facility is I don't have to take all the precautions I usually do (telling a friend where I'm going, how long I'll be gone, etc. etc.).  When you sign in here you give them all your info - and your cell phone #.  When the park closes they take inventory - if you're vehicle is still in the lot they go looking for you.

I changed my route a little because the Far Reaches trail was more like a flat path.  Instead I went back on the parallel trail (Sendero Balcones).  Not as many miles but way more challenging.  Rocky, uneven, you go up.....you head down.....repeat multiple times.

Total hiking time 2 hours and 45 minutes.  I could have done more, but it was starting to get dark.

Highlights of the hike:

I watched a giant bumblebee on some Texas Mountain Laurel blooms.  He let me take a lot of pictures of him - then he politely escorted me out of his personal space. 

I almost got run over by a butterfly the size of a small bat.  I'm not kidding.  He was too fast to get a picture of unfortunately.

I saw a huge swarm of hawks in the distance - had to have been 50 of them all flying over the same area like planes waiting for the control tower to give them permission to land.  

There was a man who had to be 80 years old pass me on the trail like I was standing still, and he was wearing tennis shoes.  He's either superhuman or he has cast iron feet.

Okay - here is the slideshow.  Sorry - there are lots of pictures.


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Marcel came up Tuesday night and slept here so he could break up the long drives each way.  Tuesday evening we listened to music and I showed him how the iPod works (I had a lot of German podcasts to show him - and I showed him how iTunes works).

Wednesday morning we made breakfast (eggs, toast, and coffee) and headed to San Antonio.  We toured the Japanese Tea Garden (formally the Sunken Garden).  It was very nice - the koi fish and turtles were adorable.  Then we stopped in to Tokyo Mart and picked up a few things.  Next Whole Foods just so Marcel could see it.  We picked up some baby Bok Choy and I got some Wallaby Vanilla Bean Yogurt. 

Got back to the house and started getting ready for Shabu Shabu.  I wished I had pre-prepped some of the stuff.  With Marcel's help we got it all done and on the table.  It was fun - only two hiccups.  I didn't blanch the asparagus and carrots, so they didn't "cook" up like they should.  Also the broth never got as hot as it was supposed to (it's supposed to be simmering).  This was either the pot (I used earthenware) or the hot plate.  I'll have to solve that problem before doing it again (and there will be a next time - - it was really fun). 

We cleaned up, did the dishes, and headed out to Landa park for a walk.  By the time we got home it was almost time for Marcel to leave. 

Such a nice day.

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Took Daniel to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Park for his Birthday.  It's always a fun time - especially with the Ostriches.

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Got up early and headed out to Guadalupe River State Park.  It's in Spring Branch / Bulverde area about an hour from me.  The hike was just over 5 miles.  I did it in 2 hours and 26 minutes (stopped and took pictures a lot.....) :-) 

When I left the house in the morning it was warm.  I dressed in cargo shorts and a long sleeve T-shirt.  By the time I reached Spring Branch it was COLD.  I stopped in at the HEB to buy a coffee, and I asked if there was a Target or Walmart nearby.  I'd planned to pop in and pick up a pair of leggings to put on under my shorts.  None nearby, so I decided to just go for it.  It was a good hike, but I would have relaxed more if I was warmer and not afraid it would start raining any minute (rain + cold - - - yikes).  

I caught up on several Magnatune Medieval Music podcasts, but what the accompanying music really should have been the soundtrack from The Good The Bad & The Ugly.

Flat hike but it was rocky and uneven throughout.  I wore my New Balance all terrain walkers, but I should have worn my hikers.  My feet weren't entirely happy with me on the way home.  I took all the usual precautions, and I played it safe without wandering off the trail (too much) because I was pretty much alone.  I met three people on the entire hike (two of them were hiking together).  As I've reported before - this is pretty common.  The only time I've hiked with a decent population on the trail was at Freidrich Wilderness Park.

On the way home I'd no sooner crossed into the city limits of New Braunfels than my cell phone rings.  It's Sierra (who obviously had her Mommy radar on) - she says "so what are your plans for today" - translated into our language this means "can you meet me somewhere and buy me a meal?".  We met at Taco Cabana and had some Nachos.

Once I get this posted I'm going to be bad and snuggle up with my book for an hour (or so).  Then MAYBE some housework..... haha

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I couldn't take pictures (well, I probably could have in some areas, but I didn't).  Anyway, Sierra and I visited the McNay in San Antonio to check out the Nightmare Before Christmas Exhibit.  They had several props and actual sets from the movie.  Cool stuff.  The George Rickey Kinetic Sculpture exhibit was also very cool. 

All in all I find that the McNay isn't my favorite museum.  It's just way too random.  There are a couple of pieces from a variety of famous artists (Monet, Picasso, Manet, Van Gogh, Renoir, etc. etc.) - but it doesn't really flow, and the general atmosphere feels sterile.  Then they move into what they call modern stuff - which seemed more like pop art than anything else (heck, they had a piece with anime characters.....c'mon).  They did have some nice Medieval pieces - but again, the setting just kind of ruined it.

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November 9, 2008 held at the old Austin Farmers Market on Burnett in Austin.


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