Apr. 26th, 2017 07:42 am
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 I don't remember how I came to get the daily Bookbub email, but looking through their selections every day has become routine.  I purchase about 15-25 books a month this way paying between free and $2.99 each.  It's crazy, but I haven't identified it as a problem (and my husband doesn't know about it, so he can't identify it as a problem either)

I am not a voracious reader.  I used to be when I was a child before the internet and cable TV though.  I fell out of the habit when those distractions entered my life.  I watch virtually no TV now, but I do spend a lot of time with activities on my phone (shopping, podcasts, social media, news).  Currently I only read at night in bed just before sleep.  This is a problem because I'm not a night owl anymore - when I lie down in bed for the night I'm pretty much ready to fall asleep.  

I buy mostly self-help books offered via the Bookbub email (they also have a website with a lot more books to choose from).  I like spirituality books and books on health.  Occasionally I buy foodie books, but I prefer those to be real books that I can thumb through in real life.  I also find myself purchasing biographies and historical fiction (

I always have one self-help book as well as one "reading" book going (might be fiction or non-fiction).  Right now I'm reading the book Doc right now - about Doc Holiday.  I paid $1.99 for it when I bought it on special (current price $10.99).  I'm also working through the book Aging Backwards which was also $1.99. I'm probably not going to read the whole book; I'm particularly interested in the sections on exercise and stretching.

I read with a Kindle Paperwhite.  I lurve it!  My husband reads with his iPad.  Sometimes I use his device if I want to read a magazine or a book that has a lot of pictures.  I also have an old Nook, and I continue to add any free books I see offered with a Barnes & Noble link (usually the free books have only an Amazon link).

One thing is definitely true - If the rate I'm reading books and the rate I'm buying books stays constant, then I'm going to have a ginormous unread collection.
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Bea's husband Joe came over to see if he could help me fix the riding mower.  We took apart and fooled with everthing we could think of - still not working right.  Have to have the choke out in order for it to run.  Frustrating.

It was a great day in the garden and under the swing reading from Dog Stories.  I also made a trip to Home Depot and bout 100 feet of 5 foot high sheep fencing, for posts as well as 4 more CF bulbs (pretty soon ALL the bulbs will be replaced!).  I plan to fence in the garden with an arbor gate.  I'll also be re-enforcing both cow gates and the area behind the back livestock shelter to make them dog proof.  That'll use up most of that 100 feet.  I'll need another 100 feet to fence over the barb wire on the Jerry side of the property - later on once I get the other stuff done.  I was able to squeeze in the weedeater time and got most of the Jerry side fence-line cut.

American Idol was good tonight.  I ended up not voting at all because I like all three equally.  Okay, not equally.  I like the two girls better than Blake, but I couldn't see not voting for any of them.  I think Blake should be voted off when all is said and done - though Melinda may be only because she is older and the two younger singers might be more popular...... will be interesting to see what happens.

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Note to self:  Never follow a link from the update journal page until after you save what you wrote to date......

Finally started reading Watts' The Book last night.  I've read at least two of his other books that I can remember: Behold the Spirit and Become What you Are.  I've always preferred listening to Alan Watts - his thoughts I can digest easier that way.  When I read his books I find myself re-reading passages over and over before they begin to sink in.  When I listen to him I get it almost immediately. 



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