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Apr. 6th, 2017 09:13 am
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My dental issue is rearing its ugly head.  Last month I needed flap surgery in one area, and I need to go back to have it in another area in June. In the meantime, my hygienist gave me a syringe with a needle-like tip to flush out two of my pockets a few times a week. My dentist and hygienist are concerned at the nose dive my oral health has taken the past 6 months.  I've had Periodontal issues for 15 years, and I've managed them well for the most part.  I have am meticulous with my oral hygiene.  Honestly, I think a good part of what caused the issue is stress.  Doesn't matter at this point though - two areas are very bad (bifurcated root) and no matter my efforts are virtually impossible to keep "clean".  Whenever I've had a flare up, I say NEXT TIME I will have all the teeth pulled and go with dentures.  I always get talked down off the ledge though, and this time was no different.  Each little section is about $900 worth of work, and I don't have dental insurance.  My dentist gives me the insured rate which is a discount, but this work is done by a periodontist who doesn't.

I haven't had a period in a few months, and I'm thinking I'm finally done with that.  Crossing my fingers.

Speaking of the changing hormones.....

I think I'm over my feelings of lust.  I'm not upset by this really - just noticing.  I'm grateful that I found a partner to fully enjoy sex with before I lost the desire.  Marcel is still somewhat interested occasionally, and I will muster up enthusiasm for his sake. Kissing and hugging are alive and well though, and those are the best parts in my opinion anyway.
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* I went to my quarterly dental cleaning in San Antonio today (or so I thought).  I got there and my hygienist said they didn't schedule me for enough time - so she can't do it.  Argh!!  I re-scheduled for the Tuesday after next.  Not a happy camper, but it's not like I traveled to Austin and paid for parking.....

* I did make the trip kind of worth it by doing my quarterly Sun Harvest Farms shopping.  I always come away with sticker shock, but I do get lots of stuff I can't get in New Braunfels: Ecover products (I use the dish soap and laundry detergent), Hemp Protein powder, nuts (raw almonds were on sale), grains (oats, red lentils), and bread baking stuff (vital wheat gluten, rice & rye flour - they had organic stone ground whole wheat flour for $1.99 a pound!!!  This is another justification for buying a grain mill damnit).

* I got gasoline in San Antonio today - $3.59 a gallon which is 10 cents a gallon cheaper than New Braunfels.  Why didn't anyone put the cents symbol on the keyboard?

* Some people who have been with my journal a long time might remember when I began my experiment with the Bach Remedies Mimulus and Wild Oat.  I'd had good luck with the Rescue Remedy in the past - so I thought I'd give it a go.  I think Mimulus might have had some effect on me - the Wild Oat, not so much that I noticed....though I could be wrong.  I am done with both bottles, and decided I'd move on to something else - so while at Sun Harvest, picked up the Bach Remedy Larch.  Larch is supposed to help instill a sense of self-esteem when you feel inferior, fear failure, or lack self-confidence.  I know all of you are probably wondering why in the world I would choose that one..... :-)

*  I'm converting my 300 cd collection to digital.  Has anyone done this?  How do you keep your files?  I was planning on keeping them on my pc, but I'd just started and I'd accumulated over 10 gigabytes of files.  My pc hard drive is 50gb and 30 of that is free - so no way all my music would fit.  Right now I'm transferring the files to data cd's until I can figure out how to do it.  My plan was to have a big jukebox on the hard-drive - but doesn't look like that's going to happen.

* Tonight the season finale of American Idol begins.  Looking forward to the performances.  It could be anyone's guess. is telling their following to vote for David Archuletta which kind of surprises me.  I would have thought he would be the favorite.  I've been a David Cook fan most of the season, but I always vote depending on the individual shows performances.  I loved Archuletta the most when he sang Angel - gave me goosebumps.  Tomorrow's results show is 2 hours, but I think it's 7-9 not 8-10 so I won't get to see it live. Anyway - in 2 separate posts I'm going to put up my favorite performances from each. They are both pretty talented.

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*  I got gasoline yesterday -  $3.48 per gallon (well - 3 cents less since I used a Walmart giftcard).  I'm counting my blessings I work 8 miles from my house - mostly highway.  I feel a little guilty that I drive a V6 even though I actually use my truck (the dents and scratches in the bed prove it...hehehe).  My sacrifice will be to eliminate Austin/San Antonio shopping trips that I used to take for fun. 

*  I called and complained about my dental bill.  They took off the post-surgery "observation" charges, but said I had to pay the insurance part of the procedure since it wasn't covered (they said they called to verify my coverage - so I'd be fighting with the insurance company - and it's just not worth it since they will just say I should have put in a written request for approval.....which I guess is true)..  In the future I will be getting stuff in writing prior to anything being done.  Live and learn.  On a happy note - they ran my flexible spending card and it paid it even though the procedure was last year.  Just $$$ less I have available if I get sick etc. this year. 

*  I was driving home from Home Depot the other day with a load of stuff.  I had a Rubbermaid trash bin there.  It somehow managed to blow out the back - and I cringed as I looked in the rear view mirror to see motorists dodging it.  It lodged in the under-carriage of a Ford truck as I pulled off the road.  He followed.  He de-wedged it and handed it back to me.  His attitude was "no harm - no foul" and I went on my way.  I couldn't help but think how bad that situation could have been - not to mention expensive.  This made the whole dental $$$ think a little less painful.

*  I went ahead and drilled holes into the bottom of the hot  swamp tub on the patio.  There is always accumulated water on the bottom, and it bothers me (mosquitoes and unsanitary).  The wasps will need to find another source of mosquito larvae now I guess.  I plan to make it a kitchen herb garden next year.  Now that the giant hackberry tree is gone - there's sun in that corner.

*  I'm giving up Thursday and Friday TV shows.  Usually I tape 2 shows on Thurs and 1 on Friday while I'm at work and watch when I get home.  I'm going to try and read / write / clean or watch previously taped "educational" programing instead.  Once American Idol ends I'm going to drop Wednesday night TV shows as well.  Wish me luck....  :-)
Yesterday I had gum surgery again.  All went well, and I'm always "rewarded" with a prescription of 15-20 Vicodin - which I milk as long as I can (what is it about that drug - I take one and everything is just peachy for a short while..... amazing).  I wish I could figure out what I could do to get that same feeling on my own.  Seriously.

My doctor asked if I would be interested in participating in an implant study he is doing for a company.  I could get an implant complete for about $1,100 (I'm assuming this is a good deal) all I'd have to do is come in for followups for a five year period.  I would love to do that as my missing tooth bothers me a great deal.  I just can't justify that kind of expense purely for vanity.  If I spent the money, there is a chance the implant could fail - then I'd have no tooth and out $1k plus.   As it is I spend an average of $500 a year on my mouth - and this is WITH dental insurance (I've had periodontal issues for the past 15 years).  


Sep. 17th, 2007 03:23 pm
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 This is what happens when you let melon peels/seeds, random vegetable trimmings, uneaten oatmeal, and other organic items sit in a pile and rot.  Nothing is better than home rotted compost :-)

On a less dirty note - I had a perio appt. this morning.  
(I have a very aggressive form of periodonal disease - been battling it for over 10 years now).  
Doc says I'm doing really good.  The Periostat is helping - will probably have to take it the rest of my life though.
This year I'll only have one surgery for one small root area that needs to be planed smooth - what a relief.  

I listened to an interview on NPR with Senator Chris Dodd on his book Letters From Nuremberg.  Wow, what an interesting guy - I was very impressed with his political opinions and ideas.  I never gave him a second thought before - but now I'll be paying attention.  I also hope our library gets that book.
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Today I had my quarterly cleaning.  My hygenist says my mouth is doing much better with me taking the periostat.  It was a very uncomfortable cleaning though - probably because she's back to using the ultrasonic water cleaner.  I haven't been brushing with the sensitivity paste, so I will go back to doing that.  All in all okay.  Stopped by the HFS on my way home and got some granola and oats.

Here are some feet pics.  The first one is my current desktop wallpaper at work.  The second on is now going to be my desktop wallpaper at work.  I like the second one best - this is how I've been gardening the past wet weeks in Texas :-)

I don't know why I took this, but it makes a good background on the PC.

This is awesome considering - when it rains - the fireants all come out of the ground.  Why are my legs to white?  I'm outside all the time!
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Today I went to my perio followup from my extraction.  My doctor looks like a movie star - always nice to go and see him.  

The disease is there, but he doesn't want to do surgery again since my last was only 1 year ago.
He's got me on periostat now for 3 months.  He's going to see what happens with that.
Nobody knows what to do about me.  
Perfectly clean and carefully taken care of teeth and gums - yet cannot stop the perio disease; even after 3 surgeries (AND two extractions) over 10 years.  
Very sad indeed.

Stopped at Home Depot at the Forum on my way back to work and picked up two elbow joints and 5 end caps for the irrigation system.  They didn't have any 1/2" cut off valves - haven't found a Home Depot that does.  I guess I'll have to try online (which is how I should have ordered the whole thing and saved the 8.25% tax..... ah well.
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Tooth pulled.  It didn't exactly go smoothly; when all was said and done there was a dish with about 6 pieces in it.  Got prescribed my favorite drug though (vicodin), so all is well.  Same evening the doc called me to see how I was doing - awesome, you don't see that kind of concern very often.  Hope when he gets older he doesn't lose that ethic.  Now I have a missing tooth on top and on bottom exactly on top of each other (I wonder if that's significant - probably not).

Dried soybeans were $1.79 a pound at Sun Harvest today.  That's about a 60 cent jump since the last time I purchased.  Time now to seriously consider buying bulk by mail.  The soybeans in the garden are doing good, but there's probably only going to be enough for edamame style.  There was no amaranth at SHF - so there goes the idea of buying some and planting it.  Instead I bought whole rye and will try that.  (the wheat I scattered on the empty row recently sprouted - will till it under once it reaches a foot high).
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Went to the Periodontist this morning.  My hygienist made me schedule the appointment because she was concerned.  My mouth is getting bad again, and I'm getting perio cleanings every 3 months and keeping up with maintenance in between.

He's a new guy - and pretty young (cute too).  I don't have a problem with young - he probably knows all the latest stuff which is good.  He looked in my mouth and shook his head like all the other docs do - what's a clean mouth like this doing with all these problems.  He talked with my dentist who agreed it's a mystery.  He doesn't want to do more surgery yet, but he is going to pull one tooth which has a fractured root and is becoming a problem (and making my perio situation worse).  This doesn't bother me.  If I had my way they'd pull them all and give me dentures.  Anyway, after he pulls the tooth he's going to put me on meds for 3 months.  Can't remember what the name is, but it's different than antibiotics.  Then he'll see what happens.  This is going to happen next Monday - can't wait......


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