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I heard a cllip of Bend Before it Breaks at the end of the Covert Affairs Pilot - had to find it and downloaded it from iTunes.  It's been out for a while now. Loving it.  (don't worry - I just like the song - I'm not going Emo on you) :-)


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Jun. 6th, 2010 11:59 pm
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I couldn't resist sharing this.  [livejournal.com profile] texasts  posted this on his journal as exciting new music.  I listened to this track - then had to go and find all the other tracks so I could know the story (it's like a rock opera I guess). 

Once I put the story together from all the tracks - I had a good cry (then I had to go to work)

I'm now going to have to buy all the CD's of this group - what awesomeness! :-)

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* Someone please tell my why THIS SONG isn't a hit?  I couldn't even buy the download at iTunes because they don't even know this group (you can download it free from Last.FM though).

* I got to work and pulled up next to an SUV with a homemade bumper sticker scotch taped to their back window saying
"LIBERALS: FRENCH FOR COWARDS"  This is what I have to deal with........

* Tomorrow I go to the dentist.  I'd like to do something else to make it a day, but I better get back home and get some stuff done.  
* and finally - - borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] madamealexis  - when I saw this they heard me laughing in Austin



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*  This morning's Walk podcast:  Aspire Podcast: 12/10/06  -  I like the host Gregory Penn even though he is a tiny bit eccentric.  Quote I took away from this 'We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them" Kahlil Gibran

*  My daughter called me last night to tell me she plans to come home in November.  This is good news, but I remain cautiously optimistic since this is not the first time she's made these plans.  I will once again need to rearrange my priorities personally and financially which I'm glad to do - any kind of change, however good, is stressful though - so I am already preparing myself :-)

*  I've turned myself onto another musician which I hope will end this America kick I've been on for several months.  She's Angelique Kidjo and I guess the genre she fits into is African Beat or African Reggae....I'm not sure, but I can't stop listening to it.  I sometimes wonder if these music binges need to be addressed with therapy..... :-)

*  I was so wishing that Hillary Clinton woudn't make her Convention speech about her - - another hope dashed :-(    Halfway through her speech I found myself rolling my eyes and groaning.  I officially dislike her now.

*  Today I'm devoting myself to the house and maybe a quick trip to the grocery.  I am not happy it's a soggy mess outside, because I have soooo much to do to get the fall/winter garden going!!
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I found this excruciatingly sad and adorable at the same time. 
It reminds me how much more difficult my daughter has it growing up in her world than I did in mine.
It made me feel bad for being so damn hard on her sometimes.

Of course my reaction could also be caused by my monthly that came 5 days early

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I always know I need to pay attention to my mood or hope for my period soon when I start craving Bright Eyes.  Seriously though, I never get tired of the Cassadaga album and I can't find mine right now (thank goodness for online music & videos)  FourWinds is how I feel politically right now.

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I sometimes really like stuff Vetiver does (other times not so much). 

This is from their latest CD Thing of the Past which is pretty much all covers of already recorded folk-type songs.
I love acoustic guitar strumming and listening to someone's voice raw and up close - we don't have enough of that in today's music.  I like how they garnished it with an electric guitar to make it more modern.

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I was looking for Chicken Art (don't ask) 
- and came across a website that made me smile.  
I figured out how to link to the sound file for my LJ; I wish I could make this my phone ringtone :-)

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I"m using all my Pepsi points (and those friends are giving me) to download everything this guy has available in MP3 on Amazon.com.  This is the only piece I could find on imeem - it's dull compared to his other stuff.  
I especially like his African folk-style tracks.

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*  I may be babysitting a miniature donkey soon.  Someone on Craigslist posted a request for a temporary home for their pet.  I'd been toying with the idea of getting a pair of these at some point for pets; this would be a good opportunity to get some first hand experience.

*  It's rainy and cold here.  I'm wanting to finish painting my closet, but I'm sure it's not good to do that in damp weather.  I'll fix the leak in my bathtub this weekend instead - it's leaking approx 8 gallons a day (I have a bucket under the spigot and when it fills I dump it in the washing machine or outside into the blackberries so none is wasted).

* I finally got the new MJB CD Growing Pains.  She doesn't disappoint.  I don't care for Hip Hop usually, but I'm a big fan of hers - and this CD is mostly what I like to listen to from her.  I read recently that Mary is going to play Nina Simone in an MTV Biopic.  I got goosebumps because Mary J. always reminds me of Nina Simone.
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Tuesday evening I decided I would get around to rearranging the CD's in my 200CD changer in some sort of order so I could choose the first CD and have it play several like discs in a row.  I made a preliminary decision to have 10 disc sections of the following:

Enya & Friends (Yanni, Loreena Mckinnet, Kitaro, etc. etc.)
New Age Collections (mostly K-tel type with various artists on each CD)
Asian Classic & New Age (Yo Yo Ma, Kitaro, and various - mostly Japanese - CD's)
Classic Classics (Mostly Chamber music but some other stuff as well)
Flamenco Guitar & Mariachi (half and half I love both)
Background Nature (Thunderstorms, Rivers, Jungle, Bayou....stuff like that)
Oldies but Goodies (some 50's but mostly 60's and some early 70's)
Feel Good Music (primarily 70's stuff K-tel collections and lots of James Taylor & Cat Stevens)
Folk/Rock style (Melanie, Rickie Lee Jones, Peter Salett, John Meher, Bonnie Raitt, etc. etc.)
SoundTracks (Remember the Titans, The Full Monty, 91/2 Weeks, Drowning Mona, etc. etc.)
80's Rock (Compilations, also REO Speedwagon, Def Deppard, Van Halen, etc, etc. etc.
90's & early 2000 Stuff (Gin Blossoms, Hootie, Matchbox 20, Counting Crows, etc. etc.)
Country and Country-Like (The Band, The Corrs, Dixie Chicks, Classic K-Tel CD's, Waylon, Gary Morris, EmmyLou, etc.)
Disco (mostly K-tel type collections, Hiroshima, and the Soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever)
Soul & Blues (some compilations, also Nina Simone *I worship her*, Marvin Gaye, Teddy, Al Green, etc.

>>> pretty sure I missed a few, but I forgot to bring my list to work with me<<<

It involved pulling everything out - determining if something in my off-line collection (I have about 200 offline as well) wants to be included - then deciding what online needs to go to make room etc. etc. etc.  

This is what Vicodin does to me........ and I like it!

I couldn't fit in a section for traditional & contemporary Hawaiian music (love it and have a lot of it) or Zydeco/Mardi Gras type music (also have lots of it), or Goth Music (I listen to this mostly during Halloween season, it's a long story on why I have so much....haha).  
If this changer ever bites the dusk, my next one will be a 400 changer :-)

Tonight I will get the livingroom back to looking more like a livingroom and less like a grunge band's garage.

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This is a documentary I recently watched.  If you are a fan, it's a must see.  I spent most of it smiling with wet cheeks - love his music, and the various performances were so great.

It always cracks me up how he can't really sing - but he's so good.  hahaha.    In the DVD there were so many stories and tidbits of his life - it was really great. 

The super bonus is my Rock Star Crush - Bono was in it.  He talked about Leonard Cohen and also U2 performed  WITH HIM in a kind of jam session.  It was awesome.

I rarely buy DVD's, but this one is on my Christmas list.

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So, I'm laying down on the floor in my livingroom with CNN on the T.V and the Texas State Radio station playing in the sewing room - and doing a Sukoku puzzle (my idea of multi-tasking) and a song comes on that I'd never heard before. 

I acknowledge in my head that it's got a nice beat and continue with my puzzle. In a bit I stop and am like.... I like this song. 

Little while more - Wow, I REALLY like this song!!. I rise from my prone position (so it must have been an awesome song) - grabbed some scrap paper on the way and went back to the radio. I scribbled some random lyrics as fast as I could before the song ended. 

Gotta find out who sings this.

Daughter called a little later that day. If anyone can help it's her.

Me: I explained the above to her.

Sierra: "That's cool"

Me: "Can you search for the lyrics so I can find out who sings it?"

Sierra: "Uh, okay" - what are the lyrics?"

Me: "Well, they said ' I put down my ballast' "

Sierra: "Hang on"

(time passes)

Sierra: "Can you give me some more to go on?"

Me: "Well, I wrote down 'The Whore of Babylon"

Sierra: (silence)

Me: "and I think I remember Bethlehem being mentioned"

(pregnant pause)

Sierra: "Okaaayy then......, hang on"

(time passes)

Sierra: "I think it's Bright Eyes"

Me: "Is that the band or the song title?"

Sierra: "It's the band's name"

Me: "Have you ever heard of them?"

Sierra: "I think so ..... I think it's an Emo band"

Me: "I dunno..... the song seemed pretty upbeat to me...."

Sierra: "Here - I downloaded a clip - listen"

(song plays faintly into the receiver)

Me: "OMG OMG...That's it! That's it!"

Sierra: "The song is titled Four Seasons"

Me: "Well, that band is going to be famous someday!" 

(hey..... I predicted Eminem's fame.....)

EDIT:  Um, it appears Bright Eyes isn't exactly unfamous - I guess it's just not the type of music I usually listen to.  Also - as it turns out, Four Winds isn't exactly an upbeat song (though the tempo itself is), but I got the CD - and I love the whole thing!.


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