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Aug. 5th, 2008 05:11 pm
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 I'm going to rent this at the Red Box on my way home from work tonight.
Yeah, I know - I'm a dork :-)

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I saw 30 DAYS OF NIGHTS Friday night. I was expected it to be another teenage vampire scare flick, but I was "pleasantly" surprised. It was pretty scary and creepy in the good kind of way. The vampires were truly believable and terrifying. I was thrilled :-)

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 *  I watched ATONEMENT last night.  Now I know what all the fuss was about.  Excellent all around and one of the hottest love scenes with two people fully dressed in dinner attire I've ever seen.

* Sunday night I was feeling weirdly depressed.  I'm sure it was all about  being 18 chickens short.  I prepared the cure - edible Prozac...
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I watched ENCHANTED last night.  It was very funny, but I was a little disappointed she went for the earth guy.  It seemed like he had a great partner already - and she was so in "love at first sight" with the prince.  Then it went in a whole other direction.  I would rather have seen earth guy help her find her prince, princess help earth guy loosen up so his relationship is more romantic and spontaneous, etc.  And that awkward housecoat scene where she touches his chest hair longingly  -  ewww.  
I really liked the squirrel.

Amanda Overmeyer got voted off AMERICAN IDOL Wednesday.  Didn't really see that coming, but she wasn't one of my favorites.  I didn't care for her much, but she was better than several others.

Chicks are growing like crazy.  I'm keeping their brooder at 90F now instead of 95.  Next week I'll decrease it again.  I'm getting attached; it's going to be hard to say goodbye to 19 of them.

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The weather was crummy Sunday, so I stayed in and played around in the kitchen.

* First I made bread.  One regular Whole Wheat loaf (with random spices) and one I made with dehydrated collard greens (I know, it doesn't sound appetizing, but I have a lot of collard greens I dehydrated from the garden - and they don't taste so good in green smoothies).

* Then I made bean&veggie calzones to freeze for lunches.  I put dried Romaine powder in the dough so it's green.  It tasted good, but next time maybe a little less Romaine.....

* I also hung the Wallpaper border I bought well over a year ago.  I paid $1.50 per roll - 4 rolls did the whole room.  Pretty cheap, and it's very retro (tacky) looking.  I love it!!  (Putting up wallpaper borders by yourself isn't easy)

* I watched AFTERMATH: POPULATION ZERO last night.  It made me feel bad.  I wanted us all to get the heck off this poor planet and let it breathe again.  I also thought the long haired cows were cool.

* Finally - here is the inside workings of the soymilk maker for Sahlah



Mar. 4th, 2008 07:43 pm
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I watched this night before last.  The first 20 minutes I was like.... WTF??  Then I got it - I have dreams like this all the time!
It was still a strange movie though - very much all over the place (which is how my dreams are - so I guess it accomplished the objective)

Anybody else see it?

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*  I watched (back to back) In The Valley of Elah and Rendition (including the documentary in special features) Friday night .  I didn't sleep well that night.  I'm glad I watched though even though they made me completely miserable.

*  I voted on the way home from work Saturday.

* Cyber and I watched the Academy Awards last night.  Even she thought it was too long.

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I watched Resident Evil Extinction last night.  Twenty minutes into it I was wishing I'd gotten 3:10 to Yuma instead.  

It was on the level of Tank Girl (without the awesome kangaroo men or quirky coolness factor).  It felt like a B movie. 

I loved the first Resident Evil and liked the second.  This one - not so good.  They didn't develop the characters enough to care about them (or hate them).  It all seemed really lazy in general.  The only person who did an excellent job was Mia Jovovich's wardrobe designer (way cool duds).  If I'd spent $7 to see this in the movie's I'd have felt ripped off (I still feel ripped off because I used one of my two monthly exchanges in store to get it).

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I watched Bill Maher's I'm Swiss last night courtesy of Blockbuster Online.  

I'm a little worried about the fact that I agreed wholeheartedly with everything he said with the exception of killing unborn babies being okay (while I don't believe abortion is "okay" - I defend everyone elses right to think that - including Bill).

I wonder what this says about me?  I mean I agreed with every word of his monologue - some of which I'm not proud of (like Jesus >or Buddha/Muhammad/Moses/etc.<  being the equivalent of an imaginary friend in my mind ..... SHAME ON ME!).

(edit to remove some wording that didn't come out the way I intended)

I'm afraid I'm going to hell.
(probably in a handbasket)

On a lighter note
Here's a pic of two frogs just before I rescued them out of the old Jacuzzi Algae Tub in my backyard.

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This is a documentary I recently watched.  If you are a fan, it's a must see.  I spent most of it smiling with wet cheeks - love his music, and the various performances were so great.

It always cracks me up how he can't really sing - but he's so good.  hahaha.    In the DVD there were so many stories and tidbits of his life - it was really great. 

The super bonus is my Rock Star Crush - Bono was in it.  He talked about Leonard Cohen and also U2 performed  WITH HIM in a kind of jam session.  It was awesome.

I rarely buy DVD's, but this one is on my Christmas list.

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 I saw Blades of Glory yesterday.  I don't routinely go for mindless comedy; 
however, sometimes I'm tempted.  

I had more than two, from the gut, belly laughs 
(the kind where soda comes out of your nose) during the movIe. 

The one I remember the most is when one says to the other something like this:  If my head gets cut off, I'm gonna be Pissed!!

The movie is so ridiculous it's priceless.  Like Dumb & Dumber.

Seriously funny - I'm glad I watched it.

- so Two Thumbs Up!
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I rented A Mighty Heart last night with my free coupon.  I love Angelina Jolie, and she didn't disappoint.  

I feel like the whole middle east situation is beginning to get to me.  I hope I don't end up with burnout like some of my friends who refuse to discuss or even acknowledge there is a situation.   It just all seems so hopeless when dealing with people who are so filled with such an incredible amount hate, have such narrow tunnel vision, and who have no regard for human life whatsoever.  

I am very simple minded.  In my mind the answer should be to develop our own forms of energy so as not to be dependent on that part of the world - and wash our hands of that whole region.  While I know that this could never happen, I'm sad that our nation makes no attempt whatsoever to free itself from dependence on middle east oil.  I find this so incredibly frustrating. 
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I found out about a nice bonus to my Blockbuster Total Access plan.  I get 1 free coupon to rent a movie from a Blockbuster store per month.  Very cool.

I've currently got 181 movies in my Blockbuster Total Access online Queue. This is primarily documentaries and special interest dvds with a few TV series and a few movies I haven't seen yet thrown in. With the one out at a time plan that I currently have (approx 10 movies per month I'm guessing) - I estimate what I currently have 18 months of service already spoken for even if I never added another title to my queue. 

I'm leaning towards canceling my Hollywood account and upgrading the Blockbuster to 3 out plan (which would be $3.00 cheaper than keeping both current plans).  With the 3 out plan I can also get 5 instore exchanges vs. the 2 I get now.

I love documentaries - I found dozens I can't wait to watch!  

I recently finished the season 2 of Rome I'd rented from Hollywood.  It went by way too fast (only 6 episodes).

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My first Blockbuster movie was Protocols of Zion.  I've been wanting to watch it, but shortly after they got it in at Hollywood Video it mysteriously disappeared.

First of all - I didn't think it was particularly well made.  It bounced around aimlessly as if it was an amusement ride - one shock after another.  They didn't show very many moderates on the issue - and I'm sure there are more of them than the simple minded fanatics they showed.  

It was an eye opener though.

I can honestly say I've never met anyone who hated Jewish people.  I've seen it on the movies and TV, but I've never personally witnessed it. It's probably where I've lived - or maybe that I've just been sheltered.

I was very confused with the whole "Jews killed Jesus" thing.  So much emphasis placed on whether or not they did.  Like it could only be okay if they didn't.  So what if they did?  How does that have anything to do with the Jewish people today?  It would be like today's entire German citizenship being hated for the Holcaust or today's catholics being hated for the Inquisition.  I guess I'm just thick.  I don't see how it means anything.   

Also, so what if the manuscript itself is authentic and a bunch of Jewish men did sit around and plot the takeover of the world?  It's not like that sort of thing hasn't been done before in one form or another.  I hate to pick on the Catholics, but back in the day - they were pretty power hungry and political.... not to mention the whole burning people at the stake thing.  We don't hold that against them now.

I personally have the greatest respect for the Jewish as a people.  I'm not always feeling this way about Israelis (or Palestinians - the whole Middle East thing baffles me), but that's a whole other thing. 
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 12-18   Bill Mahler: Victory Begins At H 
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  The mini-vacation went okay, if not as planned.  It rained most of it, so the garden work went out the window.  

I did one task on Sierra's gown at least, but most of my time was spent on the quilt.  

Monday Bea and I went shopping at the Forum.  World Market had soda from Waialua - I didn't even know Waialua had a soda company.....  

I found the Spotted Dick, and like a couple of immature 12 year olds Bea and I couldn't stop laughing.  This is her with the can (I deleted the one of her licking her lips...).   I even forgot to put in in my cart (I was going to try it since it was something I'd never had before..... haha, jeez! - I'm still laughing about it - how sad that I'm so immature.

I dropped Bea off and stopped by Walmart to pick up a couple of grocery things (didn't check for Spotted Dick).  I did find some awesome organic Champagne grapes though - Yum. They are so tiny - almost like they came from liliputtin. Can't afford it, but I bought a package anyway.

* One tree trimmer came to give estimate for the two trees in question:  $900 plus tax.
*  I watched Hot Fuzz (not so hot) 
*  Neighbor pretty much fixed my mower, and was able to mow the back area before the rains came.
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I went to the Dermatologist.  She froze the dots on my nose and right temple.  She said one was definately pre-cancerous.  I'm putting those dots bandaids on them - the kind you'd use to hide a labret piercing hole.

I worked more on my quilt; however, I should have been working on Sierra's gown.  I will get what is in the works for the quilt top done and set it aside.  If I'm not careful, I will just work on this and forget the gown and my own Halloween costume - there isn't time to work on all three.

My knee is very painful.  I hope this will begin to fade soon because it's really a bummer.

I got row one amended and tilled/raked.  I covered it with plastic so the grass and weeds don't creep back in.  I also weed whipped.  I didn't see my neighbor, so I don't know the status of my mower.  I hope this weekend it will be operational as the back section is getting tall and it's too far away for the electric mower since the electricity is messed up in the outbuildings.

I checked out "23", "The Host", and one other I can't remember the name of.  23 was good, but I'm glad I didn't pay to see it (would have been disappointed).  The Host was a cross between Jaws and Godzilla.  Parts of it entertaining, but it was long and drawn out.  The monster was scary though and there were a couple of moments where I jumped out of my skin :-)  Saturday I'll check out Zodiac - been looking forward to seeing that one.

p.s - I called a tree trimmer and made an appointment for an estimate.  This will be next Tuesday at 1pm.

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"Weekend" Plans
It's Saturday - after 12noon my "weekend" begins. This weekend I've got no special plans. I am going to work on Sierra's gown, get some work done in the garden, and pick up the house. Pretty routine. Next week I'm working a lot of overtime hours, so it will be important to get food prepping done and have the house clean - that way I don't have to worry about any of that after/before work.

Dermatologist Tuesday
This upcoming Tuesday I have a Dermatologist appt. The cancer on my left ear looks like it's coming back, and I am noticing a new area on the left side of my nose. Then there is the area on the right side of my temple that I forgot to have them check last time. ugh. 

I've begun looking into the idea of joining an intentional community or eco-village - or something similar.  It appears that my family really has no intention of moving here, and I can't blame them - who would voluntarily leave "paradise"?  I don't want to be alone though, and basically that is what I am.  The one friend I have here really is just an acquaintance anymore - she has her family and her life that she's busy with.  I need to have a mutual support network; if that isn't with my relatives - then I can create something similar for myself.  I don't think we were meant to be in this world entirely solo - it's just not natural or healthy.  This all would be a big move, so once I decide on a direction I'll need to make a game plan.  Seems like I just recently completed the master game plan which started with saving to buy my own home and move to the continental US and settle in..... sigh, it never ends.

Good Movie
I rented The Last Whimsy the other day. Very good movie.  I didn't think I'd like it, but something told me to go ahead and give it a try - I'm glad I did.


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