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Apr. 6th, 2017 09:13 am
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My dental issue is rearing its ugly head.  Last month I needed flap surgery in one area, and I need to go back to have it in another area in June. In the meantime, my hygienist gave me a syringe with a needle-like tip to flush out two of my pockets a few times a week. My dentist and hygienist are concerned at the nose dive my oral health has taken the past 6 months.  I've had Periodontal issues for 15 years, and I've managed them well for the most part.  I have am meticulous with my oral hygiene.  Honestly, I think a good part of what caused the issue is stress.  Doesn't matter at this point though - two areas are very bad (bifurcated root) and no matter my efforts are virtually impossible to keep "clean".  Whenever I've had a flare up, I say NEXT TIME I will have all the teeth pulled and go with dentures.  I always get talked down off the ledge though, and this time was no different.  Each little section is about $900 worth of work, and I don't have dental insurance.  My dentist gives me the insured rate which is a discount, but this work is done by a periodontist who doesn't.

I haven't had a period in a few months, and I'm thinking I'm finally done with that.  Crossing my fingers.

Speaking of the changing hormones.....

I think I'm over my feelings of lust.  I'm not upset by this really - just noticing.  I'm grateful that I found a partner to fully enjoy sex with before I lost the desire.  Marcel is still somewhat interested occasionally, and I will muster up enthusiasm for his sake. Kissing and hugging are alive and well though, and those are the best parts in my opinion anyway.
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I think it's begun.....................

Over the past 6 months it's kind of creeped up on me.  The individual symptoms were so subtle - I didn't put two and two together.  Marcel was the one who mentioned the possiblity, and I was like "Oh?....Oh....Ohhhhh!!!! Yeah, I see how it could be that".

I have a doctors appointment for a yearly checkup tomorrow, and I'll ask him for help.  Mostly to see what I can do about the mood swings and melancholy episodes - those have really been throwing me for a loop.  Might not mind going to a therapist if I can afford it - I have some personal issues I'd like some professional help with anyway (nothing serious - mostly putting things in perspective type of stuff).

So exciting - I'm entering a new period of my life!
(speaking of periods..... will be overjoyed not to have those anymore - been looking forward to that for a LONG time) :-)


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