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 I got to spend five glorious days with my husband this past week. Days where we both didn't have to work - which is a first for us.  It was super awesome! :-)

Saturday was Marcel's birthday! (as well as our grandson Kaylob's birthday)

I drove down after work (work 1/2 day on Sats) and set up his birthday present before going out to the restaurant and hanging out with him in the kitchen. I got him a way cool Jensen mini stereo that plays MP3/WMA CD's and has an iPod dock. It's sleek like a Bose - and you can mount it on the wall even. I also filled a 24 CD case with a variety of entertainment mostly classical music - but also some audio books and lectures.

Sunday we got up and walked on the beach for an hour - then off to Penne's (Thai Spice) for lunch - then we made the 3 hour drive up to New Braunfels. By the time we got to the NB house I was bushed (no AC in the truck - and it was hot out). We'd planned to go to Wurstfest, but I didn't have it in me. Instead we did some work around the property (set the gate posts for the chicken compound!) and had a quiet evening at home.

Monday we spent the day working on the new chicken compound. So....much....work!! We finished the fence fully and started working on the coop. We made a trip to Lowes for some supplies - aside from that - the day just flew by.
(oh, and I canceled my phone service Monday - no more landline - just the cell)

Tuesday we worked more on the Coop. Tom came in the afternoon, and we finally went inside and cleaned ourselves up to go to Wurstfest. Wurstfest was fun. I went on the Ferris Wheel with Marcel - and we grabbed some food - and enjoyed some music. It was nice to have Tom's company with us.

Wednesday was spent finishing up the coop.  Thanks to Tom's skills and enthusiasm we were able to finish in time to move the chickens in to their new digs.  Also, thanks to Tom, I was able to get my Kale and Swiss Chard transplanted in the garden.  We all had lunch at TJ's Burger and ate too much.  That evening we had dinner in front of the TV watching Slumdog Millionaire.

This morning the men all left me, and I headed out to work.
It was a nice mini honeymoon/working vacation - loved it!

Picture slideshows to follow - working on that now.
(so little time these days to do these things, and it's so important to me to document life events too)
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From my driveway in New Braunfels......

I can drive to North Star Mall in San Antonio in 41 minutes
I can WALK to North Star Mall in San Antonio in 10 hours and 24 minutes
if I choose
I can bicycle to North Star Mall in San Antonio in 3 hours and 10 minutes

Life Update

Apr. 8th, 2010 06:01 pm
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* Marcel and I walked at Landa Park yesterday evening.  We sat and watched a large herd of deer stroll through the neighborhood bordering the park.  Over 20 deer - it was really cool.

* My doc perscribed me anti-depressants.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I guess I'm willing to give it a try. He seems to think that my sporatic emotional issues aren't caused by my hormones.  I'm generally a very happy and positive person - so I don't know if I should be medicated.  I was a little taken aback that he didn't first offer to refer me to a therapist/counselor before whipping out the prescription pad.  I'm taking Lexapro - it's an SSRI (Seratonin reuptake inhibitor - whatever that is) I asked him if he could just prescribe me Medical Marijuana instead (he just chuckled and said "uh no, this is Texas).  :-)

*  Am I a geek for thinking that Steve Jobs is kind of hot?

* We dropped the computer off to the repairman yesterday.  He called me this morning and told me it'd be about $98 to fix.  I can deal with this - and continue to save for a Mac.  It's been, with a few exceptions, kind of nice to not have it at home.  I can still access email and facebook updates via the Touch - just can't get full functioning on these sites.  PC should be ready by Monday (I hope).

*   If you have a iTouch of iPhone, go and check out the app iFangs (I've been scaring people with it all day - just put your iTouch up to your mouth and make like a monster) :-)

*  This morning Marcel told me I'm a GOOD WIFE.  This made me feel so good.


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We put in our Muscadines Wednesday! Five vines.
Big Red Ison Late Fry Pineapple and Darlene

Yay x 10

This is how the day looked.
Made me feel happy to be alive!
Do you see Marcel way out there planting vines? :-)

This is Big Red - he looks pretty puny here though :-)

Marcel did all the hard work - he's awesome!

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I was very impressed with this video I watched on my Touch today. I am definitely going to take some of these ideas and incorporate them into my life. Seeing this was good timing since I'm working on some goals/objectives for 2010 (and beyond).

(p.s - would someone comment as to whether the link sends you to the video - I can't test it or embed it here due to work firewall restrictions)

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Thank you!  I love it.  It's awesome to get something in the mail from a friend - totally made my day.

It Rained Mud
Here in the San Antonio area it actually rained mud yesterday.  I'm not kidding - It was the weirdest thing.  I'll need to wash my truck now I guess.    

American Idol
It was Beatles week again. Nobody sucked.  Chickeezee was my favorite performance - he sang "I've Just Seen a Face".  Next favorite Brooke with "Here Comes The Sun".  Everyone else was good too.  I predict that Kristy Lee Cook will go this week unless the country fans all unite.  If that's the case then Ramiele will go.  Michael Johns hasn't impressed me, but he's really good looking and has chrarisma - so the ladies will probaby keep voting him in for a few weeks to come.

Coop Update
I worked on the coop yesterday.  Got the upper level entry door made (though I'm thinking it's going to be too small), the roof on, the latches on the side doors, and the "stairs" completed.  I'll post pictures tomorrow because I have so little time to get this journal updated and read my friends' posts.

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 I was almost to work this morning and I looked up to see a huge flock of birds flying in the sky.  Usually I'd notice it and move on with my day, but these guys were different.  They were flying in artistic formation just like those huge schools of fish in the ocean.  They'd split up almost in exactly equal numbers (sets of 3 or sets of 2) and do their own thing - then come back together.  It was absolutely amazing.  I had to pull over to watch.  Either I'm just not paying attention or I have bad timing - but I'd never seen anything like this in my life.  This all took place close to my work, and I keyed myself into the gate and drove to the parking lot - the birds seemed to follow me (no, of course they didn't - but there they were in the parking lot at the same time I was).  I grabbed my camera and tried to capture them.  At one point they flew right over my head.  Then they did a show over the building I work in.  It made my day.  I took pictures which I put behind a cut because to see anything I have to leave them a little large.  They don't to the experience justice (a video would have been better), but it's all I have to document it - so I wanted to put it in my journal.

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Today was routine Tuesday "work around the house" day, and it was awesome.  I always feel so good when I can get some stuff done - even if I don't get all the things on my list taken care of.

Started the day with a trip to Walmart to get more laundry line and zip ties.

I re-strung both the cucumbers and remainder of the green beans.  

Cut up a couple large limbs with the new chain saw and burned them and a bunch of twigs  in the bbq grill (so I don't have an open fire)

Prepared a salsa-like cucumber salad with all the ingredients coming from the garden (except seasoning) - it's ono!

Watered everything and harvested cukes/tomatoes/basil.
Checked garden for problems.

Relaxed in the swing and read from the Dog Stories book.

I also got the irrigation system install started (hit a road block when trying to install drippers to the 1/4" tubing I had..... it was the end of the day, so I just shelved the project until the weekend)

Cleaned kitchen.

Watched TV (last hour of the debates and House)

Took a bath and read the Egg chapter of the Chicken book before lights out.

Life is good :-)


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