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Marcel won't let me put these out in his restaurant (hee hee), so I am going to put them in the waiter station. :-)

(no need to be afraid - they are sugar cookies w/ almond slice fingernails coming out of crushed animal-cracker "earth")


Oct. 12th, 2009 08:28 am
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Marcel loves extreme chocolate our
9 / 5 Montiversary is coming up tomorrow........

I hope these came out okay - my experience makes me want to get in more practice to perfect it.

Orange Chile (with Cocoa-Cayenne coating)

Lavender Vanilla (with Lavender-Lemon powdered sugar coating)

Morel Cherry - Ling Hing (with Carob & Li Hing powder coating) 

Clove Ginger (with Cocoa-Cardamom coating)

(my scoop was a little too big - that's a lot of chocolate in one sitting - a 1 ounce would have been better I think)

I got this box to put them in at Earth Trading Company

I left out the Morel Cherry-Li Hing from the box because I added too much Morel Cherries - and they are too soft.  I'm going to dip them in chocolate and save them for another time.

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18 half pints later..........................

Fig Jam!!

Jun. 29th, 2009 08:43 am
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Please forgive my lack of LJ cuts!

I made Fig Jam on Sunday.

This is what 9 pounds of figs looks like

I started in my tamale pot - because there was so much, it had to cook a long time and the bottom of the pot burned.

Since I didn't want the burn smell to go into the figs I switched it all to one of Marcel's pots (and hoped I didnt' burn the bottom of it). 

BTW Just so you know:  Figs + Sugar + Stove on Med/Hi = Edible Napalm!
(so I had to use a splatter guard)

Sanitizing some of the jars and lids.

Sierra helped me jar up the hot fig stuff.....

Getting ready to process the first batch...

Fig Jam!!

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Ugh - why did I make this bet with myself.  I dusted off the soymilk maker and made soymilk last night.  I haven't done that in ages (only when I get the urge to make tofu which is almost never).  I don't like homemade soymilk as much as storebought, but it's so much cheaper (3 ounces of soybeans makes 1.5 quarts).  

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I found myself not at all in the holiday spirit this year, so I decided to start some routine holiday chores.  This helped me very much.  So, if you are feeling like Scrooge - definately go and burn some brittle to cheer yourself up.
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Sunday I made microwave Pecan Brittle.  I liked it so much I made the next a triple batch.  Because I didn't lengthen the cooking times enough it turned out like something from "The Fly".  

It tasted good though (but it was hard to get it out of my teeth).
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I'm in full bread making mode these days.  It all started with deciding to finally produce an excellent whole wheat sourdough.  It's escalated into a full blown whole grain obsession.  

A couple of weeks ago I ordered two books (Flour Power and one I can't remember the exact title of off the top of my head) justifying my purchase as "it will be my birthday present".  Wouldn't you know they showed up on my birthday (yesterday)!  Weird huh?

I'm going to buy a grain mill (pretty sure it will be the Grainmaker Grinder).  it's going to cost about $300 with shipping for the one I want, so I'll need to set aside money until I can get it.  With this grinder I can grind everything including soybeans and corn.

I made a Sourdough Rye with one of the starters I'm working on.  Bread rise and texture good - tastes good too, but not "sour" enough yet.  Maybe another week and I will try using the starter again. 

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*  I somehow lost my checkbook register, so I've been trying to piecing together transactions so I can figure out what I have in my account.  If I'd have kept my duplicates instead of throwing them away it would have been much easier.  What a mess.  When I finally find that register I'm going to be relieved, I know it's in the house somewhere - though I'm wondering at this point whether it got put in the trash (because - seriously - I've looked EVERYWHERE).  Needless to say - from now on I'm saving my duplicates.

*  I volunteered for overtime Sunday (4 hours) which will help make up for the commissions I lost last month.  I have Saturday off as a vacation day, so it's no big deal.  Sundays suck though - average order $ are low and people who are calling are nuts.  I'm glad I don't work it as one of my normal days.  Sure do wish I could make what I make now doing something different - - - obviously I don't need it that bad or I'd actually be doing something about it, something to think about...... (I feel some positive manifestation sessions coming on)

*  I walked through the garden this morning to water.  Things are looking good.  Will take pictures tomorrow.

*  I ordered two Pluot trees to plant this winter.  They were $19.99 each, but with shipping ended up being $35 a piece.  I"m planting these for my mother who loves them.  I can take them or leave them, but am looking forward to making them a part of the homestead.  I"m going to plant them in my back yard in memory of Chi and Mo.  I'll need to get someone to teach me how to prune them though - I have no experience in that (my fig would benefit as well).

*  I created a sourdough starter this morning (first starter since I've lived here in Texas).  I'll need to coddle it for a few weeks to get it up to speed - then I'll can begin baking with it. 



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