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We made Preserved some Texas peaches yesterday - and whipped up a big batch of Pesto from the basil int he garden.  This all the canning I plan to do for this year.  Putting the garden to bed this weekend, so I can have August for some other projects.

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* Thanking the universe for all the rain we had so far this year - my garden is in heaven.

* Fig harvest is going great - about 30 pounds so far - and plenty more to go.

Dried Some

Made preserves out of some (8lb of figs makes 5 pints of preserves)

Cyber was fussy yesterday - couldn't get comfortable.  She was all over the place

I found this on the hard drive - Sierra must have had one of her Myspace photo sessions.
I loved this - took my breath away.

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I made Tempeh this weekend, and I always fry up one batch right away because I love it fresh more than anything.

Here is one way to prepare Tempeh - it's not the only way, but most people will try Tempeh if you prepare it this way for them.

This is not a low calorie or low fat recipe.

Tempeh (7 or 8 ounces)
Large Eggs
Oil (whatever you usually use to Fry is fine)
Flour (Rice works good, but whatever you have is ok)

Assorted Spices (I change mine up every time)
Salt (more or less - whatever, you can salt the final product too)

Mix Flour, salt, spices and put in shallow container. Beat eggs (preferably with a cute whisk for best results)

Slice Tempeh as thin as possible. Previously frozen Tempeh can't be sliced as thin as fresh or chilled Tempeh.

Preheat oil in a frying pan at this point. 350F is a good temperature (or wait until it starts smoking - if it catches fire and burns your kitchen down, it's too hot)

Dip Slice of Tempeh into Egg and let excess drip off.

Gently drop egged (is that a word?) slice into flour mixture

Toss it around a little to coat well (dang, my hand looks swollen like it got stung by a swarm of bees.... scary)

Gently shake off excess or tap on the side of the container.

Repeat with all the slices

Get a plate ready lined with paper towels for when the slices will come out of the oil.

Now, drop the slices in the oil and brown on both sides (don't do too many at a time because you won't be able to keep up and some might burn)

Let drain on paper towels and serve right away if possible. They will keep in a warmer. You can also refrigerate and freeze them for eating later.

My daughter used to dip these in ranch dressing for added fat and cholesterol. I like them dipped in bbq sauce.
You can also chop them up and put them in a salad (hot or cold) or make a sandwich out of them.

I'm working on more Tempeh stuff as I find myself getting back to working with food.
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* It seems as though Rooster thinks I'm his competition.  Today I was sitting out with the flock and two of the hens jumped up on the chair for petting.  Roo came up and began (not nicely) pecking at my leg and doing that macho dance he does.  Then a little later I was lifting one of the birds off the chair so I could get up and she squalked - Roos came unglued and raced for me menacingly.  I maneuvered around him and gathered him up uptil he calmed down.  I let him go and he strutted away not before shooting me a disgusted look.  :-)

*  I did something today that was really hard.  I called Home Depot and made an appointment for someone to come out and give me an estimate on siding and window replacement.  Normal people don't find a task like this hard.  I've been trying to do this little task for well over a year.  That and getting the A/C in my truck looked at (though I have a friend who is making that one a little easier), and finding out what's wrong with my well pump.  I'm really not positive I understand the neurosis, but I'm pretty sure it's fear of someone telling me something I don't want to hear ....... this is closely tied to money I think.  I really feel I should see a professional about it (I'll let you know how I progress with that task......) :-)

*  I'm almost done transferring my plastic storage containers to glass.  I'm using quart mason jars.  I'll have to make a list of what's where because the jars are three deep.  I like it better than the plastic bins though. 

*  Before I forget - please go here if for Interspecies Snorgling (you'll will not be able to stop saying Awwwwwww out loud) :-)


Jul. 26th, 2008 11:29 pm
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* The WW Gnocchi was no good - starchy mess.  I toasted some homemade bread and had my veggies w/parmesan & pesto on top.  It was good.

* Finished harvesting the last of my onions.  Boo hoo. 

* I fried up the veggie chips, and they were excellent.  Reminded me of the shrimp chips we used to buy when I was a kid in Hawaii.  First pic is a before and after comparison.  The before is a hard chip - like a poker chip.

* This is a little canteloupe who snuck in and staked a claim in my tomato patch.  I didn't expect fruit - and I certainly didn't expect to get an edible melon out of the deal.  I ate half and the chickens got half.

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This recipe I made and is in my Sparkpeople recipe box named Lentil Soytato Frunch.  Frunch is what I call everything I make ahead and freeze is serving size containers for work lunch.  The greeness is pureed greens from the winter garden I have in frozen storage. 

This is what happens when I come home from work, it's hot outside, and don't want to cook.  This is cold like a pasta salad.  Precooked Omega3 Wheatblend Penne pasta, quartered cherry tomatoes, minced spring onions, a glop of pesto, shredded parmesan, and nutritional yeast flakes.  It looked even more unappealing after I mixed it all together.
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I probably won't be posting Monday - so here's my weekend wrap up early.

Saturday I went to a chicken show.  It was hot - temperature hot.  I saw a few people I knew, and it was interesting seeing all the bantams (mini chickens).  I'd never be into showing chickens, but it's entertaining to attend.

Here's an update on the Shade Garden.  I never could get the Astilbe to grow, but the mondo grass is hanging in there and the Hostas and Caladiums are holding their own.  I need to put something in the center now - it looks too plain.  I might do a bird feeder or bird bath.

I harvested Shallots, onions, garlic, and chard. 

I made whole wheat sourdough biscuits (like I really need those calories!) :-)

and I started thinking about fixing the toilet.  I got it halfway taken apart - and then PFFFFFT!  I went and watched an episode of The Tudors on surfthechannel.com instead.

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*  So far my experience at plentyoffish.com has been good.  About 3/4 of the messges I get are from intelligent and interesting people who, just like me, want to meet friends and are hoping that certain chemistry might exist for something more.  Then there are a few who want something else.  I found a way to weed them out by my first reply back when they message me.  I make it obvious I'm not "that kind of girl" but hey, lets be friends (or something like that) - - they don't write back :-)  The people, so far, that are by far the most interesting are the one's I chose to write to first based on what I got from their profile.  One even helped me re-write my profile (he said it didn't sound warm enough and had too many words that guys aren't interested in reading..... he offered to take pictures of me to post, but I'm not to sure about him just yet for a meeting let alone a photo session.  There's also someone who is a Taoist enthusiast and wanna be hippy like me who is very cool (but he lives far away - so a one on one friendship would be impossible).   I won't be posting detailed experiences (names pictures etc.) in my public journal (without the permission of the other person anyway) - but I think the general experience is worth sharing.

* What to do with too many Swiss Chard stems and parsley............

* I forgot to make my American Idol post this week, but it turned out as expected.  The two David's are in the final two.  Can't wait for next week.  In a way I'm looking forward to it being over.  I want to replace Wednesday evening TV hour with cardio - that day and another dedicated work night should help me get back in shape. I don't worry about my days off - I get PLENTY of exercise on those days.
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The weather was crummy Sunday, so I stayed in and played around in the kitchen.

* First I made bread.  One regular Whole Wheat loaf (with random spices) and one I made with dehydrated collard greens (I know, it doesn't sound appetizing, but I have a lot of collard greens I dehydrated from the garden - and they don't taste so good in green smoothies).

* Then I made bean&veggie calzones to freeze for lunches.  I put dried Romaine powder in the dough so it's green.  It tasted good, but next time maybe a little less Romaine.....

* I also hung the Wallpaper border I bought well over a year ago.  I paid $1.50 per roll - 4 rolls did the whole room.  Pretty cheap, and it's very retro (tacky) looking.  I love it!!  (Putting up wallpaper borders by yourself isn't easy)

* I watched AFTERMATH: POPULATION ZERO last night.  It made me feel bad.  I wanted us all to get the heck off this poor planet and let it breathe again.  I also thought the long haired cows were cool.

* Finally - here is the inside workings of the soymilk maker for Sahlah



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