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Yesterday we saw Inception at the IMAX. After my initial disappointment of learning that it wasn't in 3D (I don't know why I assumed all IMAX movies were in 3D.....) I settled down to view, what I thought would be, a high action suspense flick.  It turned out to be so much more.  I will buy this for DVD to watch it several times in order to fully figure it out.  I actually dreamed about it last night.  Possibly the best movie I will see this year.  We sat a little close to the screen so the action and sound was a little over-whelming at times, but it was still way worth the $14 per person admission.  If you haven't seen it yet and plan to - just make sure you are alert because, in order to understand what's going on, you have to pay close attention throughout.  

After the movie we made out appointment at the Apple store.  My Touch was having headphone jack issues.  They gave me a new one.  Turns out it has the old iPod operating system on it.  I haven't decided if I want to go ahead and update to the newer version since I was having so much trouble with errors on the new version I had on my old touch.  Maybe I'll just enjoy the old version for a while first.

We ate a late lunch at a little "semi fast food" chain restaurant called Pei Wei.  We were actually impressed.  The food and atmosphere was good, and the portions very large - we took home leftovers.  I had the Orange Peel Chicken, and Marcel had the Mango Chicken. Bonus - Edamame on the appetizer menu and Fortune Cookies after.
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I finally worked out the issue I had with my ipod not synching with my new computer using my proven method of
trying everything and seeing if any of it works

Unfortunately, in the process I lost EVERYTHING on my iPod.  Granted - the music I'd managed to transfer back to my new computer (with the help of ipod to PC software) and the apps I can download again at no charge, however, I lost all my notes and contact data - the notes are just lost - the contact data I'll have to work on inputing again (all 87 of them - so some folks will be getting emails from me) :-)

If YOU would like to be in my contacts - drop me a private message with your stats.  :-)

Edit:  I now have my original contacts! - Seems as though the ipod pulled them from my yahoo address book that I've been synching with.  Yay!!
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I didn't think using my Touch as an ebook reader was an option considering the small screen size.

I was wrong.

I just downloaded an awesome app to my iTouch: 
200 Great Books. 
This is what's called an iFlow reader with 200 classic books pre-loaded in it.  It can auto-scroll, and you can customize font size and color - as well as background color. 

$1.99 now on iTunes

Drawbacks - you can't load in any ebook you want - you can read the pre-loaded books - and there is no way (that I know of) to purchase more.

Loving it though - I am going to see if I can get myself reading again :-)

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If you have an iPhone or Touch........

Calendar Application

The application that comes with the Touch is great; however, the earliest reminder is 2 days which isn't enough time for planning in some cases (or mailing a gift to another state/country). Does anyone know of a calendar/reminder application like the calendar app but with more options for reminders?
What are your favorite applications on your unit?
So far mine is Ambiance, but I'm getting a lot of use out of Lose it!, Notes.
I may have to de-select the Scrabble game I bought - too distracting! :-)
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So, I got my new iPod docking stereo thingie this week.  It's not perfect - the wireless remote only turns the iPod on and off (supposed to be full menu support), and the alarm doesn't work.... and I am not a technical idiot.  I did read on a message board this morning you can try and reset the remote which I will do when I get home from work.  The alarm I can get around because there is an alarm on the iPod - when I set that - it comes on over the speakers - so I guess the alarm feature on the dock unit is kind of redundant anyway.  It is nice to be able to listen to music and podcasts without the earphones though, and I'm not sorry I bought it.

iTunes U

Jul. 24th, 2008 10:45 pm
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iTunes U Introduction Video


When will I sleep??

Do I just have a low threshold for excitement - or is this not just AWESOME stuff??

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Whilst mowing the backyard (electric mower) & listening to the NPR Food Podcast I learned a cool thing that adds to my belief there is natural order in the universe........

Mother's milk contains sugars called oligosaccharides.
Baby cannot digest this sugar according to the panelists on the show.
Why then after thousands of years of evolution - does the milk still contain these sugars?
The sugars go into the baby and create a breeding ground for good bacteria to fight any bad bacteria that might attack baby.

Now that is way cool.
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I have Ipod

It's way cooler than I ever expected!!

I understand how it works, but I'm having a little trouble with up and down - maybe I just need practice..... hope the player isn't faulty.

A little disappointed that it came with so little documentation.  It's a refurbished one, but I did pay over $100 - and it did come from the factory.  I'm sure there are online tutorials.

I watched a pilates video podcast..... I'm hooked - - so sad, truly Television is now pretty much a thing of the past.
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*  FedEx emailed - my Ipod is at my house waiting for me.....SQUEE!!!!  Now I just want to go home, but if I do I'll lose my OT I worked this week.

*  I finished painting my hallway - I'll post an entry with pics this weekend.

*  I think Jesse Jackson is just suffering from Obama-Envy.

*  I am signing up for my vehicle insurance with Progressive - it's 2X the coveraga at over $100 less than the current quote for renewal from my current company!  I'm kind of annoyed with Allstate for ripping me off.

* The garden responded immediately to the rain we've had. I guess it's really been starved for water in spite of my watering.  I need to get the drip system put back online - this will help.

*  Is Demonoid legal?  I don't want the feds to beat my door down - especially since my neighbor is leasing me his connection.


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 I can't afford it, but.....

I just got a refurbished Ipod Nano 4GB from the Apple store for $99.00 (free shipping) - with tax it was $107.00.

I really wanted the Touch for the net access, but that's totally out of the question $$$ wise.

Yay - I can't wait to play with it.

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Thanks to my LJ friend [profile] ember999 I have discovered ITunes and podcasts.  It started by wanting to experience the celtic music Podcast.  They recommended downloadint Itunes.  I did and poked around and found the podcast listings - the rest is history.  I can't believe they let us listen to this all for FREE!!  I'm so excited.  I burned Alan Watts 'The Taoist Way' and two selections from Zencast  podcasts to CD's to listen to on my drive to Austin tomorrow.

I see an Ipod in my very near future............  


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