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Wow - we made the news today with a killer hour or so long storm that did quite a bit of damage around town.  We are blessed to have only had one tree downed (that is a tree along the road on the edge of our property).  Here's a short video of the back yard during the beginning part of the storm.

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I discovered that, if you throw food up to the seagulls, they can catch it in mid-air.  Marcel wasn't nearly as impressed as I was, but he humored me.
(I don't know what is more scary - my cackle-like laugh or the cawing of the seagulls) :-)

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Two short videos taken at the Texas Folklife Festival

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I have a lot to report about the last two days, but I am just going to post these two videos of Marcel & my beach walk yesterday first (can't do it at work since I have no access to my YouTube there).  I'm just home to change before heading to work (late ..... long story I'll post later on my dinner break at work)

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My sister and I fell in love with Asheville and Maggie Valley.  We would like to live there (seriously).
There is a short and long video version - here is the short one - I like to call Teamwork :-)

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Here's the latest chicken video installment.  It was a hot weekend, The chickens make good use of the little mini pool.

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New lesson - don't hold the camera vertical in video mode because it can't be flipped :-)

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A strange strangled crowing woke me up at 6am this morning.  I knew what it was and jumped out of bed, grabbed my camera, and headed out to the coop.  There I sat for about 30 minutes waiting to catch one of Roo's first crows on video.  I really need to get a life.

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It's time for another chicken video..... :-)

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My chickens found another snake.  I caught it on video, and I'm going to share it regardless of how redneck my porch and yard look right now (the video pretty much goes everywhere).  Also, the yard is so awful because there's a drought and I use all my water on my vegetables & fruits - none left over to support a lush lawn.

 I ran down the chicken who ended up with it finally and caught just the last seconds before she gulped it down.  I couldn't believe she ate the whole thing!!

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