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Aug. 21st, 2008 11:18 am
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 * McCain & Obama Revealed on CNN:  The show didn't improve my opinion of McCain.  I didn't like that he cheated on his handicapped wife - or that he lied about it.  I don't like liars (especially if they're republicans).  I remain positive about Obama, but the show didn't make him any MORE appealing in my eyes.  He has his faults - I didn't like that he plays the politics game, but would he have been able to position himself where he is now if he didn't?  He remains my candidate given the choices (I'd prefer Kucinich).

* I'm sticking with my morning walks.  They are averaging 30-45 minutes.  I listen to podcasts - sometimes Zencast sometimes the Diane Rehm Show.  I'm also doing some of Inhale Yoga after that.  I do the beginning warmup and then chores and come back for the very ending. I want to eventually do half of the show (the whole hour would be pushing it - because of morning chores).

I found a Handyman on Craigslist who does random jobs.  He came over yesterday to see what I have that needs to be done.  Turns out he works at the same company I do.  He's going to work with me on stuff.  For example he will give me a list of supplies for jobs and will let me buy them (that way I can get 6 months no interest credit at Lowes or Home Depot) and he will charge me for his time.  That will make it more affordable for me.  Boy, it's a relief to get this ball rolling.  The anxiety of having stuff needing to be done and trying to ignore it is exhausting.  I can chip away one project at a time.  First project - the siding on the left side of the house that gets all the wind/rain.


Aug. 9th, 2008 10:01 pm
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*  I got my estimate for Home Improvements today.  It wasn't pretty.  Siding (Vinyl - basic nothing fancy) whole house except back porch - $13,937 (this includes everything like window wraps and carport ceiling).   Replacing all my windows with the siding job $5,585 (but doing just the 6 I need most would be about $3,000).  This is a Home Depot installation.  He estimated payment of $106 for I think 88 months.... at 13.9% interest.  Not - I could put it on my credit card for 10% - but I'd get a home improvement or equity loan.  One thing I do have is excellent credit. :-)  Needless to say, back to the drawing board.  There's no way I can commit to that amount.  I'm going to get two more estimates - then rethink my plan.  I'll probably get some emergency siding put on the bad side of the house - then make a plan to save for the next year to pay for half of this in cash (or less if I can get a better quote)  I gotta say - while it was as bad as I expected, it was good therapy to do it.  I didn't turn into a stone and crumble into a million pieces when I saw the $$ amount afterall :-)

* The Main Mama Hen layed a torpedo yesterday.  Almost 3 ounces.  Here is a picture comparing it to what her competition is laying.  Today I got 8 eggs - all with good shells, so the embryo eggs hopefully are a thing of the past. I did pick up layer mash and oyster shell grit today though.

* Did anybody catch todays episode of God's Warriors on CNN?  They did the Jewish, segment, and it was enlightening (no pun intended). I'm glad to see this type of coverage. I was just glad to see someone put it out there - the fact that the settlements are basically illegal, that our government is sending billions of dollars to the settlements even when we officially condemn them, that all our congressmen and senators are afraid to speak out about what is right there out in the open for fear of being labeled anti-semite. 

* I found more cantaloupes hiding in the tomato vines.  When I try to grow melons I'm a complete failure.  I guess the trick is throwing out old moldy melon pulp and waiting for the bionic melon vines the following year.  I also harvested August tomatoes.  August tomatoes are better than no tomatoes at all.  See the dime in comparison with the cherry tomatoes - they don't get much smaller than that - and they are very sweet.

* Today the temperature was101F, so I got minimal stuff done outside.  I'm going to try and go to sleep now and get up super early so I can do some garden work.  Fall is coming!!!! - I have to get the garden ready for planting, and I want to finally level and laydown weed barrier around the perimeter of the garden (doubtful I'll complete that tomorrow with all the other things I have to do - but I can at least try).  I was wanting to see Dark Knight at IMAX tomorrow evening, but I don't know..... maybe I won't - such a long drive just for a movie.
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* It seems as though Rooster thinks I'm his competition.  Today I was sitting out with the flock and two of the hens jumped up on the chair for petting.  Roo came up and began (not nicely) pecking at my leg and doing that macho dance he does.  Then a little later I was lifting one of the birds off the chair so I could get up and she squalked - Roos came unglued and raced for me menacingly.  I maneuvered around him and gathered him up uptil he calmed down.  I let him go and he strutted away not before shooting me a disgusted look.  :-)

*  I did something today that was really hard.  I called Home Depot and made an appointment for someone to come out and give me an estimate on siding and window replacement.  Normal people don't find a task like this hard.  I've been trying to do this little task for well over a year.  That and getting the A/C in my truck looked at (though I have a friend who is making that one a little easier), and finding out what's wrong with my well pump.  I'm really not positive I understand the neurosis, but I'm pretty sure it's fear of someone telling me something I don't want to hear ....... this is closely tied to money I think.  I really feel I should see a professional about it (I'll let you know how I progress with that task......) :-)

*  I'm almost done transferring my plastic storage containers to glass.  I'm using quart mason jars.  I'll have to make a list of what's where because the jars are three deep.  I like it better than the plastic bins though. 

*  Before I forget - please go here if for Interspecies Snorgling (you'll will not be able to stop saying Awwwwwww out loud) :-)
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* I had my eye on this rooster since it arrived at Walmart in the spring at $29.95.  I picked it us last week for $15 - it might go lower, but I didn't want to take the chance and lose out. It's metal - and it is really much cooler in real life. Yeah, it's tacky - but it's my kind of tacky :-)

* I grocered today.  Odds and ends because I'm pretty stocked up.  IDK why I'm posting pictures of my groceries [profile] ember999 's habits are rubbing off on me. 

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* Ahhh the tide came in finally - relief in sight.

* Still awake.  I'll just stay up until bedtime to get back on schedule.

*  I bought paint to paint the bedroom yesterday.  The lighter color for the walls - the darker for the trim.  Once I got it home I saw the resemblance to vanilla and chocolate ice cream.  I decided to paint the hallway this instead.  I want to go with red or orange tones in the front bedroom instead.  If Sierra (or anyone else in my family) doesn't move here (and it's looking like that will be the case) I'm going to make that bedroom a southwestern theme.  Today I cleaned the trim good and masked the floor.

* I felt so confident after fixing the toilet that I decided to install the faucet my mom bought when she was here last.  It looked something like this:
I didn't finish it because I couldn't get the plastic attachments off that anchor the faucet to the sink - I tried everything I could think of.  So, I put it all back together the old way - and now there's next to no pressure..... argh.  I'll deal with it Wednesday.

*  Went to Papa Murphy's Pizza to pick up a pie because I'm deliriously tired and pizza sounds good.  No tomatoes due to the Salmonella thing, but I have plenty of those little buggers......  oops - I forgot to set the timer and it got a leetle too brown.

*  It was so hot today the hens were sticking their heads in the cinderblocks inside their coop to keep cool.

* Here's a picture (not the best view of him) of Roo in all his new Rooster glory.  Still isn't crowing though, and he's still a mama's boy - coo's if I pick him up and nestles his head in the crook of my arm.
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*  I got gasoline yesterday -  $3.48 per gallon (well - 3 cents less since I used a Walmart giftcard).  I'm counting my blessings I work 8 miles from my house - mostly highway.  I feel a little guilty that I drive a V6 even though I actually use my truck (the dents and scratches in the bed prove it...hehehe).  My sacrifice will be to eliminate Austin/San Antonio shopping trips that I used to take for fun. 

*  I called and complained about my dental bill.  They took off the post-surgery "observation" charges, but said I had to pay the insurance part of the procedure since it wasn't covered (they said they called to verify my coverage - so I'd be fighting with the insurance company - and it's just not worth it since they will just say I should have put in a written request for approval.....which I guess is true)..  In the future I will be getting stuff in writing prior to anything being done.  Live and learn.  On a happy note - they ran my flexible spending card and it paid it even though the procedure was last year.  Just $$$ less I have available if I get sick etc. this year. 

*  I was driving home from Home Depot the other day with a load of stuff.  I had a Rubbermaid trash bin there.  It somehow managed to blow out the back - and I cringed as I looked in the rear view mirror to see motorists dodging it.  It lodged in the under-carriage of a Ford truck as I pulled off the road.  He followed.  He de-wedged it and handed it back to me.  His attitude was "no harm - no foul" and I went on my way.  I couldn't help but think how bad that situation could have been - not to mention expensive.  This made the whole dental $$$ think a little less painful.

*  I went ahead and drilled holes into the bottom of the hot  swamp tub on the patio.  There is always accumulated water on the bottom, and it bothers me (mosquitoes and unsanitary).  The wasps will need to find another source of mosquito larvae now I guess.  I plan to make it a kitchen herb garden next year.  Now that the giant hackberry tree is gone - there's sun in that corner.

*  I'm giving up Thursday and Friday TV shows.  Usually I tape 2 shows on Thurs and 1 on Friday while I'm at work and watch when I get home.  I'm going to try and read / write / clean or watch previously taped "educational" programing instead.  Once American Idol ends I'm going to drop Wednesday night TV shows as well.  Wish me luck....  :-)
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The weather was crummy Sunday, so I stayed in and played around in the kitchen.

* First I made bread.  One regular Whole Wheat loaf (with random spices) and one I made with dehydrated collard greens (I know, it doesn't sound appetizing, but I have a lot of collard greens I dehydrated from the garden - and they don't taste so good in green smoothies).

* Then I made bean&veggie calzones to freeze for lunches.  I put dried Romaine powder in the dough so it's green.  It tasted good, but next time maybe a little less Romaine.....

* I also hung the Wallpaper border I bought well over a year ago.  I paid $1.50 per roll - 4 rolls did the whole room.  Pretty cheap, and it's very retro (tacky) looking.  I love it!!  (Putting up wallpaper borders by yourself isn't easy)

* I watched AFTERMATH: POPULATION ZERO last night.  It made me feel bad.  I wanted us all to get the heck off this poor planet and let it breathe again.  I also thought the long haired cows were cool.

* Finally - here is the inside workings of the soymilk maker for Sahlah

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To make my  bathroom bigger I took off the wooden door and put up a curtain.
Now it looks like the entrance to the circus - or a peep show.......

Privacy isn't an issue since I live alone.  There is always the back bathroom for anyone who might visit :-)
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I told myself when I moved into my house that I would buy a freezer when I get the vegetable garden fully planted.
I did that this year, so I get my reward :-)

10 Cubic Feet 

Got it from Lowes for $298.00 (plus $49 delivery)
Got a 1 year no interest/no payment plan which made it easier


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