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Butternut Squash

Mints in the toilet (yummy)

Cucumber in the foreground - getting ready to start vining.

Believe it or not - this is my lavender (remember when I built the bed and the 4 plants were so tiny? haha)

Foreground Bush Beans, then Tomatoes, in the back Sunflowers

Blackberries! - I've lost track of how many gallons I've harvested - unbelievable this year!

Chickens having a Siesta under the Sego Palms

I had two Pluots on my tree this year.  I guess the baby male Plum tree came through his first year.

I'm Back

May. 14th, 2010 01:14 pm
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I'll post first because I'm positive that, by the time I finish reading my friendslist there won't be time to do a post.

Update (highlights)

My computer is dead AGAIN!  Grrr....  Black screen with curser this time - then when I push it gives me a cannot read disk error.  I picked the brain of the Geek squad rep at Best Buy - he said - buy a new one.  So, I'm puterless until that happens - which is okay, I have wifi on my Touch at home - and I have internet access at work.  That'll get me through until I find something I can afford that doesn't suck too bad. :-)

My mom is here.  She arrived Wednesday night while I was in Corpus Christi.  I came home early (Thursday) so I could spend time with her.  First thing we did was go go the garden and harvest blackberries and taters :-)

*  Canyon trip went smoothly.  Michael graduated West Texas A&M.  Unfortunately most of the pictures came out too dark because I had to use a cheapo disposible camera (the batteries on my digital refused to charge - turns out the cells were bad) 

*  Houston trip went smoothly, but we didn't do anything I planned.  Still - we had a good time, and we got to see Tom ([livejournal.com profile] texasts ) for lunch!

(photo stolen from Tom's Journal)

*  Yesterday Marcel and I celebrated our first anniversary.  We are giddy :-)

* I'm fully into blackberry season - unbelievable how many berries there are - I'm happy.  Everything else in the garden rocks too.  I'm blessed.

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Fig tree is ready for another year - Marcel pruned it this winter, so it's looking better "kept" this spring

Slow progress on the new chicken compound.  I got posts in and started the fence.  So many projects.....so little time.

The sheep next door come begging whenever I'm outside.  I always throw over weeds and stuff for them.

One of the five Muscadine vines we planted in the winter. 

Time to Mow! (this is the back part of the property)

Murphey's Law says that you will run out of gas when you are the FURTHEST away from the garden shed.....
(this happens more times than not)

It gave me a chance to take pictures of some wildflowers on my walk back with the gas can though

Here's a pic of the birdhouse with the house and blackberries in the background.  The berry vines are loaded - I hope they all ripen!
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The sun seemed to shine during the day yesterday and today which allowed me to get some things done in the garden.   It's always a good day when i can be outside.

The garden taken from my backyard.  Onions and garlic in the foreground - those things that look like weeds are actually cilantro (it grows wild now all winter....everywhere I let it.)

Marcel's Potatoes - they got hit bad by the late frost, but they seem to be recovering okay. 

We've got the tomatoes growing with the winter greens for now - in the back baby sunflowers - and in the foreground you can just see the green beans.

This is italian parsley flowering.  On either side is curly parsley which "lasts" much longer - If I keep it watered, it will grow through to next spring before going to seed.

This is well trimmed Swiss Chard growing with green beans now.  The Chard would normally last until the end of May, but I may need to pull them early to allow the green beans room (we'll see)

Baby Sunflowers.  This is my first year growing them - I hope they do well!

This is the Arugula - if you look closely you can see the seed pods.  I plan to save the seeds and throw them into the yards of people I don't like (this stuff in borderline invasive - haha).

A Lady bug on Marcel's potatoes

Here is my second try at cucumbers this year (first ones died with the late frost)

Garden from another direction

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Here is Fig Tree.  I planted him the summer I moved here, so he's 5 1/2 years old.  I thought I killed him the first year - and I promised I'd take care of him if he would come back the next spring.  He did, and we've been tight ever since.  Last year we got a nice harvest - enough figs to make Jam and Chutney and plenty of fresh fig eating.  This year it'll be even better I'm sure.  Marcel pruned him this fall, so he's looking very nice - can't wait to see him all leafed out!

Unfortunate frost damage to "Dino-Palm" - I'm going to trim him up tomorrow.  Poor guy.

Here are the Pomegranate bushes.  They are taking their time coming back to life.  I was a little worried, but this morning when walked out to the compost bin and checked them out - I saw some leaves.  Whew!

There's potatoes growing in one of my compost bins.... lol   I'm going to keep adding leaves as they grow, and we'll see what happens.

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Here are more pictures I took to document the status of the garden mid March.....................

Fingerling Potatoes have taken off and are humming along.  Marcel and I are really excited about this since fingerlings are pricey in the store.  We got a few varieties, and I wish I remembered where I put the note that told me where I planted what (pretty sure I didn't toss it - so maybe it will turn up later).  This is Marcel's patch because I know zip about growing potatoes.

Here are the Collard Greens.  The heat will have them going to seed very soon.  I've already planted baby sweet peppers between them, so we don't lose any productivity.  If the sweet peppers get started too late, the summer heat will render them non-productive (blossoms can't tolerate the heat and drop).

Onion and garlic patch.  It was supposed to be Shallots too, but not a one came up in that row (makes me mad too because they are expensive).  The pushy things that look like weeds are volunteer Cilantro we didn't have the heart to pull up.  Cilantro loves my garden.

This picture doesn't look like much, but it's going to be a great "before" picture.  Here are the grapes Marcel planted.  I believe they are Thompson Seedless.  I have my doubts about them growing here, but Marcel feels confident.  Once they get going we'll trellis them.

The Cilantro is hanging in there.  This row was so productive this year.  I learned something.  Start Cilantro in the fall - and it will produce all winter long.  It's slowly going to seed, and I'm going to let it complete its cycle.  That means more volunteer Cilantro next year, but that's not really a bad thing.

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Yesterday afternoon was spent tending the homestead.  Lots of mowing, weeding, raking, etc.  I took lots of pictures which I plan to share in my journal this coming week. 

Here are all bloom pictures. 

Miniature rose bush that belongs to my neighbor, but - like many of the things my neighbor has (dog, two cats....) it resides partly on my property.  When I had the Giant Hovering Tree the bush didn't bloom very much at all.  Once I cut down the tree the bush really came to life - it blooms well into summer.

The Mountain Laurels are blooming!.  Oops.... I forgot to trim off the pods from last year.  I wonder if the new blooms felt like they were intruding...... 

This is what happens when you let Arugula live a long and fulfilling life.  I am going to let it complete its lifecycle and save the seeds for next year.  Arugula gave us some nice salads this winter - I'm grateful.

All dressed up and nobody to flirt with......
Here is Ms. Sexy Pluot - she's in her third year now, and she's ready to mate.  Unfortunately there is no mature male Plum or Pluot to pollinate her.  :-(   I planted a Methley plum this year for her, but he won't bloom until next year.  She'll have to wait.  Until then she can give him come hither looks and wink at him a lot.


Feb. 26th, 2010 10:30 am
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Harvested these from the garden on Wednesday.  It's a mixture of Arugula, Sail Leaf Lettuce, Red Oak Lettuce, Mache (Corn Salad), Spinach, green leaf lettuce (and a few dried up leaves from nearby trees....). 
Got 1 1/2 gallon bags of it.  Some went down south with the Mister.

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23F this morning when I woke up. OMG.....

Looks like the winter stuff in the garden fared pretty well.

Frost on the groundcover.

Had to call some of the chickens to get them to come outside.

Broke the ice so they could drink

Chickens were not especially enthusiastic about the brisk weather....

Three chickens went back inside after I fed them......hahaha
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We put in our Muscadines Wednesday! Five vines.
Big Red Ison Late Fry Pineapple and Darlene

Yay x 10

This is how the day looked.
Made me feel happy to be alive!
Do you see Marcel way out there planting vines? :-)

This is Big Red - he looks pretty puny here though :-)

Marcel did all the hard work - he's awesome!

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I just emailed these to Marcel, so I thought (while I was at it) I'd post them in my journal too.

This is Marcel with Kaylob. He's very good at getting the little boy to relax and go to sleep. He's a natural :-)

Here is what I harvested yesterday from the garden. The weather is becoming unpredictable, so I went ahead and harvested the remainder of the peppers. The Komatsuna is about what I harvest every week - that stuff is prolific! :-)
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I need to make an actual post to my journal - but for now - I will share a few pictures (so this could be like a picture post....yeah, that's what it is)

Here is my way too sexy husband taking a nap outside last week (I was down at his place). He is amazing in that he can sleep anywhere - I'm not kidding. He just closes his eyes when he feels like it and he takes a cat nap. He's up in 30 minutes totally refreshed. I envy that. If I take a nap with him - I'm out until he wakes me up.

I dried a jar of Blackberry leaves last week to make a mouthwash with (and tea too).

I am so LOVING my new coffee maker from my parents. OMG - this was the best birthday ever (especially with presents - my sister sent me TWO books on CHEESEMAKING!! - I just started reading one, and Marcel said he's all for exploring this food-craft).

Here I am with a little bit of the garden. Radishes and Komatsuna. I'll be posting more garden pics soon. I look a wreck, I know, but I'm a happy wreck. (not fishing for sympathy - just "keeping it real") ;-)

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Left Bush (closest to garden shed):  14 fruit  /  11 total pounds / 12.5 oz average

Right Bush:  19 fruit  /  16 total pounds  /  13.5 oz average

Total fruit harvested 33

Total pounds harvested 27.25  

Largest fruit 1 pound 3 ounces

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Thanks to the recent rains the garden is alive again and we're preparing for fall/winter.

Marcel and I were able to work on the garden yesterday.  We pulled up the yard long beans because I couldn't control the black Aphid population.  Just as well - we need to get garlic, shallots, and onions put in that location soon anyway.  Marcel turned over the ground - and it's ready for amendments and re-planting this weekend. Yay!

Looks like the Pomegranates are about ready for Prime Time.  Double Yay! 

Here Marcel is holding one off the bush.  It was so heavy - I wish I would have weighed it.

Here is one cut open and ready for my lunch box.

Here is a close up from the picture above

Here are the babies we transplanted (with loving care) yesterday.

Komatsuna (Mustard Spinach) - next to them is our Basil Patch (raided last night so we could make pesto)

Swiss Chard (looks a lot like the komatsuna at this stage doesn't it?) :-)

Zucchini squash looks like will be a success.  I'm hand pollinating because we just simply don't have any bees 'round here.  (working on warming Marcel up to the idea of a small household hive out back).   There's about 6 small fruits on them now - soon, universe willing, they'll be cranking them out (Marcel can use them in the restaurant - so the more the merrier)

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Some Photos I took today around the back

Pomegranates are going strong. 

They are becoming so heavy that they weigh down the branches. 

Luckily the branches are very flexible.

I can't wait until they are ripe! - I think that isn't until November though. :-/
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The plan was chickpeas, veggies, and whole wheat pasta (with some veggie sausage I found in the freezer from I don't know when). 

Unfortunately the pasta turned out looking and feeling like cooked worms - this is not me because I know how to cook pasta....

Scratch the pasta - it was a mess.  Luckily I always have a tub of cooked brown rice in the fridge!

I went out into the garden and gathered me some garnish
(this is Siberian Kale which is not really the type you use for garnish - but it does in a pinch)

Kale, Rice, and Chickpeas/Veggies = Dinner! (and Sierra liked it too which is the true test of greatness.....haha)


Jul. 13th, 2008 10:41 pm
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Ugh what a weird and in some ways awful day it turned out to be. 

I got up at a reasonable hour, and I let the chickens out - did some digging for the lavender bed - and did a morning walk.  Then I hung at the PC a little while messing with Itunes and Imeem.  Then I went to the sink to get a glass of water because I was hot and thirsty by now.

No water.

My first thought - oops, they got my nasty letter about last month's water bill and decided to teach me a lesson.  I went to my neighbor to ask him if his water was okay, but I'd forgotten he's 100% off the grid waterwise.  He said walk the back property and make sure there's no ponds there from a line break.  I did - there wasn't.  Called the water company - there was a water main break they were working on (this was about 1pm) - and it'd me 3 or 4 hours before we had water again. 

I said $%*@ that and went to the movies and saw Hellboy II.  Way worth it.  Eye candy and great effects.  No real plot or great performances, but who cares!?  I'll be buying this one, and I rarely buy DVD's.  The sets and costumes were stunning - especially in Troll Village (or was it town?).  I would have felt I'd gotten my monies worth had I even paid full price.

Got home after a side trip to Lowes for more planting supplies. 

No Water.

So, I managed to finish the first Lavender bed.  Mind you - I'm a veggie gardener not a landscaper, and the poor Lavender plants are lost in their bed right now - but here's
It's now 11pm, and there's still No Water.

I'm filthy dirty -  I really need a shower.  I guess I can break out the baby wipes..... :-)

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* Yesterday we had the monthly potluck at work.  I really should call in sick on this day since I have no self control at the buffet table.  I made a relish tray with homemade dips.  Everyone else brought things that were 5,000 calories per serving and up.

I went to visit my cousin Mellie in Austin today. 

* After a delicious lunch at an Indian restauratnt we went to Texas Natural Supply which turned out not to be an actual store but just a warehouse where you could pick up the order you placed online.  They had a PC in the lobby, and I placed my order online there - and we came back to pick it up.  I'll know better for next time :-)  I bought Lye, Coconut oil, Palm Oil, Almond Oil, Lavender flowers, Tomato powder, Epsom Salt, and a couple other things - mostly to make soap with (though the epsom salt is for the garden).

* We then stopped at a cactus & ecclectic art shop where I bought an awkward looking baby ponytail plant.

* Next we went to The Natural Gardener which should be off limits to people like me.  We walked arount the grounds and checked out the various gardens and farm animals. Since I'm pretty much broke I limited myself to 5 baby Lavender plants and a solar chinese lantern.  I could have spent soooooo much more. 

(you saw them here first - give them a year or two..... they'll be big beautiful lavender bushes)

*  In the early evening we went to Mellies Church where she was speaking that night.  This is a spiritual community I can very much relate too.  It's too bad it's so far away.  I might still find a way to attend services once a month.

* On the way home I couldn't resist stopping and figuring out what the "PLUS" was at HEB Plus in Kyle.  Turns out it's a bunch of extra stuff people who are grocery shopping don't need.  For instance................

This was a full display of well over 100 cans of Scorpian killer; what I caught in the camera was only the top of it.. When I saw this I wondered if there was some plague of scorpians happening in Kyle that the rest of Texas wasn't aware of.   My next thought was what do you need spray for - they don't fly..... they don't move very fast - can't you just squash them underfoot and leave the atmosphere with a few less chemicals?

* So I made it home safe - a few dollars poorer - - but well worth it.
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I probably won't be posting Monday - so here's my weekend wrap up early.

Saturday I went to a chicken show.  It was hot - temperature hot.  I saw a few people I knew, and it was interesting seeing all the bantams (mini chickens).  I'd never be into showing chickens, but it's entertaining to attend.

Here's an update on the Shade Garden.  I never could get the Astilbe to grow, but the mondo grass is hanging in there and the Hostas and Caladiums are holding their own.  I need to put something in the center now - it looks too plain.  I might do a bird feeder or bird bath.

I harvested Shallots, onions, garlic, and chard. 

I made whole wheat sourdough biscuits (like I really need those calories!) :-)

and I started thinking about fixing the toilet.  I got it halfway taken apart - and then PFFFFFT!  I went and watched an episode of The Tudors on surfthechannel.com instead.


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