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Yesterday I made an impromptu road trip to Corpus Christi to meet my new grandson Brody who was born just that morning (4/29).  The reason the trip was unplanned is because, for some reason, the doctor decided to or agreed to induce labor.  My step-daughter says it was because the baby was so big (well, he was just over 7 pounds....that's not too big, but whatever).  Mom and baby are healthy - thank you Universe for your many many blessings!  I am not a carrier of the Maternal Gene (the Universe gave my share to my sister God rest her soul), but I do appreciate family - and greeting new babies into the world is a joyous thing.

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* My Mom & Niece will be leaving on Wednesday, so this is my last weekend with them.  It really was nice having them here.  I was also glad I could share my "paradise" with them (I'm kind of proud of my life....humble as it is) :-)

Business seems to be picking up a little at the restaurant. I hope it continues in spite of all the negativity on the gulf coast.  The oil spill hasn't affected us here in Texas physically, but it sure has emotionally. 

*  I'm considering the possiblity of going back to school once I move to Corpus (while working too of course).  I think I might like to get into the Nursing program at Texas A&M Corpus Christi or Delmar College (though since I've been out of school for almost 30 years - I may need to do a semester or two of pre-requisite work).  Nursing is what I was on track to pursue decades ago when my life veered in another direction (no regrets).  I think a nursing job will pay adequately, offer decent benefits, jobs are plentiful, and it would fall under my idea of "right livlihood" which is very important to me.  As a bonus - I could help myself and family with my knowledge/skills.  Both colleges offer an E-Learning program which I might consider while working part-time in a nursing home or care facility to keep it relevent.   I'll have to see what our financial situation is like etc., but I feel good about the idea.

Blackberries are done.  It was a good harvest this year.  This weekend I will get in there and get everything pruned back.  It's sad that this will be my last Blackberry harvest for awhile.  Whomever rents the house will be enjoying it next year. 

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Here are pictures from when I took my mom and niece to meet Marcel in Port Aransas. 
We took these pictures at his restaurant.

Waiters Christopher, Alan, and Sean

Sierra, Jerrica, and my mom (Barbara) - getting ready to feast :-)

Jerrica getting peppered by Sean.

Jerrica's Goulash w/Spaetzle & veggies

Sierra's NY Steak w/garlic butter -  with taters & veggies

Me & My Hubby who walked me out to my car when I headed back :-)
(my arms are FAT.... :-(  )

I'm Back

May. 14th, 2010 01:14 pm
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I'll post first because I'm positive that, by the time I finish reading my friendslist there won't be time to do a post.

Update (highlights)

My computer is dead AGAIN!  Grrr....  Black screen with curser this time - then when I push it gives me a cannot read disk error.  I picked the brain of the Geek squad rep at Best Buy - he said - buy a new one.  So, I'm puterless until that happens - which is okay, I have wifi on my Touch at home - and I have internet access at work.  That'll get me through until I find something I can afford that doesn't suck too bad. :-)

My mom is here.  She arrived Wednesday night while I was in Corpus Christi.  I came home early (Thursday) so I could spend time with her.  First thing we did was go go the garden and harvest blackberries and taters :-)

*  Canyon trip went smoothly.  Michael graduated West Texas A&M.  Unfortunately most of the pictures came out too dark because I had to use a cheapo disposible camera (the batteries on my digital refused to charge - turns out the cells were bad) 

*  Houston trip went smoothly, but we didn't do anything I planned.  Still - we had a good time, and we got to see Tom ([livejournal.com profile] texasts ) for lunch!

(photo stolen from Tom's Journal)

*  Yesterday Marcel and I celebrated our first anniversary.  We are giddy :-)

* I'm fully into blackberry season - unbelievable how many berries there are - I'm happy.  Everything else in the garden rocks too.  I'm blessed.

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Better late than never I say.

I wish I'd taken more pictures, and I managed (once again) to leave myself completely out of the pictures again (I'm sure Freud would have something to say about this practice).

Sierra's friend Roger came, and my good friend Tom ( [livejournal.com profile] texasts  ) blessed us with his presence. Marcel's daughter Felicitas and her baby Kalob (not shown - how did I not take that doll-babies picture?).

We ate southwestern corn chowder, drop biscuits, Turkey, dressing, spicy sweet potato wedges, and braised greens - and for dessert.... Marcel made an authentic Black Forest cake. We drank Albarino - a Spanish white wine that was new to me, but everyone agreed it's a keeper.

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So Sierra, Alexis, her partner, and I went to Green for Thanksgiving.  The food was okay - best part all veg which is what usually keeps me away from Thanksgiving out.  Here are some pictures.  None of Alexis since she doesn't allow pictures of herself (sometimes I think she's a secret agent on assignment.....haha).

We got to San Antonio early, so we drove up Fredericksburg road a ways (Green is on N.Flores).  I love neighborshoods like this - so much character.  I could live here (not).  It's got a type of inner city charm during the day, but I am pretty sure I'd be terrified at night.

Menu: Sliced Seitan "Turkey", Bisquit, Mashed Potatoes, Dressing, Sweet Potatoes, Cranberry Relish, Green Beans, and Pumpkin Cobbler.

Sierra is a good sport about letting me take pictures of her eating.....

I thought black was supposed to make you look thinner.....bah.  In the interest of "keeping it real" I post this; however, I'm not happy about it :-)


Aug. 20th, 2008 08:40 pm
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My daughter made this for me when she was a teenager.  I always keep it on the fridge, but I decided to scan because I know it will eventually deteriorate - and I never want the memory to.

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Today I had a headache most of the day.  Jeez! - yesterday gas bubble - today headache.  I'm friggin' falling apart! :-)

I couldn't afford to sideline myself - there is just too much to do.

I went to Walmart and bought an electric chainsaw.  I require one now since the pile of limbs by the meadow tree is now big.  I was planning to hand saw the larger pieces into burnable size; however, there are too many and it's just too hard.  Anyway - got the saw home and used it to cut one piece and the bar comes loose (yes, I did read the manual before operating).  I took it apart and tried, with the help of the manual, to figure out what was wrong - no luck.  So, I brought it back and went to Home Depot and got the same brand (Remington) only the "deluxe" model for $20 more than what I spent at Walmart.  The deluxe model is self-oiling and has an easier way to tighten the chain.  I got it home, but it was too late to play with it - too much other things to do.  Tuesday!

Brought veggies over to my next door neighbor Gerry early in the evening.

Tonight around 9:30pm I was talking to my dad and the weather went crazy.  Temp dropped by about 10 degrees and winds kicked up.  Next came the rain.  I had to hang up so I could get the windows rolled up in the truck and let the dogs in.  I ran a bath and while bathing the power went out., so I spent the rest of the evening playing with the dogs in the dark.  Power came back on at around 3am - I woke up on the floor with the dogs lying around me, got up and turned all the lights off - then went to my bed.  It was a good night overall - I had fun hanging with the dogs with no other distractions.
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Talked to the sister last night - she says dad is doing fine.  I tried to call his hospital room, but it rang and rang.  Brother told sister he had the same experience.  We think the mom might have provided the wrong number, or he's been sleeping (which is good).

At Daves Garden Gloria125 posted a link to a website where you can buy products suggested in the Kushi Macrobiotic cookbooks.  KushiStore
I will have to to there and see what there is to see.

I got $45 in bonus certificates for winning two contests at work.  I put it all onto my Amazon.com account.  Will leave it there until I figure out what is most important to put it towards (my guess is a new carpet cleaner since mine recently bit the dust).
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First thing when I got home last night I called to see how dad was.  My sister said he made it out of surgery and is looking good.  I found out what the surgery was - it's a aortic something or other where they have to go in and put a band around a section of the aorta to stabilize it and keep it from rupturing - yikes!.  Hopefully this weekend I can talk to the old dude :-)

Finally made it to Friday.  All week my sleep's been interrupted with Cyber's cries and moans and general restlessness (she wants outside - she wants inside - then out - then in - sheesh).  Something is up with her even though she's looking healthy enough (for a 9+ year old cat).  Tuesday or Wednesday (vacation day) I'll take her in to the vet and see if he can figure it out.  I'm to the point where I want to lock her in the laundry room so I can get some peace.

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I wasn't surprised to see Melinda not make the top two, but I was disappointed.  On a positive note - she definately has a career in entertainment ahead of her - what a talent.  Blake will need to have a fantastic night in order to beat Jordan - I'll be looking forward to next Tuesday.

Today my father goes into surgery.  I can't remember exactly what for - something to do with a valve in his heart I think.  They are not putting him out - they are doing an epidural, so it can't be that risky right?  I'm still worried.  He is about 70 years old - and at that age our bodies aren't as strong.  Thank goodness he quit smoking last year.


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I'm watching The Lost Room mini-series I checked out from Hollywood.  Good stuff, but it's kept me from my reading! :-)

Apparently water is repaired, but I'm leaving it turned off one more day to be sure the "glue" cures well.  I'll turn everything back on tonight.

I called home after work last night.  Talked to mom and Sierra - and to Zoe for a minute, but she sounded tired.  Asked her to call me later - she never did.

Bea put in an application at my work.  There aren't any openings right now, but she's got the paperwork in which is a start.  It would be good for her to work here.  Better environment and less stress.  I hope something opens up.

This weekend I'm going to make that mosaic stepping stone.  It's not true mosaic; it's basically making a concrete stone with a mold and sticking in pieces of glass.  I want to do some real mosaic - it sounds like fun; I'm searching on the net to find supplies at a reasonable price (the craft stores here are expensive)
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Attempted to mow back property today.  My talking to the mower didn't work - would not run without choke out.  Need to get in there and clean the carburetor up.  Invited my friend to bring her husband by over the weekend to help me figure it out.  Offered her free vegetables in return.

Put together Porch swing all by myself - I amaze myself.  It's awesome.  It's facing the garden, and the canopy creates some nice shade.  I brought out an old pillow and quilt to throw on it to cozy it up even more.  I layed on it for over an hour reading from James Herriot's Dog Stories until I finally got up to get myself over to the dentist in San Antonio.

Dentist appointment went okay.  They didn't do the new filling just patched the crack.  Saved me money and I didn't have to get a shot of novOcaine.  After dentist I stopped by Michaels Craft superstore and got a Mosaic stepping stone kit and a desk-pillow I can use to write when I'm out on the swing.  I also got 4 tee-shirts for $10 - can't beat that.

Spoke with Zoe in the evening.  Dad is going in for his surgery on the 17th.  She seems concerned.  Dad is a tough guy, but he isn't a spring chicken - and the surgery isn't minor - - so will send out positive vibes in his direction.


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