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* Today my "must do no matter what" goal was to get my back porch cleaned up. The chickens like to hang out there part of the day, and they've made (more of) a mess of it.  I rigged a skirt to put around it from extra fabric - it looks ghetto, but it'll keep it somewhat clean.  I scrubbed the concrete and got all the dirt off, but it still looks not so good (stains etc.). 

*  I got a message from my singles site from someone who wants to live out in the country - somewhere he can walk out his back porch naked and shoot doves without neighbors around to protest.  He wanted to know if I hunted doves, and what I did for kicks if I didn't drink.  Several days later he wrote again and wondered why I didn't reply.

* Bea and I ended up going to Market Square instead of Riverwalk last night.  Extremely last minute decision "hey, quick....turn here!!"  We walked the square and enjoyed the tourist shops with their colorful Mexican souveineers.  We got our name on the list to eat and Mi Tierra Cafe which was excellent in every way.  We waited over 30 minutes for a table, but we bought bakery goods while we hung out.  It was a nice night out. 

The pinatas and Mexican versions of Tibetan prayer flags that hang from the ceiling in the entry way of Mi Tierra Cafe. 

This was not our waiter.  It was some poor employee Bea drug into the picture; he was a good sport.

I'm facinated with Day of the Dead stuff.  These ladies were delightfully chilling

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I have no creative motivation today, so I decided to snap a picture of myself hot, sweaty, and without makeup (not that makeup improves my looks a whole lot...haha)  Just came in to cool off after mowing and digging up my poor dead Pluot tree.  Off to the Riverwalk with my friend Bea later - hopefully I can take some pics there. 

On a more interesting note........

Here is the grinder I bought, and a picture of soybeans whole - then grounded on the coarsest setting (perfect split for tempeh - yay)

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I went to my friend Yvette's Tastefully Simple party.  I can't remember what I bought, but it was for making dips and flavoring things.  Yvette got herself a nice little house.  I'm very proud of her - I wish I had myself that together when I was her age. 

I got home and shared some of the Watermelon I bought with the chickens.

I got back on Sparkpeople today.  The weight has to go - I'm getting to old to haul it around anymore.  I dusted off my heart monitor and my workout DVD's and I'm going to get back on the fitness saddle.  To keep myself honest I'm commiting to posting my progress daily (I'll do it behind a cut) - this will be 1. - what I ate (in general) 2. - calories 3. - what I did for exercise that day.
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I spent most of today in Austin visiting with my cousins and their spouses.  My cousing Mellie lives in Austin, and my other cousin Marci was visiting her (she lives in Arizona).  Mellie has a beautiful new home - I was really very impressed.  They turned one of the bedrooms into a spa room complete with a sauna and a lounging area - awesome!  This is the first time I've met Marci and only the second time (I remember) meeting Mellie. They are both so great - classy and funny and down-to-earth.  I really enjoyed their company.  
One thing I did notice is how thin they are..... I share half their genes....what happened?? :-)  

Here is a photo of the three of us Marci on the Left then Mellie and Me
(looks a little like the number "110" .... )  

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*  Earlier this week I attempted to repair my leaking tub spigot (SPIGOT!!).  I met a nice gentleman at Lowes who was kind enough to offer to come over and assist me since I'd made over 4 trips to the store that day trying different things.  That evening when I got home I went ahead and put everything back together and turned the water on - voila!  No leak (well, just an intermittant drip which was nothing).  So - it's all good for now.  I did learn some things from the experience though which is good, and I made a friend who told me to keep his number in case the drip decides to come back.

*  I still haven't found my cell phone that I lost just before Christmas.  Frustrating.

*  I ordered my chickens Tuesday.  They are Delawares - I bought 25 females and 1 rooster.  I plan on only having a flock of a dozen, but I needed the extras for warmth while traveling - the extras that make it to adulthood I can easily sell to someone who wants an egg laying pet.

*  I placed an ad on Craigslist looking for someone to help me build my chicken coop.  I offered vegetables and eggs in exchange.  I got many replies.  One from someone with the email address of DrtyCowboy1@chooseaserver.com  and one from a man who says he's too far away to help, but shared a poem with me about naked people..... :-)  Most of the replies were helpful though.

*  I watched Santa Clause 3 last night.  It was pretty good - seemed really low budget - but I really liked Jack Frost though.

*  With the whole housing crisis and recession in the news I'm reminded to be grateful that I own my home with a reasonable low interest mortgage that - as long as I'm employed - I can afford to make payments on every month.  There are plenty of people not as fortunate as I am.  I feel very poor most days, but I don't have the massive credit card debt other people have, and I live within my means - so that's something. 

*  Here is a random picture of me brushing my teeth .........

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I read somewhere (probably People) that "women of a certain age" who want to look more youthful should be wearing pink lipstick.  They showed pictures of Demi Moore etc. all with the color on their lips.  I've never wore pink, but I am all for looking youthful - so I went and bought a stick at the local Walgreens - and here it is  -  

Hmmm...... I don't think I'm liking it, but maybe it might grow on me (hopefully not literally).

I spent the first 1/3 of my workday making new sew blankets for Martin Luther King day.  They will be donated to the United Way to be distributed as needed.
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I decided to get right to work on my 2008 Bucket list (http://eats-veggies.livejournal.com/59645.html) with Museo Alameda.  It's free on Sunday, and I love free.  I found the map I'd printed out from mapquest and off I went (I made maps of all my bucketlist locations so I couldn't use not knowing how to get there as an excuse).  

Downtown San Antonio is slightly stressful to drive only because they always have freeway construction that causes them to put up high, very narrow, barriers to drive between.  I got off the freeway and onto the main road the museum is supposed to be on - then I see a big sign for Market Square (a Mexican street market I've heard talked about on the news etc.).  Yay - the museum is IN market square.  A bonus!

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I got this at the Goodwill!!  It's German and Wool, and in perfect condition.  The sleeves are too long, but I can shorten them.  

It was marked with the Blue tag, and on Tuesday all special tags are 99 Cents - this past Tuesday Blue was the special tag.

SCORE!!!!  :-)

(the pic is kind of crappy)

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 Halloween is the best time to try a new color on your hair


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