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Nov. 15th, 2007 11:19 am
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On my birthday there was this dog that trotted up my driveway to visit.  Gorgious Black Lab/Chow mix.  I gave him water, fed him and played with him.  I figured if he was still in my yard in the morning I'd take him in and try to find his family.  He wasn't there the next day; however, he came to me this morning while I was watering my garden.  Here we go again.  

I took several pictures to make a poster with which I'll do at work today.  He doesn't stay still long enough to get a good pictue, but I ended up with one good enough for the poster.  Next time he comes to me I'll "confine" him and post up the flyers.  (there are more picutures behind the cut)


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Sunday I was driving home from picking up the chicken hutch frame
(It's upside down here - fit in the bed exactly!)

 and there were two dogs trotting down FM 725 weaving in and out of traffic.  I slowed down to get past them and felt a pang of worry for them.  I continued on towards my house.  Half way down Zipp I said to myself "If they are still there when I go back - I'll bring them home and find their owner".  I would have wanted someone to do that for me and my dogs (and if someone would have - - - who knows, it might have prevented the disaster that took place).  Well,  they were still there, so I stopped and opened up the cab door to the truck.  In they jumped and I took them home.  

One was a Weimeraner Mix female the other a male Spaniel Mix.  Cute dogs.  I gave them water and fed them - then played with them for awhile.  They were find hanging out in the back yard.

Monday I had jury duty - so I had to leave the house really early.  I didn't get selected, so I went to the library on my way home and made a poster with the digital pictures I took.  I took it to Kinkos to make copies, and the guy there did them for free (nice of him).  My first stop with the posters was the local shelter.  I went in and explained I had these dogs, and I'd take care of them Okay - I just needed them to post the poster and keep their ears open for anyone calling for them.  They said - no need, the owners already were calling about them.  Yay!  The owner came by that afternoon and picked them up.  Cool - I felt really good about the experience.

Tuesday was Pecan day.  My two pecan trees have already dropped half their pecans - and they needed to be picked up before the Squirrels got everything.  I harvested over 20 pounds total between the two trees leaving a bunch for the Squirrels as well.  Good fun.  Shelling them won't be as fun....

Time Off

Sep. 28th, 2007 03:44 pm
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 I hate it when I finish a post and then get sidetracked on a LJ link - and click off the page.  Damn.
Why can't I remember to copy the work to the clipboard first just in case??? ugh!!!

I'm going to be off work until Thursday, so I won't be online (since I don't have internet at home).
No LJ or Sparkpeople until then - wow, how will I cope??

Random life highlights below:

*  Got home from work last night - no dogs in yard.  Little one in neighbors yard (no clue how he got there) - Big one cruising the neighborhood.  Will check all fences tomorrow.  Hope nobody let them out.

*  Bought new cell phone today.  Tried to find a cheap one, but even a used one was more than I wanted to pay. The best overall deal was at the Tmobile site itself.  I just got the newer model of what I had Nokia 6103.  $59.99 and it came with a bonus of $25.00 refill card (which, for me, is 250 minutes).  I feel okay about that.

*  My main two objectives above all else while I'm off is to FINISH Sierra's gown (and mail it to her Wednesday) and get the fall garden COMPLETELY planted and prepped for fall.  The only thing that could derail this is.....

* I'm on call for jury duty the entire month of October.  I call in each Sunday evening.  If I'm on the list I have to go in.  I have to do this every Sunday in October (even if I'm chosen and serve for a jury the previous week).  I personally that is asking a little too much, but what can I do).  So, it's possible that I could spend all my vacation time this next week in a courtroom.
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I have the T-mobile pay as you go plan.  I was able to save the chip (and the battery), so I guess I'll see if I can find another phone - I have about 500 minutes left on the chip.  I hate spending money!

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The nice thing about working the 11:30am - 9pm shift is you can sleep in after you stayed awake late into the night.

Last night my dogs convinced me I should come out and play at 11:40pm. I caved to the peer pressure.

I have a tennis ball that has a big hole in it. If I throw it into the pool it sinks to the bottom. It is Chi's pleasure to fish the ball from the bottom of the pool (dunking his entire head in) and shake it getting the water all out - then dropping it back into the water to sink. He will continue to do this until I take the ball away from him....... I'll usually let him play with himself while I throw another ball for Mo for several minutes - then save Chi from himself by confiscating the soggy ball and hiding it. Once he can see it's gone - he'll join Mo and me playing catch. 


Bad Dogs

Sep. 19th, 2007 05:10 pm
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Tuesday morning I'm woken up at 4:30am by hysterically barking dogs.

I drug myself out of bed and made my way outside in pitch black to see what's up. The dogs had cornered something that was perched on one of the big limbs I'd trimmed and left hanging over the fence.
I called them off, but to no avail.
I made my way forward to see exactly what it was they were after - and whatever it was must have gotten startled by me (guess the baying dogs didn't bother it) and it either jumped or fell INTO THE YARD side of the fence (duh).
The dogs pounced and you could hear the growling, scuffling, and generally aggressive murderous energy in the air. At this point I didn't make any more attempts because to get in between them at this point would put me in danger.
I said a little prayer to myself that whatever it was dies quickly and without too much suffering, and went inside.
I waited for the sun to rise then went out to see what I could see. It was a raccoon. I got a stained t-shirt I was going to throw away and wrapped him in it. His body was still warm and heavy - it felt like he might be just sleeping, but he wasn't breathing at all.
I dug a grave for him under the fig tree and put him to rest.
I then checked both dogs to be sure they weren't bitten or scratched in the fray. I tried not to show how upset and disappointed I was in them - they are dogs after all.
I went back inside and collapsed on the couch - fell asleep. What a morning!
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Vick saga continues
Looks like Vick may have "done it".  I'm not surprised.  I think, considering all the media, he will get punished.  If the courts don't do it - the public will.  Good.  I hope they give him community service at the humane society.

Steve-O Bites Someone Else
My parent's pit bull mix Steve-o bit someone else yesterday.  He didn't actually attack them, but he lunged and bit the ankle of a neighbor while my dad was walking him on the leash.  Ugh.  I think he's going to have to be gently put to sleep.  What a cutie patootey dog and what a terrible habit he has.  I told my mother he's just too unpredictable - if he gets loose and injures or kills a child she'll never be able to forgive herself.  I think they should arrange it with a vet and have the family there to hold his paws - but it needs to be done.  What a shame. 

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Here are my dogs & my collection of ladders.......
The ground was really soupy - now that it's not raining every day - the mud holes aren't there anymore.

Rain Day

Jun. 20th, 2007 06:11 pm
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Today rain was forecast - sure enough 20 minutes before I had to leave for work it started.  

I got everything situated in the yard and let the dogs come inside.  I turned on the History channel for them so they wouldn't get bored.  Usually when I do this I come home and look in the window to find them sitting on the couch watching TV just like people.....  I put out buckets and the big trash bin to catch rain in.  Waste not want not.
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Finally pictures of the garden.  I took these weeks ago, but it took a week to get the CD made from the printer (long story).  Can't wait until my digital camera comes back from the shop.

I'm cutting this for space.  Click on link to see entire post.

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Last night I was outside playing catch with the dogs, and I leaned down to grab the ball by the water main and I heard a dreaded hissing.  Sure enough the (recently repaired) water main sprung another leak.  I quickly went inside and filled up a few containers with water and then shut the water off.  

Next morning I called the plumber who did the original repairs (this will actually be the 3rd time out for him on this repair).  He was a little grouchy about it, but said he'd be out.  I don't blame him - I wouldn't be thrilled about having to come out and get all muddy again either.  He was at the house when I left for work (I tied up Chi so he wouldn't bother his work -  hope he remembers to set him free when he leaves).


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