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Seriously -
it would have been worth it to have a plumber come in and install a new toilet for the aggravation and anxiety this caused me. 

Though I would have missed out on an empowering experience I guess. 

Now I'll be watching it for the next week being sure it doesn't leak or overflow.
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I probably won't be posting Monday - so here's my weekend wrap up early.

Saturday I went to a chicken show.  It was hot - temperature hot.  I saw a few people I knew, and it was interesting seeing all the bantams (mini chickens).  I'd never be into showing chickens, but it's entertaining to attend.

Here's an update on the Shade Garden.  I never could get the Astilbe to grow, but the mondo grass is hanging in there and the Hostas and Caladiums are holding their own.  I need to put something in the center now - it looks too plain.  I might do a bird feeder or bird bath.

I harvested Shallots, onions, garlic, and chard. 

I made whole wheat sourdough biscuits (like I really need those calories!) :-)

and I started thinking about fixing the toilet.  I got it halfway taken apart - and then PFFFFFT!  I went and watched an episode of The Tudors on surfthechannel.com instead.

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I've turned into Tim Taylor.......

Looking to get one of these to cut the metal roofing I have stacked in one of my outbuildings - want to put over roofing on coop.
Cheapest one is $120.00 - so I'll be calling around to see if any of my aquaintances has one.  Not a common tool, so I think not.

Anyone know of an alternate method (cheaper) to cut meatal roof sheets? :-)

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The weather was crummy Sunday, so I stayed in and played around in the kitchen.

* First I made bread.  One regular Whole Wheat loaf (with random spices) and one I made with dehydrated collard greens (I know, it doesn't sound appetizing, but I have a lot of collard greens I dehydrated from the garden - and they don't taste so good in green smoothies).

* Then I made bean&veggie calzones to freeze for lunches.  I put dried Romaine powder in the dough so it's green.  It tasted good, but next time maybe a little less Romaine.....

* I also hung the Wallpaper border I bought well over a year ago.  I paid $1.50 per roll - 4 rolls did the whole room.  Pretty cheap, and it's very retro (tacky) looking.  I love it!!  (Putting up wallpaper borders by yourself isn't easy)

* I watched AFTERMATH: POPULATION ZERO last night.  It made me feel bad.  I wanted us all to get the heck off this poor planet and let it breathe again.  I also thought the long haired cows were cool.

* Finally - here is the inside workings of the soymilk maker for Sahlah


Random pics

Mar. 6th, 2008 12:32 pm
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I bought this little feeder because the birds keep landing on the tiny bit of window sill there is and looking inside.
Makes me feel guilty.

I bought this whole set just for the two offset screwdrivers.  No place I looked had them for sale by themselves.
Anybody need a screwdriver?

Finally some Fava Beans (but not many)
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*  I switched as a favor and am working today (Tuesday) and was off Monday.  Since I made this change the weather had to regroup and rain on Monday instead of Tuesday.  My body cooperated though.  I was sick as a dog Monday - I'd have had to call in if I was actually working.  I stayed inside and did some home projects including hanging some wall junk I'd put off far too long.

* These are Chinese brocade Lion and Dragon.  They is supposed to be a religious significance, but I haven't been able to get enough details.  They look tibetan, but I bought them in a Bazaar in Japan.

This is showing my tacky side (my mom would say my filipino side - and she means that in a nice way).  I like it though, it makes me happy. The window boxes were murder to hang.  I finally used brackets like you use for shelving.  They look crooked, but the level says they are supposed to be straight.

* Over the weekend my stalker (Angela) came over to help me plant the shade garden in the front yard.  We planted Hostas, Mondo grass, and Astilbe.  Hopefully it will fill in.  This weekend I will mulch it and put in some decorations.

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To make my  bathroom bigger I took off the wooden door and put up a curtain.
Now it looks like the entrance to the circus - or a peep show.......

Privacy isn't an issue since I live alone.  There is always the back bathroom for anyone who might visit :-)
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I decided I'd play with this, so I bought some inexpensive ribbon and craft beads at Walmart.  I Pinned the ribbons behind the rods.  
Mine looked less like an exotic harem window and more like a summer camp craft project, but it was fun - and it fits in with how this room looks overall anyway.

Total cost for one full window
Ribbon:  44cents per roll -  4 rolls needed
Beads:  $1.99 for a big bag with enough for several windows

This is showing it half way.  I am going to need to iron out the tie marks (I'd had them tied back earlier)



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