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Here's the latest chicken video installment.  It was a hot weekend, The chickens make good use of the little mini pool.


3 Eggs

Aug. 3rd, 2008 02:16 pm
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I got three eggs today - it appears that one of the chickens is laying chocolate eggs........... :-)

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New lesson - don't hold the camera vertical in video mode because it can't be flipped :-)

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* One of my Pluot trees all of a sudden looks like it died.  Very weird - one day fine - next day this:

I've been keeping it watered, and the other Pluot is fine.  Very strange.  I'm going to continue to water it and see what happens.  My Fig tree resurrected itself - maybe this one will too.

*  The big looming tree next to my house that I had removed early this year is trying to come back in the form of  several "bushes".  If I don't keep it cut back it will end up taking over.

* Since that tree was cut down there is a lot of sun on that side of the house.  This little weed/bush never bloomed before - this year it's beautiful.  I think I will prune it and see if I can get it to look nicer for next year.

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A strange strangled crowing woke me up at 6am this morning.  I knew what it was and jumped out of bed, grabbed my camera, and headed out to the coop.  There I sat for about 30 minutes waiting to catch one of Roo's first crows on video.  I really need to get a life.

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I went to my friend Yvette's Tastefully Simple party.  I can't remember what I bought, but it was for making dips and flavoring things.  Yvette got herself a nice little house.  I'm very proud of her - I wish I had myself that together when I was her age. 

I got home and shared some of the Watermelon I bought with the chickens.

I got back on Sparkpeople today.  The weight has to go - I'm getting to old to haul it around anymore.  I dusted off my heart monitor and my workout DVD's and I'm going to get back on the fitness saddle.  To keep myself honest I'm commiting to posting my progress daily (I'll do it behind a cut) - this will be 1. - what I ate (in general) 2. - calories 3. - what I did for exercise that day.
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It's time for another chicken video..... :-)

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* Ahhh the tide came in finally - relief in sight.

* Still awake.  I'll just stay up until bedtime to get back on schedule.

*  I bought paint to paint the bedroom yesterday.  The lighter color for the walls - the darker for the trim.  Once I got it home I saw the resemblance to vanilla and chocolate ice cream.  I decided to paint the hallway this instead.  I want to go with red or orange tones in the front bedroom instead.  If Sierra (or anyone else in my family) doesn't move here (and it's looking like that will be the case) I'm going to make that bedroom a southwestern theme.  Today I cleaned the trim good and masked the floor.

* I felt so confident after fixing the toilet that I decided to install the faucet my mom bought when she was here last.  It looked something like this:
I didn't finish it because I couldn't get the plastic attachments off that anchor the faucet to the sink - I tried everything I could think of.  So, I put it all back together the old way - and now there's next to no pressure..... argh.  I'll deal with it Wednesday.

*  Went to Papa Murphy's Pizza to pick up a pie because I'm deliriously tired and pizza sounds good.  No tomatoes due to the Salmonella thing, but I have plenty of those little buggers......  oops - I forgot to set the timer and it got a leetle too brown.

*  It was so hot today the hens were sticking their heads in the cinderblocks inside their coop to keep cool.

* Here's a picture (not the best view of him) of Roo in all his new Rooster glory.  Still isn't crowing though, and he's still a mama's boy - coo's if I pick him up and nestles his head in the crook of my arm.
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 Deciding if it's hot enough to actually get feet wet

Yes, it's that hot.

The Pool Bouncer wouldn't let me any where near the water.
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My chickens found another snake.  I caught it on video, and I'm going to share it regardless of how redneck my porch and yard look right now (the video pretty much goes everywhere).  Also, the yard is so awful because there's a drought and I use all my water on my vegetables & fruits - none left over to support a lush lawn.

 I ran down the chicken who ended up with it finally and caught just the last seconds before she gulped it down.  I couldn't believe she ate the whole thing!!

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I caught the chickens heading into the coop at sundown.  This is a ritual that lasts about 20 minutes, so a video wouldn't have worked.  I love it when I can catch them in the act - usually I forget until they are already tucked inside. 

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The Yard and Isolation Wing to the right :-)

Closeup view of Solitary.  Nobody is in it anymore, so I'm going to work on modifications this weekend.

Yard Birds @ 5 Weeks

Basking under the heat lamp just before bed.  They actually stretch out like a person - it's funny and strange.

Here most of them are huddling together by the door.  They like the warmth, but they like the fresh air too - so their butts are under the heat lamp and their heads in the doorway. (this is currently my Windows Wallpaper - how pathetic is that? haha).


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