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I feel like I want to mark the passing of my cat Cyber with a journal post dedicated to her.

Cyber came into my family in the summer of 1997.  I'd recently moved to Japan to work for MWR, and I wanted to surprise my daughter Sierra with a kitten when she came to join me around Christmas that year.

Cyber was always Cyber - even as a kitten.  By that I mean not overly playfull; definitely independent.  She was like a roomate (who didn't want to be bothered too much).  We still adored her regardless of her lack of kitty cat personality.

While living in Japan Cyber's home was our 3LDK Mansion apartment.  She was predominately an indoor kitty, but she slipped by us and out the door occasionally.  This wasn't really a big deal to us until one day she didn't return.  I think she was gone almost 4 months when she returned not too worse for wear (she was missing a tooth). She never strayed again.

In 2004 we moved back to the United States, and Cyber came with us.  The base vet perscribed her some sedatives for the trip.  She traveled under my seat in her carrier, and she was a real trooper.  I already owned my house when we got to Texas; we just didn't have any furniture in it yet.  Cyber went from cat carrier to the top of the shower stall of the master bedroom after being turned loose.  She stayed there for a long time.

We got dogs shortly after we moved to Texas.  This didn't make Cyber very happy, and there were some tense moments.  She got through them though.  We kept the dogs outside and Cyber inside.  For the most part everyone learned to live together.

When Marcel came along in 2009 Cyber was skeptical.  She retreated to her safe place (above the hot water heater in the laundry room) for the first few weeks after he started visiting.  Eventually she would stay in the same room.  Then she would allow him to pet her.  Then she would jump into his lap. After we married I was still living in New Braunfels and Marcel was commuting from the coast up to me every week.  The plan was, eventually, for me to move down to be with him.  Since I couldn't be with him - I sent Cyber down to live with him.  They formed a nice bond when that happened.

We noticed in the past 5 years that she was "showing her age".  You could tell she was moving slower and it took her longer and longer to find a comfortable place to lay down.  In 2014 she developed quite a serious infection in her eyes.  We struggled with it back and forth until finally I asked the vet to remove them (she was already blind by that time).  Once the surgery was done she gained weight and was coping fairly well. Not long after this we sold the restaurant and moved to the house in New Braunfels.  She came with of course, and she was doing fairly well considering her age and blindness.  She slept most of the time only getting up from her bed to eat and poop.  Still - she was doing okay.

Then the infections returned.  The vet perscribed two antibiotics, and we kept her on them for two weeks.  No change.  Because her eyes were goine - the area just above her eye swelled up.  She was not a happy camper.  After getting the advice of the vet - we made the decision to let her go.  We didn't want her final weeks to be miserable.  We held her while the sedative was administered and she was relaxing, and we held were both there when they gave the final injection.

I felt sad, but I also felt like she was still with us in spirit.  We buried her under the fig tree in front of the garden shed.  I am going to make a market stone for the little plot.

We are feeling very empty at the moment - we have constant reminders since she used to live in our bedroom.  We are both okay though - we know she is where she is supposed to be.

This is just a journal post to honor her memory :-)



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I had a nice relaxing day.  I took Sierra around to job interviews and went grocery shopping.

I rented Bangkok Dangerous and was laying on the floor of my bedroom watching it when a whole flock of neighborhood birds began fighting over the window feeder like a bunch of kids. 

Cyber was also very interested in the birds. 
She went from her perch on an end table -

then closer on the bed -

then finally right at the window. 

Later I made Red Beans & Rice w/ Hush Puppies

Life is good........

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So, I got my new iPod docking stereo thingie this week.  It's not perfect - the wireless remote only turns the iPod on and off (supposed to be full menu support), and the alarm doesn't work.... and I am not a technical idiot.  I did read on a message board this morning you can try and reset the remote which I will do when I get home from work.  The alarm I can get around because there is an alarm on the iPod - when I set that - it comes on over the speakers - so I guess the alarm feature on the dock unit is kind of redundant anyway.  It is nice to be able to listen to music and podcasts without the earphones though, and I'm not sorry I bought it.

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My cat frequently meows and meows until she gets my attention - then continues until I lay down on the floor with her. 

This happens several times a week.

I'll lay down right by her to pet her, and she'll get up and move away several feet (apparently I intrude on her personal space) - then she'll lay down facing me and just stare at me. 

If I get up - she gets up.  It's weird.

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*  I watched (back to back) In The Valley of Elah and Rendition (including the documentary in special features) Friday night .  I didn't sleep well that night.  I'm glad I watched though even though they made me completely miserable.

*  I voted on the way home from work Saturday.

* Cyber and I watched the Academy Awards last night.  Even she thought it was too long.

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 I am always amazed at how Cyber can stay balanced on the various surfaces she decides to relax on.  Note - she is not sleeping here - her eyes closed because I was annoying her with the flash.  She's basically just just hanging out 

Here she is again hoping I'll leave for work soon......

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 Cyber has her own personal livingroom lounging place 
(this and the arm of the couch......and the zabuton by the TV..... and the diningroom chair)

I was vacuuming the couch and had to move pillows, quilt, etc. temporarily - but got distracted and didn't put them back right away........

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Cyber Taking is easy for a little (much earned?) breather 

And Cyber still breathing
2 Hours and 15 Minutes Later............
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 Yay - new sheets!  I am very frugal cheap, so new linen doesn't happen very often.  I got these in the temporary bargain area at Walmart (an area they create to fill the empty shelves between summer garden items and Halloween decorations) for $7.00! (flat sheet, fitted, and pillowcase).  The pattern (Chrysanthemums) and colors are 100% perfect.  Even Cyber likes the setup (and she hates everything).

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Here's a pic of Cyber in the bedroom.  This is Sierra's bedroom, but I am in the process of redoing it a more cheerful and less scary motif :-)

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I got Cyber for Sierra in 1997 when I lived in Japan.  A friend had a litter of kittens that needed homes - at the time Sierra was in Hawaii for Christmas vacation - so I sent an email with her picture on it saying Santa brought it :-)

Cyber doesn't like people - she doesn't really even like me that much.  She is openly hostile to strangers, but once she gets to know you - it mellows into reluctant tolerance.

She is declawed (a Japan thing), but she gets around just fine jumping up on the highest shelving.  I try and keep her protected from other animals when I can, but twice the dogs managed to get to her and almost tore her to pieces (very traumatic for everyone concerned - especially Cyber).  

Something else about Cyber; she is a glutton.  Not exaggerating.  I have to ration her food.  Whatever I put in her bowl (even if it's half a bag) she will wolf down - then vomit up.  I give her a handful of food three times a day.  She can keep that down.

Here's are pictures of Cyber  She likes sleeping on the arm of the couch - it always looks like she's hugging it.

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I woke up this morning to find a dead bird next to my bed.
My cat is almost 11 years old, and she is de-clawed.
This is the first time I've received a gift like this.
I'm wondering if the bird wasn't already dead, and she just dragged it in the house (I keep a window open)

It's raining.
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First thing when I got home last night I called to see how dad was.  My sister said he made it out of surgery and is looking good.  I found out what the surgery was - it's a aortic something or other where they have to go in and put a band around a section of the aorta to stabilize it and keep it from rupturing - yikes!.  Hopefully this weekend I can talk to the old dude :-)

Finally made it to Friday.  All week my sleep's been interrupted with Cyber's cries and moans and general restlessness (she wants outside - she wants inside - then out - then in - sheesh).  Something is up with her even though she's looking healthy enough (for a 9+ year old cat).  Tuesday or Wednesday (vacation day) I'll take her in to the vet and see if he can figure it out.  I'm to the point where I want to lock her in the laundry room so I can get some peace.


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