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I came home from work tonight - went out back to collect eggs - and was delighted to see the lid I use to catch water from the sweating window A/C unit was housing some native wildlife.

I feel like I've created my own little suburban ecosystem sometimes between the frogs, the wasps, and the families of ants that march to and fro.

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I eyed this guy as I was coming up my driveway the other day.  I had to zoom, but it came out okay.
I am quick on the draw with my camera these days :-)

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* I'm still sick, but I've entered into the stage where I hack up crud from deep inside my chest.  Gross, but a good sign.  By Monday I should be right as rain.

*  I went into the garden this morning to uncover all the stuff I quickly covered last night in case it froze (it didn't), and I said "hello" to the sheep who stay in the front of my neighbors property this time of year.  They like me.  I throw over green things to them whenever I'm in the area.

* I can't remember what this tree is called but I caught a pic of it blooming.  The bees love it.  When I first moved here they looked like two overgrown bushes, and my mom did a great job taming and shaping them.  I try and keep it up every year. 

* Still no new food.  I've found many items in the freezer I'd forgotten I put there.  I can probably go another week before I have to break down and shop. 

Random pics

Mar. 6th, 2008 12:32 pm
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I bought this little feeder because the birds keep landing on the tiny bit of window sill there is and looking inside.
Makes me feel guilty.

I bought this whole set just for the two offset screwdrivers.  No place I looked had them for sale by themselves.
Anybody need a screwdriver?

Finally some Fava Beans (but not many)
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 I was almost to work this morning and I looked up to see a huge flock of birds flying in the sky.  Usually I'd notice it and move on with my day, but these guys were different.  They were flying in artistic formation just like those huge schools of fish in the ocean.  They'd split up almost in exactly equal numbers (sets of 3 or sets of 2) and do their own thing - then come back together.  It was absolutely amazing.  I had to pull over to watch.  Either I'm just not paying attention or I have bad timing - but I'd never seen anything like this in my life.  This all took place close to my work, and I keyed myself into the gate and drove to the parking lot - the birds seemed to follow me (no, of course they didn't - but there they were in the parking lot at the same time I was).  I grabbed my camera and tried to capture them.  At one point they flew right over my head.  Then they did a show over the building I work in.  It made my day.  I took pictures which I put behind a cut because to see anything I have to leave them a little large.  They don't to the experience justice (a video would have been better), but it's all I have to document it - so I wanted to put it in my journal.

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*  I watched (back to back) In The Valley of Elah and Rendition (including the documentary in special features) Friday night .  I didn't sleep well that night.  I'm glad I watched though even though they made me completely miserable.

*  I voted on the way home from work Saturday.

* Cyber and I watched the Academy Awards last night.  Even she thought it was too long.

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Ahhhhh the ladies have returned.  They are early too!  I found over 20 in my garden this weekend.  I didn't notice much of a bug population, but there must be some otherwise they wouldn't be hanging out.

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I look up and jump out of my skin - there is a giant bird perched on a branch of one of my trees.  I don't know if it's a hawk or an owl or a hawl/owl mutant.  It's BIG that's what I'm sure of.  I immediatly start up a conversation (because I'm eccentric   friendly) - "so, if I go inside and get a camera - you won't leave will you?".  Since he didn't move, I snuck off inside to get the camera.  After I had the equivalent of a top model photo shoot with him - I went in to start a load of laundry.  When I came back out he was gone.  I miss him already..... I hope he writes.

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Babies almost ready to fly the coop.  This will be the last picture I take of them because I'm afraid if I get close any longer they will fly away prematurely. 

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More babies!  This is the second batch in this nest this year.  There has been one batch per year since I lived here - this year there is a bonus batch..... haha.  So cute! - The nest is located near the entrance to my carport, so I see it before I leave each day and when I come home.  I've left this batch along for the most part.  The last batch I harassed twice a day climbing up on the ladder and wishing them a good morning and good evening.  I'm surprised the parents didn't peck me to death.  The last day I saw them I climbed up to wish them a good afternoon and they all flew away - it was amazing.  Almost like they waited for me to come home.  haha.


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