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I posted this on my Facebook, but there are a few of my LJ friends who aren't on there (I wish you'd give in already and join - haha)  I really wanted to share it because it was quite the experience for me.

The Baby Mama stopped sitting on her eggs after the first 4 hatched. I put them in the incubator (previously used only for staring seeds). Here are the video clips I took to text to my husband so he could share in the experience. I spliced this together over several hours (about 2 1/2 min of footage). The next morning, before the sun came up, I snuck her into the nest - everyone is doing just fine :-)

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 The new flock is one week old today.  They are doing  great!!

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Even a "Hobby Homestead" like ours.

This morning when I let the chicken out the oldest of the older hens that came from a neighbors was down.  She responded when I pet her, but it was clear she was in trouble.  I brought her into the house and examined her.  It felt as though she was fulled with fluid in her abdomen.  From her breathing and physical appearance I felt she needed to be put out of her misery.  A visit to the vet is not an option.  I wrapped her in a fluffy towel and brought her to the butcher block. I don't believe she experienced any trauma - I am gaining some experience in this area (and, since we will soon be culling chickens to eat, this is a good thing).  
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I am so grateful to my husband for making the chicken compound a reality.  He worked so hard, and we got it completed without purchasing very much (we figured out ways to use what we had on hand with the exception of the large posts and some supplies).  Thanks also to Tom for helping out.

The only thing left to do it finish the add on to the top of both gates (right now I have hog wire in place - but I want to make it a little less redneck ..... :-)

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 I got to spend five glorious days with my husband this past week. Days where we both didn't have to work - which is a first for us.  It was super awesome! :-)

Saturday was Marcel's birthday! (as well as our grandson Kaylob's birthday)

I drove down after work (work 1/2 day on Sats) and set up his birthday present before going out to the restaurant and hanging out with him in the kitchen. I got him a way cool Jensen mini stereo that plays MP3/WMA CD's and has an iPod dock. It's sleek like a Bose - and you can mount it on the wall even. I also filled a 24 CD case with a variety of entertainment mostly classical music - but also some audio books and lectures.

Sunday we got up and walked on the beach for an hour - then off to Penne's (Thai Spice) for lunch - then we made the 3 hour drive up to New Braunfels. By the time we got to the NB house I was bushed (no AC in the truck - and it was hot out). We'd planned to go to Wurstfest, but I didn't have it in me. Instead we did some work around the property (set the gate posts for the chicken compound!) and had a quiet evening at home.

Monday we spent the day working on the new chicken compound. So....much....work!! We finished the fence fully and started working on the coop. We made a trip to Lowes for some supplies - aside from that - the day just flew by.
(oh, and I canceled my phone service Monday - no more landline - just the cell)

Tuesday we worked more on the Coop. Tom came in the afternoon, and we finally went inside and cleaned ourselves up to go to Wurstfest. Wurstfest was fun. I went on the Ferris Wheel with Marcel - and we grabbed some food - and enjoyed some music. It was nice to have Tom's company with us.

Wednesday was spent finishing up the coop.  Thanks to Tom's skills and enthusiasm we were able to finish in time to move the chickens in to their new digs.  Also, thanks to Tom, I was able to get my Kale and Swiss Chard transplanted in the garden.  We all had lunch at TJ's Burger and ate too much.  That evening we had dinner in front of the TV watching Slumdog Millionaire.

This morning the men all left me, and I headed out to work.
It was a nice mini honeymoon/working vacation - loved it!

Picture slideshows to follow - working on that now.
(so little time these days to do these things, and it's so important to me to document life events too)
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*  Baby chicken still growing.  Still don't know for sure what the sex is.  He/she is alone a lot, but it doesn't seem to mind much.  Mama chicken is sitting on another egg as we speak.................(stay tuned)

Fig tree is filled with figs, but they seem to be ripening slow.  I put the watering can in front to show actual size.

Closeup of figs forming

Cucumbers are still doing great. 

This is butternut squash that volunteered in the compost bin.  I was going to pull it up, but Marcel asked me to leave it alone.  Glad I did because there are a lot of squash there.

The Pomegranates have some fruit on them - I didn't expect that since they got hit so hard with frost in the late spring.

The lone Pluot is starting to mature.  Looking forward to enjoying it with a friend soon. :-)

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I need to do a full update, but there's not enough time right now. 
Here is a picture of the baby who managed, somehow, to get up into the coop and cuddle beneath the mother.
If you look close you can see the head peeping out from underneath her :-)


May. 18th, 2010 03:26 pm
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* Because someone gave back that day - I was able to get Memorial day off as a vacation day - which means I have off from Saturday at 12:30 through Wednesday night.  Yay.

*  Boody mama hatched a baby - it is so very cute.  Once I get my new computer I'll post pics.

*  I've narrowed down the computer choices to the Gateway NV7915U or the Asus K60I-RBBBR05.  The Best Buy I'm going to has them both in stock (or so they say) - so my final decision will come once I touch them.  They are only $50 apart in price, so I'm really looking at professional reviews and features.
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Thought I'd do a life update since it's a little warm outside for working.

* Welcome to a new LJ Friend [info]mysticknyght.  I rarely add new people, but I found his describing himself as a "bleeding heart liberal" irresistible.  Hope he doesn't find my Hippy lifestyle too inane. :-)

* After some discussion Marcel and I decided that I will move down to North Padre Island January 2011.  New Year - big lifestyle change.  It also allows me to finish out my Flex spending account that I've already received (paying per paycheck until the end of the year) - and keeps me from being penalized since I will use all my vacation time next month (if I leave before the year is out I'll have to pay back some of it).  We are going to rent the New Braunfels house - neither one of us wants to sell since we imagine ourselves retiring here someday in the, hopefully, not to distant future.

* I have a broody hen, so this morning I set up the old isolation unit next to the coop for her to stay in for awhile.  Marcel suggested I give her some eggs to sit on, but she doesn't seem to be interested in them in the new location.  Not sure how long she'll need to be there before the broodiness gets out of her system.

* I posted Marcel's Restaurant menu on the Marcel's Port Aransas Facebook page.  Later this evening I may get in there and post the wine/beer menu.  Still working on the website as well, but it's slow going since there is so little time.

*  This week I started going back and Tagging all my past entries starting with the very first.  It was fun to look back on the past three years.  I love my life!

That's it - back to work! :
Take Care Everyone!

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23F this morning when I woke up. OMG.....

Looks like the winter stuff in the garden fared pretty well.

Frost on the groundcover.

Had to call some of the chickens to get them to come outside.

Broke the ice so they could drink

Chickens were not especially enthusiastic about the brisk weather....

Three chickens went back inside after I fed them......hahaha
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I have Eight Hens..... I collected 10 eggs today ???
(yes, I collected everything they layed yesterday last night)

Off To San Antonio!!
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 Not fromone of my eggs - I just found this on YouTube and thought it was excellent! :-)

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* The rain has me inside AGAIN....  argh!!  I did manage to get the mowing done and Roo's feet treated.  I massaged in a mixture of canola and orange oil hoping this would convince whatever it is that's irritating them to move on.  Here's a picture of us (doesn't he look thrilled?)

* For [personal profile] sahlah  (and anyone else interested)
These are the links to the two Zencast talks I felt deal with the monotony of life (at least partially).  You can listen directly from the site, or you can download to your Ipod from the sources listed on the main page (I use Itunes - you can just type in Zencast in the search bar and it will bring up all the talks.

Now - an Ekhart Tolle Q & A  September 11, 2005 - I listen to this over and over - he is awesome.

Just to be Alive is Enough - a talk by Gil Fronsdal of Audio Dharma August 19, 2007

* If this isn't a Red Flag that we've got a problem with caffeine in this country, I don't know what is.  They offer these shots of caffeine to add to your already caffeinated coffee along side sugars and creamers at my local convenience shop. 
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Here's the latest chicken video installment.  It was a hot weekend, The chickens make good use of the little mini pool.



Aug. 9th, 2008 10:01 pm
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*  I got my estimate for Home Improvements today.  It wasn't pretty.  Siding (Vinyl - basic nothing fancy) whole house except back porch - $13,937 (this includes everything like window wraps and carport ceiling).   Replacing all my windows with the siding job $5,585 (but doing just the 6 I need most would be about $3,000).  This is a Home Depot installation.  He estimated payment of $106 for I think 88 months.... at 13.9% interest.  Not - I could put it on my credit card for 10% - but I'd get a home improvement or equity loan.  One thing I do have is excellent credit. :-)  Needless to say, back to the drawing board.  There's no way I can commit to that amount.  I'm going to get two more estimates - then rethink my plan.  I'll probably get some emergency siding put on the bad side of the house - then make a plan to save for the next year to pay for half of this in cash (or less if I can get a better quote)  I gotta say - while it was as bad as I expected, it was good therapy to do it.  I didn't turn into a stone and crumble into a million pieces when I saw the $$ amount afterall :-)

* The Main Mama Hen layed a torpedo yesterday.  Almost 3 ounces.  Here is a picture comparing it to what her competition is laying.  Today I got 8 eggs - all with good shells, so the embryo eggs hopefully are a thing of the past. I did pick up layer mash and oyster shell grit today though.

* Did anybody catch todays episode of God's Warriors on CNN?  They did the Jewish, segment, and it was enlightening (no pun intended). I'm glad to see this type of coverage. I was just glad to see someone put it out there - the fact that the settlements are basically illegal, that our government is sending billions of dollars to the settlements even when we officially condemn them, that all our congressmen and senators are afraid to speak out about what is right there out in the open for fear of being labeled anti-semite. 

* I found more cantaloupes hiding in the tomato vines.  When I try to grow melons I'm a complete failure.  I guess the trick is throwing out old moldy melon pulp and waiting for the bionic melon vines the following year.  I also harvested August tomatoes.  August tomatoes are better than no tomatoes at all.  See the dime in comparison with the cherry tomatoes - they don't get much smaller than that - and they are very sweet.

* Today the temperature was101F, so I got minimal stuff done outside.  I'm going to try and go to sleep now and get up super early so I can do some garden work.  Fall is coming!!!! - I have to get the garden ready for planting, and I want to finally level and laydown weed barrier around the perimeter of the garden (doubtful I'll complete that tomorrow with all the other things I have to do - but I can at least try).  I was wanting to see Dark Knight at IMAX tomorrow evening, but I don't know..... maybe I won't - such a long drive just for a movie.


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