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365 Days of Trash

"Sustainable Dave" authors this blog, and apparently he eats, lives, breathes recycling and conservation.  Great stuff - but it's a little creepy how diligent he is.... ;-)

I found this via my care2 email newsletter - fun to read (if you're a geeky tree-hugger like me) :-)

Blog Love

Sep. 25th, 2009 08:38 pm
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I laughed so hard reading some of these posts I nearly pee'd my pants.......
(the link is to the livejournal feed - not the actual website - but you can get to the website from the feed)



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I found this blog  EVERYTHING YOUR MOTHER MADE & MORE while doing a google search trying to find instructions of making homemade crib & playard sheets.  I hit the motherload here - if you're a crafty do-it-yourselfer, you'll like this blog.

I brought in the feed, and it's on my friends list if you are interested in watching it (I give up trying to post lj links to feeds).
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I found this blog while doing a google search for alternate ways to get rid of the black aphids that are attacking my yard long beans.  I like how she is like us.... interested in life in general.

Chocolate & Garlic

Excerpt from the blog......

So, as recommended by Jim F., I went to the county extension office.  I took samples of my buggy strawberry and some green and yellow mottled rose leaves.

I was impressed.  They had a corner with toys for the kids and I got to see the assistant horticulturalist right away.  The fee for the service was $1 for each plant, and when I discovered that I didn’t have $2 in cash, they said that I could owe them.  Anyway–

STRAWBERRIES: As widely suggested, my strawberries are suffering from a nasty bout with black aphids, which are not to be confused with the green aphids currently having their meal on the rose bushes. Fortunately, while the diagnosis was no surprise, the cure prescribed was more original.  I could use pesticides OR I could spray my strawberries with a diluted bleach solution.  He recommended trying 5% and then upping it to 10% if necessary.  I like having a plan.

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Links are to their LJ Syndication page - you can go to their site from there - and you can friend them from there as well.
TINY FARM BLOG  Lots of nuts and bolts Micro-Farming stuff by 20 something greenies :-)

TRAPPER CREEK  Full of pictures and interesting reading.

DRAGONFLYFARM  Wow, I want to be this family!!

Local Harvest  Source for finding local farmers near you
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Yummy stuff here - I wish I could make all the stuff that my food blogs show me daily.

[livejournal.com profile] syndicated


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I found this site doing a search on instructions for making Petit Fours......

This guy has got it going on!
[livejournal.com profile] syndicated 
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Just when I thought I'd found all the awesome food blogs on the internet..........

I found Half Baked whilst searching for a Fig Chutney recipe.  I couldn't stop reading!!

I pulled it into Livejournal if anyone is interested in the feed:  http://syndicated.livejournal.com/blog_halfbaked/
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Okay, technically it's not a blog .......


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I just discovered that MENews offers feeds for their online articles and blogs.  I subscribed to a couple of article feeds and the blog "The Happy Homesteader".  (because I really needed more things to read and ideas for projects....) ;-)


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*  I've found another gem to add to my list of Awesome Blogs.  This is actually a collection of blogs.  I found it whilst looking for yogurt making inspiration.  The collection is called  Beekman1802 and consist of six blogs - the one's I like the best is the How-To, the 1802 Roots (gardening), and the Mary Beekman blog apparently written by the ghost of 4 year old Mary Beekman who died over 200 years ago.  Good stuff all.  (p.s - on the main blog listing page there are many links to other way cool blogs). 
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White On Rice Couple
This couple's got it going on. I found it on a google search for Fresh Springroll ideas.

On the subject of food..............
The menu for tomorrow night when I cook for everyone!

Miso soup with tofu & green onion

Nori Maki Sushi
(three kinds: egg salad, tempeh & veggie, and tuna & veggie)

Pickled Cucumber & Daikon

Ume (cherry kind) - okay, this is right out of a jar .... haha

Yakitori Chicken

Fresh Springroll
(Shrimp, lettuce, sprouts, tomato, and wasabi mayo)

and.... Yakisoba Noodles! (with veggies and red pickled ginger)

Sierra and Marcel will like all this ... I hope his kids will too.
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I just died and went to heaven........


I don't know how to post this here, but I made a feed for this on the syndication page :  NOOSCHI

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When I was figuring out what type of Kanten to make tonight I ran across this awesome web blog:


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Happy Foody

Even if you aren't a raw food enthusiast - this is just way cool food!!! She has lots of recipes, pictures, restaurant reviews, and stories. I like it! 

Oh yes, and a bonus - she does green smoothes too :-)

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* It seems as though Rooster thinks I'm his competition.  Today I was sitting out with the flock and two of the hens jumped up on the chair for petting.  Roo came up and began (not nicely) pecking at my leg and doing that macho dance he does.  Then a little later I was lifting one of the birds off the chair so I could get up and she squalked - Roos came unglued and raced for me menacingly.  I maneuvered around him and gathered him up uptil he calmed down.  I let him go and he strutted away not before shooting me a disgusted look.  :-)

*  I did something today that was really hard.  I called Home Depot and made an appointment for someone to come out and give me an estimate on siding and window replacement.  Normal people don't find a task like this hard.  I've been trying to do this little task for well over a year.  That and getting the A/C in my truck looked at (though I have a friend who is making that one a little easier), and finding out what's wrong with my well pump.  I'm really not positive I understand the neurosis, but I'm pretty sure it's fear of someone telling me something I don't want to hear ....... this is closely tied to money I think.  I really feel I should see a professional about it (I'll let you know how I progress with that task......) :-)

*  I'm almost done transferring my plastic storage containers to glass.  I'm using quart mason jars.  I'll have to make a list of what's where because the jars are three deep.  I like it better than the plastic bins though. 

*  Before I forget - please go here if for Interspecies Snorgling (you'll will not be able to stop saying Awwwwwww out loud) :-)


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